Magnolia BMX welcomes Brooke Betancourt to the team!

Saturday, December 22, 2012
From South Milwaukee, Brooke Betancourt is our latest addition to the Magnolia BMX team. I first met Brooke at the 2012 Toronto BMX Jam, quiet and small but could air as high as any tenured rider. We look forward to growing with Brooke as she travels and competes. Welcome to the team!

Brooke Betancourt: Magnolia BMX from Anthony Loconte on Vimeo.

Being part of a female oriented BMX company is so awesome. I don't recall hearing anything about an all girl action sports team before, so I'm grateful to be apart of Magnolia BMX. Being able to rep a clothing company that fits the female body right and also feels so comfortable while riding, is so rad!! Thank you Magnolia for letting me be a part of the team.

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Peta Shepherd 2012 Edit

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Spotlight: Julia Preuss

Sunday, June 24, 2012
Here's something we don't get to do often, feature a flatland rider! A competition with a girls class is rare, but a girl who rides flatlander is even rarer... is rarer a word? Anyways, I'm honoured to introduce to you, a fellow BMX sister, Julia Preuss.


Hey, I'm Julia, 22, living in Berlin and I've been riding since 2004. Flatland took me all over Europe and even to the USA, which is the coolest part about being a BMX rider. Any sponsors? Def Shop hooked me up with a few clothes last year but the greatest thing was that Matti from Deep BMX (now Autum Bicycles) gave me a brand new Flatland frame just after my run at the BMX Masters 2011. I was so psyched about that! I entered a few contests the past few years, but I figured out that I am not made for it, so I will probably just enter the BMX Worlds this year and that's it.

Is the flatland scene big in Germany?
The Flatland scene in Germany is alright I think. Since Flatland isn't that popular like Park or Street you know most of the Flatland rider in person, which is pretty cool!

I understand that you have been to the BMX Masters/Worlds before, could you describe to me what the experience is like as a flatlander and how long have you been going?
I've been to the BMX Worlds once in 2009. I missed my run because they screwed up the timetable! The other 3 times it's been the BMX Masters. In 2008 my first experience was weird but great to see so many Flatland Girl riders there! I screwed up my run big time! Then after 2 years of practicing more I got 1st which was sweet. I got more confident each year, which helped allot! Other than that, it's always great to meet up with all the other riders from all over the world. It's always a great time and a fun trip to Cologne.


Also, you mentioned theres only a small handful of female flatlanders every year… does the comp put you against guys or just girls?
The contest in Cologne always offers Girls Classes, which is pretty awesome. Too bad there are only a handful of female Flatlanders.

Looks like for this year, you are the only female flatlander, is this correct? Are you expecting any other girls to enter?
Well, right now we are 2! But it's a shame. I mean it's THE BMX WOLRDS! Common girls, get your skills, bikes and tickets ready to have such a great trip to Cologne. It's always fun!

Say a girl wanted to go to Germany to ride, is there a common spot where flatlanders go, or a competition they should not miss, besides BMX Worlds?
If there is the BMX Masters, go for it! There is also the Flatland World Circuit Final in Berlin (1st Dec. 12). You should definitely NOT miss any competition that are organised by Matti Rose. He puts a lot of effort in it and it always ends up to be a great competition. If you just wanna ride then you should go to Stuttgart, Cologne and of course Berlin, cause of this special underground spot!

People say that flatlanders in Europe and Asia are allot "better" than the ones in North America. Why do you think this is and do you believe this too?
They really say that? I only know a few riders in the US who have their unique style. Maybe it's because Europe and Asia (especially Japan) are tinier than the USA? I guess the scene is more homier there than in the states?! I don't really know.

Personally, I really enjoy watching your Flatland videos. I notice you wear large headphones, what are you listening to?
When I was in Paris I broke my headphones and the Flatland guys there said I should get one of those Wesc headphones. It's a shame that they don't last long. But they are great for awesome beats, electronic music and old school hip hop!

Lastly, do you train for a large competition like BMX Worlds, or do you just show up and hope for the best ?
Well, the past 2 years I always trained for my runs. But this year I haven't put any effort into training. I don't take the competition part serious anymore. It's about the fun part I guess, meeting new and old friends at contest and about having a great time. That's it. We all started cause of the fun part about BMX, isn't it?

