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Monday, April 30, 2012

Spotlight: Flavia Santos

Friday, April 27, 2012

Photos by Lucas Pupio

I won't be able to check out the BMX Worlds in person this year, but like my real life job, I get to live it through other people. Our next interview is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, she's 26 and has been riding since 2005. Simpel Session was actually her first competition and this year she's going to be competing in the BMX Worlds too. Alo Flavia Santos.

How was Simple Session?
O Simpel Session foi o meu primeiro campeonato.Foi muito importante estar lá. Eu estava meio desanimada antes do Simpel Session, mas agora tenho vontade de andar todos os dias.


Will this your first BMX Worlds competition?
Sim é minha primeira vez como piloto, mas será minha terceira vez no BMX Worlds. Ver as meninas andando é muito motivador.

É incrivel a estrutura que o BMX Worlds possui para mostrar todas as modalidades do BMX, só quem esta lá pode saber a ótima sensação em viver isso, é inceplicavél.

O que também é bem legal é a diversidade de culturas, pessoas de todo o mundo se encontram lá pelo mesmo motivo "BMX". No BMX Worlds a participação das meninas é maravilhosa.

Nos anos anteriores eu pude ver O Backflip no hander da Camila, Mini Park tentando flair, Nina eu seus toobogan....Angie e seu super style e transfers dignos de muito respeito. É muito satisfatório participar do BMX feminino. Este é o melhor sentimento do mundo, viajar pelo mundo com minha bike. É um sonho se realizando.

Eu gostaria de dizer que no Brasil existem poucas garotas andando mas nós temos um BLOG direcionado ao BMX Feminino.
Check out

Bike Check with Flavia Santos

Frame: Proper TTL
Bars: Proper TTXL 38,5" x 8,75"
Fork: We The People Helium;
Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever;
Stem: Profile Acoustic;
Grips: Odyssey
Barends: Odyssey
Headset: We The People
Seatpost: Animal
Seat: Premium Pivotal
Cranks: Profile Rancing 175mm
Sprocket: Profile Spline Drive - 25T
Chain: Shadown
Brakes: Odyssey
Cable: Odyssey
Front Tire: KHE Dirt, 2.10″
Front Wheel: Proper Bikes Microlite - hub Profile Mini Rasta
Rear Tire: KHE Street, 2.10″
Rear Wheel: Proper Bikes Microlite - hub Profile Mini Rasta - cog 9
Hub Guard: Profile
Pegs: Fly bikes
Pedals: Odyssey

Where is she now? w/ Stacey Mulligan

Monday, April 23, 2012
With the BMX Worlds just around the corner, you can bet we're starting up the interviews again. Although she won't be entering this year, Stacey Mulligan did take a first place win in 2006, in women's street. I remember the first time I met Nina and Stacey, it was amazing. I've never received so much support and encouragement before, especially from people I just met. The phrase 'fall down 7 times, get up 8" can pretty much sum up Stacey's attitude. I often get asked what Stacey is up to these days, so here is the short version: Stacey is 28, living in Denver, CO and is a Public Information Officer for North Metro Fire Rescue District *breaths*. Continue below for the full story.


Did you stop riding BMX?

I decided to stop riding BMX when I first moved to Denver as my injuries started to catch up with me and my career started to take over. It was a tough choice to walk away, but I was not willing to risk any more issues with my back then I already had. I was also starting to get involved with long distance running and began racing.

I know your injuries have impacted you quite a bit. For someone who is just starting to ride, what advice do you have to avoid injuries?

I think injuries are just a part of BMX, but if I could give any advice, I would suggest strength training, yoga and cardio to stay in top shape. The more in shape your body is the better you can heal from serious injuries. Also by staying in shape, you will ride better and stronger. I wish I knew then what I know now about fitness. I could have prevented a lot of injuries. I also liked hucking myself high up on sub boxes and walls, which increased my risk for high falls.


I feel like you are still really interested in girls BMX, otherwise you would have said no when I asked you to MC a contest -if we ever did one. Is there any aspect that you miss or any part that was hard to let go when you left BMX or was it a slow phase out period?

I will always have a special place in my heart for BMX and I am so proud of the way girls are riding today. There are some amazing riders out there and it’s so fun to see videos, photos and social media posts of all the crazy things girls are starting to do.

