Spotlight: Brooke Betancourt


I hope you guys enjoyed the previous spotlight on Kiera, our next interviewee hails from South Milwaukee Wisconsin which is known for beer and fish fry according to wikipedia. She originally started out skateboarding, but later moved onto bikes instead, good choice. Say hello, to Brooke Betancourt.

When and how did you started out riding? I used to skateboard and always hungout with the bikers and realized I wasn’t going anywhere with skateboarding seeing I could barley ollie! So I picked up a bike and started peddling. I don’t regret the choice I’ve taken! I started riding the winter of December 2010 and didn’t get too serious until a year ago.

Have you been to Toronto Jam before? This is my first time going to Toronto and my first time even leaving the country! I’m super stoked to ride!

What are you expecting or looking forward to this year? I hope there will be a continuous amount of female riders coming into the world every year. This year compared to last is such a drastic change. From what I’ve seen, more female riders are finally getting out there, so it’s not just 1 or 2 girls riding in a comp. The more the female riders, the more likely there will be more girl heats during comps. I hope by next year there will be more riders than this year!

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