Spotlight: Rayvionne French

Monday, June 11, 2012

From time to time, I'll come across an ad from a big movie executive who would be looking for female riders in the Los Angeles area. It's usually for a movie, or show. The most recent ad I saw was for a Glee episode, they ended up hiring a few guys to wear blue wigs for a Katy Perry episode, not saying I watch the show or anything...
For a bit, I didn't think there were many girls who rode in Los Angeles, but there is at least one. Rayvionne is from LA and she's going to be competing at BMX Worlds.

What do you preferred to be called, Rayvionne or Le'Ray?
Well my name is pronounced "ray-vee-ahn". But most people remember the "Ray" part and fumble over the rest. So I help them by going by "Ray". Le'Ray France is just a silly play on my full name that I made up to avoid some people on facebook.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background?
I'm from Los Angeles, California, 23-years old. I started riding in summer of 2009. So 3 years on and off. University and work so gets in the way of BMX. Haha. No but seriously, education/work/goals/backup planning is important. And I just graduated with a bachelor's degree. Feels so amazingly awesome!

Any sponsors?

For those who don't know you, how would you describe your riding style. What might we expect from you? local cement parks tend to consist of bowls and street sections. Not many jump boxes in LA. I try to emulate the guys I ride with. So I think I've got a ok mix of street and park. You could definitely see a stopped tire grab, love those. Manuals, 360s, some grinds too. Working on learning new stuff.


So being from Los Angeles, are there allot of places to ride?
LA is a big street spot. You rarely find park dogs here... unless you go way out to Da Compound in Lake Perris. But getting anywhere around here takes forever if you hit traffic. Park-wise, you can find some small prefab ramps in random places. But if you look around ( there's actually a small/medium cement park in most areas of Los Angeles. The issue is usually just the local skaters... There's Paramount, South Gate, Pasadena, everything. Chino is a big place too, and it's got plenty of web edit footy. Specifically, my "home" parks are:

Houghton skatepark in Long Beach. It's a huge cement tri-bowl, ledges, and an entire street section. You see that one a lot in web edits; it's painted blue with aquatic art and graffiti everywhere. There's a jam here every year (no girls class)

Paramount skatepark is real close to Houghton, small size, small quarters, small hip, small bowl, small small small... lol. It's a good place for warming up and tech stuff.

Hawthorne skatepark (aka "the Dirty") is actually closest to my house. Cement, 2 semi-bowls spined together (almost coping to coping), volcano, wedges on the opposite side, mani pad, and ledges. The tranny's real awkward if you're accustomed to a proper park. It's gated & monitored, need all your gear. Upside is it's never crowded.

Aside from yourself, are there actually allot of girls who ride in Los Angeles specifically, or do you find yourself having to travel out a little bit to meet up?
Psh... I think there's one, but she might have moved. I for certain Katy moved back to Virginia. *** ******* breeds half naked chicks on bikes in his backyard, so that doesn't count.... so um no, just me. I flew all the way to Scotland twice... just to ride with Ashley Armstrong (formerly Ashley Bird as of May 19th, but I call her "mum") and go to her wedding. Lmao, I'm setting next to her and not telling her I'm writing this! She's gonna slag me.


So, BMX Worlds.. this is huge! Will this be your first competition?

Are you nervous, pumped…or more concerned on putting together money for this trip?
Fudge. My mom's coming with and she's never seen me ride... I'm more wondering if she'll actually watch and whether she'll have a cow seeing me do what I do. But yea it is a little nerve racking. Been watching the contests these days and girls are hucking flips and whatnot.... I am terribly pumped to meet other girls tho! Always nice to know someone in another country or state.

How are you preparing for this trip, are you training, eating better or just going with the flow?
I'm trying to ride anything and everything before the competition. That's another reason why I came back to Scotland... sort of like a training trip. I'm avoiding soda, or trying. Not giving up cheesecake. I am generally out of shape from being worn down by university. So yea, my body's so angry at me right now. The box is going to be my worst enemy. There are no proper box jumps in LA. I'm trying to get used to them while I'm away in the UK. I'm really just going to focus on basics. When guys watch girls ride, it doesn't matter how many tricks we can do if we haven't got a good sense of style and bike control. Plus tricks come easier when you get that part down first. Watch a Kris Fox video and you'll see what I mean.