I would also say leaving was a slow phase out period and the more I got into running the less I wanted to ride my bike. I think BMX has made me the trail runner I am today. It has taught me how to push through and not hesitate on a super technical trail. I also think it taught me how to have the drive to run marathons and high elevation without quitting when it hurts because believe me…it hurts!


Do you think we will ever see a return, you didn't sell your bike right?!
I probably won’t ever ride BMX again but I still have my bike to remind me of the great memories I have acquired over the years. BMX has made me who I am today and I feel so lucky to have had the experiences I had.

What is a day in the life of Stacey Mulligan?

A typical day for me starts at 5:00 a.m. Mornings are spent walking with my dog Izzie. I also work as the PIO for North Metro Fire Rescue where every day is different. I work with the fire department responding to various emergencies as the organization’s spokesperson. When a high level emergency occurs and news media is on scene, I am there help with any questions they have. It is an extremely exciting job where I get to work alongside incredible heroes and inform the North Metro Denver community about emergencies in our area.

Besides work, I fit in about 40 miles of running per week and attend a race about once a month. I have been entering a lot of trail running races and this August I will run the Pikes Peak Marathon. This is an 8,000 ft ascent for 13 miles and then an 8,000ft descent back down 13 miles to the finish. This will be the most challenging race I have ever done considering the altitude reaching over 14,000ft and the long climb up. As nerve racking as this race will be, it is a wonderful way to see Colorado!

Thanks to BMX I have had the chance to lead an extremely exciting life and still continue with the same drive that BMX taught me in the life I lead now. I wish everyone the best of luck in their journeys through BMX and I am so proud of the accomplishments that women have brought to the sport.

Stacey will always be a significant pioneer of Women's BMX!
If you know anyone who has a copy of Shook Winteractive Network, there is a really amazing bonus section by Fox Riders Co. The all girls tour which was hosted by Stacey, ventured into the cold New England region, with Mary Anne Delfino, Jessica Aussec, Anita Joy, Nina Buitrago, Heather Roller and Kari Olandese. A must watch, but it will be a rare find, Shook is not even around anymore!

Check Out: Coven Magazine

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I believe in helping the ladies grow in this industry, why? Because through the kindness of other websites like Women of Freestyle and Ride BMX, Magnolia BMX was given the opportunity to be exposed. I want to introduce to you, Juliet Elliot from London, UK. Not only is Juliet a BMX rider but she created Coven, a magazine dedicated to women's action sports.

How did you get into bikes?
I got pretty into riding fixed gear bikes and went down to the skatepark on mine. When I was there I had a go on my friends BMX and fell for it immediately. I guess that was a couple of years ago now. I had to have a lot of time off for injury which set me back a fair bit and was very frustrating – I totally screwed my back so badly that it was impossible to ride. It hurt to walk, to sit, to lie down. God, it sucked!

What is Coven Magazine.
Coven Magazine is a new women’s action sport, art and adventure magazine. I wanted to give some props to all the ladies who inspire me, who I follow on the internet but who never get much exposure. I know there are tons of girls out there in the same boat as me – looking online to see what other ladies are up to. There are heaps of girls out there doing stuff but it’s so hard to track down interviews and coverage so I thought it would be nice to put it all in one place. Also, I really like reading magazines but I thought that none of them were quite what I was looking for.


How did Coven get started?
I came up with idea when I was riding around on my bike delivering packages – I’ve been working as a bike messenger and always come up with ideas whilst I’m riding about.

What does Coven mean?
Well traditionally a Coven is a group of witches. The mag is not witchy in any way though, I just liked the name and thought it was kind of funny.

What will Coven cover and what is Coven interested in?
We will cover all the good stuff we like! So that’s all kinds of bikes, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, climbing, motocross, FMX, photography, art, design, travel etc.

How can I get my hands on an issue?
The mag is independently produced, financed and distributed. Since my car was stolen last week, the London issues will be delivered by bike and all the other UK copies will be sent out via courier. The printed mag will only be available in the UK but it will be free to download internationally after the launch date on April 12th.

Can you give us a preview of what the first issue of Coven will have?
The first issue is probably smaller than the size the subsequent issues will be but is packed with good stuff including interviews with BMXer Shanice Da Silva, fixed gear rider Christina Panteliodis, climber Lisa Rands, snowboarder Jenny Jones and a whole lot more.

Thanks Juliet! For those who are looking for more information, make sure you check out Coven's social sites:

Twitter Coven
Facebook Coven
Credit: Pictures by Dave Noakes