Texas Toast / Natalie Wade Update

Sunday, October 27, 2013
Texas Toast and NORA Cup was a lot of fun this last weekend! I got to catch up with a lot of people and meet some new faces! The contest was nuts. There were a couple bad crashes but thankfully everyone came out alright. Glad to see and participate in a rider-run event again! Props to Taj Mihelich and Odyssey for all the hard work they put into the weekend!

I haven't been on my bike in months. It was fun cruising the famous Hoffman vert ramp. Biggest thing I've ever dropped in on!

Always stoked to get some Nina time!

Probably the most epic BMX picture anyone could get. Bob Haro, inventor of freestyle and Mat Hoffman, legend, burliest rider out there and reason for how much freestyle changed the way it did when he came into the scene.

Love me some Crandall!

Nora Cup 2013!

Look at all those BMX babes! So stoked to see that many ladies at one time!

Until next time!
Natalie Wade


Tuesday, October 22, 2013
I thought you guys would enjoy this interview I did with Jennie, who has a blog called http://bikergirl.se. Jennie is from Sweden and has decided to start BMX at the age of 28. I will have to say, BMX is so much better when you're older, but there are also some down sides as well. Say hello to Jennie, new rider with an awesome attitude. 

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Jennie Hallestam, I was born on November, 1984, so I'm turning 29 soon :) I was raised in the north of Sweden in a place called Kramfors. When I where about 15-16 I moved away from home, I guess I just felt that it was too small for me there, I had a bigger vision of my life.

I have always been that person who follows my heart and I rather live my dreams instead of dreaming about how life could be. I guess I have to thank my parents for always being so supporting. They have always been there for my, believed in me and cheered me on. They are the best!

Nowadays I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I work as a welder, I'm actually an educated "International Welding Specialist" with several welding licenses. That´s a long story too, LOL! I was actually a store manager at NK, Sweden's most exclusive mall.

I was there for many years,  I know most girls here would do anything for my job, but I never felt that it was my thing, it wasn't my dream. So one day I just woke up and decided to quit and follow my heart. So I went back to school and got a new education, this time as an welder and I LOVED!

How did you get yourself into BMX?

BMX, it's always been there in my head, I want to do that, I want to ride that bike, do the tricks and jumps, I want to be fast, faster, fastest! But still it's a little bit scary to start this late, the older you get the harder it is to just put yourself out there, it's like you have barrier in the head that tells you NO! But I have decided not to listen to that part. I'm going to put myself out there! It´s okay to fall, as long as you right back up there. I use to say that fall 7 times and stand up 8!

Well the short version, I bought my first bike just a couple of months back, like 6-7 months. I have 4 bikes today and I spend every single time I have to practice with my bikes. I just love the feeling out there! My goal is to learn how to do a backflip with my bike until the end of next summer.  The only boring thing is that there are so few places to ride the bmx in sweden.

I found your blog through Instagram and the first thing I noticed on your blog was the image "small changes can make a big difference", which set the tone to what your blog was all about. I saw a girl who wanted to express her love for BMX, fashion and life through a blog and I thought that was pretty awesome. Could you tell me a little about the blog?

Yes,  you got it right :) I want to express my love and I want to inspire others to do the same, to trust in themselves and to realize that it's never to late to try! Be your own inspiration, you can do anything if you just believe in yourself! Be motivated, work hard and open your eyes for those small results and soon you're going to see a big one! Give yourself goals along the way, do not be afraid to give yourself credit and remember to have FUN!!! I think fun is the key word! And also, it´s okay to fail over and over again as long as you don't give up. Continue to struggle, sooner or later you will do it and it will be so worth it! I promise!

I first started to blog for a about 12 years ago, I wanted my family to be able to see what I was up to. So at first it was only for my family. But then along the way my friends started to follow it and they were so inspired so somewhere then I realized how easy and fun it is to inspire others. If I can reach out to only one person, that's one more than none at all. Every single person counts!

Being a new rider, what are some hurdles you have experienced so far? 

Well I haven't been riding for so very long, 6-7 months. The hardest thing I think is in my own head. At first I was so afraid of what others would think. Would they laugh at me when I fall, I was afraid that
I would have ROOKIE all over me. But when I opened my eyes I realized that it was the complete opposite. Everyone was so kind and supportive. When I'm out on the bike people come up to me and help me, teach me how to do things, how to learn, step by step. It was all in my head!

You said there isn't a lot of places to ride in Sweden, so where do you go?

Here in Stockholm where I live, we have 3 different outside parks where you can ride your BMX. The biggest problem is that the summer is so short here. Right now, it's getting really cold and soon the snow will be here.  There is one place in Stockholm called "Fryshuset" Where they have an inside park for BMX and skateboards. When I'm riding outside I'm either at two of my favourite track/park in "Alvsjo" or "Fadderbyn".

Who inspires you and if you could have the chance, who would you want to ride with?