PS: Would you find it useful if we posted up any ads from shows or movies looking for female riders? If so, let us know in the comments below.

PPS: Best of luck at the Worlds Rayvionne!

Video : A Day Trip to Annecy

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Video : Brooke Betancourt

Friday, June 8, 2012

Spotlight: Nikita Ducarroz

Sunday, June 3, 2012
(Photo: Kenny Slusher)

Considerably one of the most promising new female riders to hit the scene, you may know our next interviewee from FDV clothing, but you most likely know her from the edit that was on The Come Up and Ride BMX. Only recently have we started to see tenured riders do 360's, bar spins, flairs and tail whips -to name a few tricks. This girl has only been riding for a little bit over a year and she's already got some of those down. Representing Nor Cal, say hello to Nikita Ducarroz.

Introduce yourself!
My name is Nikita, I am 15 years old, and I live in Northern California.

How did you get into BMX and how long have you been riding?
I have always loved jumping my bike off anything I could find ever since I was little, and one day when I was about 13 I was watching some BMX videos and decided to save up and get one for myself. Once I had a BMX bike, I would ride around in the driveway all the time, but only started riding ramps and taking it seriously as something I wanted to go somewhere with when I was 14, so a little over a year ago.

I see you have already entered a few comps, could you tell us more?
I just started competing this year and have entered two contests so far. I used to think I would only compete against girls, but there aren't very many comps with girl classes in my area so I realized I would just have to compete against boys, and I'm loving it! In the first one I got 1st place in beginner box, and 3rd in beginner bowl, and then 1st in overall box at a jam in Escondido that I happened to be at coming back from my cousins wedding. I'm super stoked on contests because I just have so much fun, meet a ton of new people, and I seem to ride really well under pressure, because the past two comps I've landed some things I was never able to land before.

Any plans on heading to Fise or Toronto Jam next year or any other competitions?
Unfortunately I can't go to any competitions like FISE or the Toronto jam, although I would love to. I do plan on entering as many of the local competitions as I can though, and maybe in the future I will be able to go to FISE and those contests.

(Photo: Vividphotography by Wayne)

For someone who has only been riding for a year, you sure have allot of supporters!
I have a lot of supporters. My biggest ones are my parents. Ever since I was born they have been supporting me in whatever I have chosen to do. They drive me to all the parks, contests, and are always there for me. Novik Gloves, Ramp Rats Indoor Park, Swamp Rails, and G-Form also support me, and I really appreciate all they have done for me and I can't forget all the amazing guys that I ride with who continually inspire and support me. There are so many of you that have made such a huge impact in my life and probably don't even know it. I just want to thank anyone who has ever ridden with me and supported me.

Among your many supporters, you also created FDV, can you tell us more about it?
I started my clothing company, FDV Clothing in 2010 when I was just started to get more into BMX. It really came out of boredom. I had nothing to do, and just decided it would be a fun project to take on. From there, it just started getting bigger. My mission is just to keep the BMX community alive, and create a family that represent my company and just have a good time on our bikes. Right now we have a team of 7 riders, and some photographers, and we just have a blast doing what we love. We just all happen to be wearing the same T-Shirt. It's not about making money, it's just about riding, and creating designs while were at it. All the money I make for the company goes right back in so we can order more shirts, or buy supplies. It's just one big fun time, all the time.

(Photo: Nicole Ducarroz)

Now, lets talk about that video! How long did it take you to put all the edit together?
I worked on my latest edit throughout the month of May, just putting clips in whenever I got them, and then finalized it over the weekend.

So from this point, what are you learning to do next?
I really want to learn better bike control. I'm going to start going to the local racetrack so I can learn to ride smoother. I also really want to learn tailwhips, no footed cans, backflips, and so much more! The list goes on forever, and that's why I love BMX.

(Photo: Kenny Slusher)

I'm sure you will get those tricks down, no problem! How was it to see your video on Ride?
I am beyond stoked. I was just checking it and saw my video on there. I was pretty much speechless. It makes me super proud that my video can be up there for other girls to see, and hopefully become inspired to ride. I'm pretty much still in shock and can't believe it's on there LOL.

I really look forward to see how you progress in the next few years. I just need to ask as well, how many pairs of red pants do you own, would you like to be sponsored by a red pant company one day?
I owned two pairs of red pants, because I started going through a pair almost ever week so we went to Ross and found the cheapest ones we could fine. They just happened to be red, and fit over my knee pads. I actually sort of hate red ha. ha. But I ripped my last pair so I'm on to whatever the next color Ross has for the cheapest. I think my mom would really appreciate a pant sponsor LOL, it would save her a ton of money.

(Photo: Vividphotography by Wayne)

Video : Kathrine Diaz

Friday, June 1, 2012

Video : FISE 2012

Video : Nikita Ducarroz

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spotlight: Vanessa Gerner

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Please introduce yourself!
My name is Vanessa Gerner, I'm 24, I'm from Schweinfurt, Germany, I'm a self-employed media designer ( and the second head of a BMX club in Schweinfurt called BikeUnit. I started riding BMX 5-6 years ago. The farest skate park I've been to was in the Netherlands. Normally, I don't compete in competitions except for the BMX Masters.

In Germany are there allot of female riders?
I some how lost track of how many female riders we have in Germany. I know about 12 female riders personally but I guess the dark figure is much higher. Every now and then a girl bmxer seems to pop out of nowhere and they keep on popping very fast.

If a girl were to travel to Schweinfurt, Germany could you recommend some parks that you go to?
I would recommend 3 parks. Girls who are into street riding must visit our local skate park under a bridge (, girls who love to jump should go to our club dirt park which I helped to plan and build ( and if you want to combine street and jumping go to Coburg (

The BMX Worlds is coming up soon, will this be your first time entering?
It will be the fifth time in row and I'm really looking forward to it.

I see that you wear a full face, I think it's important that riders protect themselves, did something happen for you to wear a full face?
When I started to ride bigger ramps I became worried about falling on my face and getting scars or breaking off teeth. The full face helmet gives me a nice kind of security and has already protected my face from further damage. I'm really happy with my decision to wear one and by the way, it's the first helmet that seems to fit perfectly on my head. My tip for everyone who thinks about getting one is to buy the Protec Ace Of Spades. It's nearly as lightweight as a normal half-shell helmet and the range of vision is really good.


How are you preparing for the trip?
Cologne is not so far away, so I will go there by car. I don't really train for the competition. I just try to ride as often as I can and try to learn new tricks.

Are you looking forward to meeting anyone while you are there?
Absolutely, there are a lot of people I'm really looking forward to meet but writing down all the names would just take too much time. To meet the other bmx girls will also be a highlight for me.
Are you out for blood or will you be taking this as a relaxed competition?
Normally I'm just too nervous to take the competition relaxed but I'm not really out for blood. I want to have fun, land my tricks and give my best.

Video : How to Nothing with Peta Shepherd

Friday, May 25, 2012

Where is she now? w/ Vanessa Brazeau

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Please introduce yourself!

I’m from Niagara Falls, Ontario, 25 years old, currently living in Berlin. I started riding at 16 and during my high school years road trips were almost every weekend, mostly New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ontario and Quebec. I really appreciate that my parents trusted me as much as they did - being on overnight trips with a bunch of dudes wouldn’t go over well with most. Those were really great times with great riders.

Then I went out west to Vancouver for University. The choice was almost completely based on the amazing reputation the city has for BMX. I just got lucky that UBC happened to be one of the best schools in Canada. 6 years in Van City gave me a great base for new adventures around the North West, and it seems like I drove from Niagara more times then I flew.

I studied abroad for a year in Melbourne and rode around Australia and New Zealand with the anchor crew who I miss lots.

After graduating I moved to Toronto for a year and a half, enough time to save up and move to Berlin. Didn’t do much riding though and on the way to Berlin I spent a month in Finland at an artist residency, but I didn’t bring my bike.

Describe your involvement with art

I did a BFA in Visual Art. My practice took a focus in drawing, video art, hand drawn animation and performance, with a pretty theoretical base. Like I mentioned I did a year at an art school in Melbourne, which was nice because it was more practical. I always thought I’d do grad school for Architecture but the idea of more school right now isn’t very appealing. Real life is waiting and there is a lot to learn from it before I commit to anything else. I just wanted to do something that will make me happy, something that I will be passionate about, and right now my art is doing that.

I spent this past March at the Arteles Creative centre in Finland, and then moved to Berlin last month to create, live, and get inspired. The art scene here is unbelievable. There is so much collaboration and sharing of ideas. It’s a lot like BMX, a super small community within a giant population. I’m continuing to have exhibitions, and create projects with other artists. I have a small show coming up next week and this past weekend I performed in a piece for the Berlin Month Of Performance Art Festival. I’m really excited because I’ve been here just 2 months and already great ideas are flowing in my mind and my hands are working.


We talked briefly before, how when we started riding all we did was talk, eat at breath BMX and because of that we both became burnt out from it. We shared the common thought that it’s important to include other hobbies and interests in your life and that BMX should really come second to life, not to say it wasn’t an important part of our up bringing.

Very well put. The best memories I’ve had with my friends are off of our bikes. I think to really appreciate something you need to step away from it a bit and see it from a distance as well. I don’t understand kids that go to the skatepark everyday to ‘practice’. It takes all the fun out of BMX.

So I understand you kind of stop riding for a little bit, but you are getting your second wind.

Yah. Riding just wasn’t where my mind was for a while. Which I think is okay. Sometimes things phase in and out of life. I didn’t want to force it because then it wouldn’t be fun anymore.

It was hard at first because riding was a huge part of who I was. I think that was part of the problem. I didn’t have much of an identity off my bike, it always took over the conversation “Wow, your a chick that rides BMX! ”. That was all people wanted to talk about, but I wanted people to be excited to know me for other reasons too.

I’m not sure why my passion to ride came back recently, but it did. I really want to ride again. My bike is currently on its way to me via Canada Post. Maybe its being in Europe for the first time, and having so many new places to ride and explore.


How do you feel this is different from the first time you rode?

I feel like riding is more of a hobby for me now and won’t consume my life in the same way it used to. I am definitely not as fearless as I was then so I think also my riding style will be different. I really had no concept of my mortality and did a lot of awesome but stupid shit before. I feel like now I’m going to be a lot more laid back and technical on my bike. It will still be nice to learn new tricks but I can’t see myself riding full speed at 8 foot spines like I used to.

Is there anything you are nervous about, like stepping back into a park for example?

Not really, I mean once you understand the physics of a bike on a ramp and have committed to tricks enough times, muscle memory and confidence will take care of the rest. Its more the strength thing I will have trouble with. I don’t want to get frustrated when I bunny hop less than half of the height I used to be able to. It sucks to not be able to do something that used to come so easy, but it will come back with time.

Tell us about your new life in Berlin

Berlin has been great so far. Great people, Great city, Great ideas. I’m making amazing new friends and getting inspired. I’ve been keeping with that connection between bikes and art and am guiding bike tours of the street art around Berlin. We go to independent galleries that are doing amazing stuff and visit artist studios too. Its a project by George Ironside, a new friend, badass female street artist and future BMX rider (She’s teaching me how to use spray paint, I’m teaching her to drop into a quarter pipe) ( and Finding Berlin Tours ( . There is definitely a connection between BMX and street art, whether its about finding new spots, challenging authority, or testing physical and mental limits so it was a natural attraction. I’m also bar-tending with George at her weekly exhibition Turbo Tuesday at f.u.c. bar. Also working on a few collaborative projects with other artists and friends. Not gonna release the details but stay tuned.

Video : Peta Shepherd

New Peta Edit

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peta Shepherd from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Peta and Tristan Montagu filmed this over 3 weeks and the results are spectacular!

I can't wait until this Aussie is in our neck of the woods! Peta is going to be venturing into California with the Colony team for about two weeks, then Canada for about 2 months and lastly Germany for BMX Worlds! Peta is going to be super busy this summer!

Juliet Elliott gets down with Angie Marino

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Spotlight: Ashley Bird

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Please introduce yourself!
My name is Ashley Bird, I'm 25 years old. I live in Aberdeen, which is in the north east of Scotland. I started bmxing 5 years ago. The furthest I have travelled to ride is to California, which is an awesome 12 hours of flying! As far as competitions go, I always try and enter the local competitions, but I'm always the only girl so just ride with the guys. I don't have any sponsors at the moment.

I understand you are from Aberdeen, which is one of the larger cities in Scotland. How would you describe the female riding scene there?
Lonely! Haha. To be honest the whole of Scotland girls scene has been pretty empty. I ride with guys majority of the time. Recently I have seen some young talented girls riding down Edinburgh way but that's about 3 hours drive. I also know a few girls from England. So try to ride with them when they visit Scotland.

Could you name some parks that you would recommend?
My local park is Transition Extreme. It's indoors and they have a girls priority night on Mondays, but im usually the only bmxer girl, it's mostly skateboarders girls that come. But none the less a nice atmosphere. Any park will welcome girls, Scotland is friendly like that! If anybody is ever visiting give me a shout as always try drive to different parks in Scotland to have a session.

I remember you from the 2009 Magnolia BMX Video competition, we're having another one this year, can I look forward to an edit from you? How do you feel you have progressed since the last 2009 video?
I will definitely try put something together! This year has been particularly busy for me with hardly any time to ride as I have been planning my wedding that's in mid May! (I'm meant to be banned for my bike the month prior so I don't hurt myself but that hasn't happened! Hehe) I recently put together a video from last years footage, summer and autumn, which showed my progression over the past couple of years. I think after the wedding I will work on learning some new tricks, and catch it on film for a new edit.

The BMX Worlds is coming up soon, will this be your first time there?
It will be my first time. First girls only competition too! I have entered local BMX jams with guys, but nothing on this scale.

How are you preparing for the trip?
My flights and hotel are booked! Get there on Thursday, I am staying at the same hotel as a friend from LA, and my fiance is coming a day after i arrive to be my 'mechanic' and cheer me on at the competition! The month leading up to the competition I will be putting as much time as possible riding my bike and learning/improving tricks. I often go to the gym to help build my strength for my riding.


Are you looking forward to meeting anyone while you are there?
Of course! Everyone! Looking forward to seeing old friends and making lots of new ones. Also it will be my first time in Germany and I've heard cologne is a lovely city! I look forward to riding and partying with everyone.

Want to know what Ashley is riding? Check out the bike check below!


Frame - Superstar Cooper 20.75
Forks - Odyssey Race
Bars - Odyssey Spacebar, cut to 27"
Stem - Proper Microlite
Headset - 20Twenty engraved
Grips - A bike co Edwin flangeless
Barends - Odyssey Par end
Cranks - Odyssey Wombolt RHD flipped
Sprocket - Kis bike co Cutter 25t
Pedals - Odyssey Twisted, axles flipped
Seat - Odyssey Senior 2 Nightwolf
Seat Post - A bike co
Brake - Odyssey Evo 2
Lever - Odyssey Trigger
Gyro - Odyssey GTX
Cables - Snafu Astroglide
Pegs - A bike co Light
Hubguards - BSD
Hub F - BSD Street
Hub R - BSD Street LHD Female
Rim F - Proper Microlite
Rim R - G-sport Rollcage
Spokes - Vocal
Tyre F - Fit FAF 2.25
Tyre R - Odyssey Path p-lite 2.10

Spotlight: Катя Круглова (Katya Kruglova)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Please introduce yourself!
Привет, я Катя, мне 17 лет и я из России. На велосипеде катаюсь лет с 5, а на bmx 3 года. Далеко на соревнования я никогда не ездила, только в пределах Урала. У нас в России проводится не так много соревнований, где можно себя показать, а для девушек их и вовсе нет, ну по крайне мере я про них ничего не слышала. Спонсоров у меня нет, но я очень надеюсь, что когда-нибудь они появятся.
Hi! I’m Ekaterina. I’m 17 and I’m from Russia. I live in Revda. This is a small town near Ekaterinburg in the centre of Russia. I have ridden a bicycle since I was 5 and only for last 3 years I have ridden a BMX. I have never taken part in competitions far from my region. In Russia there are not so many competitions where I can show myself. There aren’t any competitions for girls or I haven’t heard about it. I haven’t got any sponsors but I hope once I will have them.

In Russia are there allot of female riders? If a girl were to travel to Russia, could you recommend some parks that you go to?
Девушек на bmx знаю не много.
У нас в стране нет больших возможностей для такого рода развития, хотя говорят, есть хорошие парки в Москве, в Санкт-Петербурге и в Красноярске, но там я ни разу не была.
This is difficult question. I know about 2-5 girls who ride a BMX in our region. In our country there aren’t many opportunities for this kind of self-development, I mean there aren’t any good parks to practice and if girls were to travel to Russia I would advise them big cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk. I’ve heard there are some good parks there.


The BMX Worlds is coming up soon, will this be your first time here?
Да, BMX Worlds– это будут самые крупные соревнования, в которых я когда-либо учувствовала. Очень хочется попробовать свои возможности среди других девчонок. Недавно проходили Simple Session, хотела поехать на них, но к сожалению у меня не получилось, поэтому смотрела их он-лайн и еще больше загорелась желанием выступить на BMX Worlds.
Yes, BMX Worlds will be the biggest event I have ever taken part in. I want to try hand at BMX among other girls. I wanted to go to Simple Session which took place recently, but unfortunately I couldn’t go and I watched it online. When I saw this event I decided to go to BMX Worlds.


How are you preparing for the trip?
Буквально на днях забронировали отель и купили билеты на самолет. Хорошо было бы найти спонсоров, достаточно проблематично добираться практически из центра страны. Потихоньку готовлюсь, учу новые трюки. У меня сейчас довольно плотное расписание, и не так много времени: в этом году я заканчиваю школу и главное сейчас для меня – это сдать ЕГЭ( Единый Государственный Экзамен)
We have booked a hotel and bought a flight ticket. It would be nice to find sponsors because this trip will be not so cheap for my family. Now I’m preparing for a competition, learning new tricks. Unfortunately I have no free time now because this summer I’m finishing school and I have to pass the final exam. This is the most important for me now. After exam I’ll be more aimed at training.


Are you going out for blood or will this be a laid back competition for you?
Я выложусь на все 100%, покажу все, на что я способна. Очень надеюсь, что мне удастся занять призовое место.
I will give-it-all and show everything I can. I hope I will be able to take a prize.

Video : Georgia Wheaty

Video : Alexia Dejoie

Monday, May 7, 2012

Video : Monika Hinz

Monday, April 30, 2012

Spotlight: Flavia Santos

Friday, April 27, 2012

Photos by Lucas Pupio

I won't be able to check out the BMX Worlds in person this year, but like my real life job, I get to live it through other people. Our next interview is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, she's 26 and has been riding since 2005. Simpel Session was actually her first competition and this year she's going to be competing in the BMX Worlds too. Alo Flavia Santos.

How was Simple Session?
O Simpel Session foi o meu primeiro campeonato.Foi muito importante estar lá. Eu estava meio desanimada antes do Simpel Session, mas agora tenho vontade de andar todos os dias.


Will this your first BMX Worlds competition?
Sim é minha primeira vez como piloto, mas será minha terceira vez no BMX Worlds. Ver as meninas andando é muito motivador.

É incrivel a estrutura que o BMX Worlds possui para mostrar todas as modalidades do BMX, só quem esta lá pode saber a ótima sensação em viver isso, é inceplicavél.

O que também é bem legal é a diversidade de culturas, pessoas de todo o mundo se encontram lá pelo mesmo motivo "BMX". No BMX Worlds a participação das meninas é maravilhosa.

Nos anos anteriores eu pude ver O Backflip no hander da Camila, Mini Park tentando flair, Nina eu seus toobogan....Angie e seu super style e transfers dignos de muito respeito. É muito satisfatório participar do BMX feminino. Este é o melhor sentimento do mundo, viajar pelo mundo com minha bike. É um sonho se realizando.

Eu gostaria de dizer que no Brasil existem poucas garotas andando mas nós temos um BLOG direcionado ao BMX Feminino.
Check out

Bike Check with Flavia Santos

Frame: Proper TTL
Bars: Proper TTXL 38,5" x 8,75"
Fork: We The People Helium;
Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever;
Stem: Profile Acoustic;
Grips: Odyssey
Barends: Odyssey
Headset: We The People
Seatpost: Animal
Seat: Premium Pivotal
Cranks: Profile Rancing 175mm
Sprocket: Profile Spline Drive - 25T
Chain: Shadown
Brakes: Odyssey
Cable: Odyssey
Front Tire: KHE Dirt, 2.10″
Front Wheel: Proper Bikes Microlite - hub Profile Mini Rasta
Rear Tire: KHE Street, 2.10″
Rear Wheel: Proper Bikes Microlite - hub Profile Mini Rasta - cog 9
Hub Guard: Profile
Pegs: Fly bikes
Pedals: Odyssey

Where is she now? w/ Stacey Mulligan

Monday, April 23, 2012
With the BMX Worlds just around the corner, you can bet we're starting up the interviews again. Although she won't be entering this year, Stacey Mulligan did take a first place win in 2006, in women's street. I remember the first time I met Nina and Stacey, it was amazing. I've never received so much support and encouragement before, especially from people I just met. The phrase 'fall down 7 times, get up 8" can pretty much sum up Stacey's attitude. I often get asked what Stacey is up to these days, so here is the short version: Stacey is 28, living in Denver, CO and is a Public Information Officer for North Metro Fire Rescue District *breaths*. Continue below for the full story.


Did you stop riding BMX?

I decided to stop riding BMX when I first moved to Denver as my injuries started to catch up with me and my career started to take over. It was a tough choice to walk away, but I was not willing to risk any more issues with my back then I already had. I was also starting to get involved with long distance running and began racing.

I know your injuries have impacted you quite a bit. For someone who is just starting to ride, what advice do you have to avoid injuries?

I think injuries are just a part of BMX, but if I could give any advice, I would suggest strength training, yoga and cardio to stay in top shape. The more in shape your body is the better you can heal from serious injuries. Also by staying in shape, you will ride better and stronger. I wish I knew then what I know now about fitness. I could have prevented a lot of injuries. I also liked hucking myself high up on sub boxes and walls, which increased my risk for high falls.


I feel like you are still really interested in girls BMX, otherwise you would have said no when I asked you to MC a contest -if we ever did one. Is there any aspect that you miss or any part that was hard to let go when you left BMX or was it a slow phase out period?

I will always have a special place in my heart for BMX and I am so proud of the way girls are riding today. There are some amazing riders out there and it’s so fun to see videos, photos and social media posts of all the crazy things girls are starting to do.

I would also say leaving was a slow phase out period and the more I got into running the less I wanted to ride my bike. I think BMX has made me the trail runner I am today. It has taught me how to push through and not hesitate on a super technical trail. I also think it taught me how to have the drive to run marathons and high elevation without quitting when it hurts because believe me…it hurts!


Do you think we will ever see a return, you didn't sell your bike right?!
I probably won’t ever ride BMX again but I still have my bike to remind me of the great memories I have acquired over the years. BMX has made me who I am today and I feel so lucky to have had the experiences I had.

What is a day in the life of Stacey Mulligan?

A typical day for me starts at 5:00 a.m. Mornings are spent walking with my dog Izzie. I also work as the PIO for North Metro Fire Rescue where every day is different. I work with the fire department responding to various emergencies as the organization’s spokesperson. When a high level emergency occurs and news media is on scene, I am there help with any questions they have. It is an extremely exciting job where I get to work alongside incredible heroes and inform the North Metro Denver community about emergencies in our area.

Besides work, I fit in about 40 miles of running per week and attend a race about once a month. I have been entering a lot of trail running races and this August I will run the Pikes Peak Marathon. This is an 8,000 ft ascent for 13 miles and then an 8,000ft descent back down 13 miles to the finish. This will be the most challenging race I have ever done considering the altitude reaching over 14,000ft and the long climb up. As nerve racking as this race will be, it is a wonderful way to see Colorado!

Thanks to BMX I have had the chance to lead an extremely exciting life and still continue with the same drive that BMX taught me in the life I lead now. I wish everyone the best of luck in their journeys through BMX and I am so proud of the accomplishments that women have brought to the sport.

Stacey will always be a significant pioneer of Women's BMX!
If you know anyone who has a copy of Shook Winteractive Network, there is a really amazing bonus section by Fox Riders Co. The all girls tour which was hosted by Stacey, ventured into the cold New England region, with Mary Anne Delfino, Jessica Aussec, Anita Joy, Nina Buitrago, Heather Roller and Kari Olandese. A must watch, but it will be a rare find, Shook is not even around anymore!