 I have a lot of sources of inspiration, of course Dave Mirra, he is amazing! Im a big fan of X-games! Brandon Dosch, Colton Satterfield, Dennis Enarson, Kyle Baldock they are all great inspirations. The list can be long! I don't know if i can choose only one of them, they are all amazing! But I think that my biggest inspiration are the kids out there on the tracks. They are so cool! And they just do it! Im amazed by them! If i would pick a girl I would say Jolene Van Vugt,  I love the whole Nitro gang! Im going to see them on my birthday here in sweden the 16th of November, it's gonna be amazing!

What advice do you have for a new rider?

My best advice is to have your eyes and ears opend, don´t be afraid to ask others but remember we are all different, what's easy for someone else can be hard for you and thats okay, take all the time you need, one day you will make it! Dont compare yourself with others, get inspired and motivated and remember to have FUN! http://bikergirl.se

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Blushing Bride

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Check out some of these cool photos of our flatland rider Monika Hinz, by photographer Matthias Hauser.

Natalie Noble Was Here!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Yesterday was super exciting! I finally got to meet and ride with Natalie Noble! We've been talking for probably a year now, and we are also Alienation Inc. team mates! Natalie has been traveling around for a bit riding her bike and she texted me the other to day let me know she would be in my area! We set up a time and met up at the Alameda Skatepark, a park that I had been wanting to check out for a while now.

It took us both about an hour to get to the park, although we got lost so it was probably more.  We finally ended up on an abandoned Navy base with a ton of really cool, creepy old buildings.  The park itself was really awesome.  It was definitely old, and a lot of the concrete is uneven, but it has a ton of cool hips and things to jump.  I think it might actually be one of my favorite new parks in the area.  We rode around a little, Natalie got some clips, and then we decided to go exploring for street spots.

Loading docks, 5 story apartment with broken
windows, caved in floors, graffiti, and one ceramic toilet, it was definitely fun, and a little creepy, exploring all the spots.  Of course every time we walked up to anything Natalie would see if the doors or windows (if there were any) would open.  At one point we were on the balcony of the second floor, and I'm just really happy we didn't fall through, holes, sinking, and creaking weren't too reassuring. We didn't find any decent spots to ride, but it was still a good time, and I'm so glad I finally got to shred with Natalie after all this time!    

Peta at Core Series

"On this past weekend, the last two comps of the core series were held. I went in both and the am boys class and got 4th in both. It was a lot of fun with great mates. Just a couple of pics from one of the days." Peta

What Did You Do This Summer?

Friday, October 4, 2013
This summer was by far the most eventful one yet.  Some of the things I got to do were, 3 years ago, only existent in my dreams.  I feel like to me, every little thing I am able to do is blown up even more because of that fact that it means I'm beating my anxiety little by little.  So not only am I achieving my BMX dreams, but I'm overcoming huge challenges at the same time.  Such a great feeling!

Let's start with the first event of the year.  Recon Tour in San Jose, CA.  First contest of the summer, 104 degrees, and some intense shredding.  Lake Cunnignham Regional Skatepark is definitely not the best set up for a competition, and the heat got the best of me, but it was still a good time hanging with everyone for sure!  Fortunately, I was feeling better on the way home, and I stopped in Clayton, CA to ride a BMX show!

Next, it was time to hit Woodward Tahoe! I went back as a Junior Counselor this year, and as usual had a great time riding bikes, hanging out, and enjoying the beautiful Tahoe summer weather.  Woodward Tahoe has been a huge part of my life since it's opening year in 2012, and because of their amazing staff and accommodations, I was able to go there and make some huge dreams come true.

When I got back from Woodward Tahoe, I got some bad news.  Ramp Rats, the indoor park and only park I ever rode would be closing.  Without Ramp Rats, I would not be where I am today.  We decided to do a Last Dance Jam and it was a bittersweet last throw down session with my Ramp Rats family.

                                                               Photo: Daniel Shulte

Just a few weeks later was the big event of the summer.  X Games.  I was lucky to get the opportunity to bring some of my FDV Clothing team riders down to LA to do demos and coach in the interactive zone.  This was a huge thing for me personally, as everything I was doing was going against my comfort zone.  But it was so worth it.  We worked hard, coaching thousands of kids for 4 days, putting on some shows for the crowd, and working booths.  Thanks to my uncle's hotel points, we got to stay in the J.W. Marriott Live, and let me tell you, I was in awe the entire time.  One of the coolest things about X Games was finally meeting up with Nina, Angie, and Lindsay.  It was amazing getting to shred with other girls, and we had a great time!  You can read all about my day to day adventures at the X Games HERE

When I got back from X Games, I was contacted by two local newspapers to do interviews about BMX and life in general.  This was my first newspaper interview, so it was really exciting for me! The first one came out a while ago, and the second one is slated to run this Sunday! I'm really hoping that these two articles give BMX some more exposure in our town.

Next, it was back to Woodward Tahoe.  This time it was just a weekend trip, as camp season was over, but I shredded my heart out for those two days, and it was great seeing the Woodward Family again.  Also met up with my local boys so the session was definitely going off!
Photo: Alex Rubio

 I was home for a little under 2 weeks and then it was back on the road again, this time to San Diego for the Ride BMX No Fear Proving Grounds contest.  A more detailed account of my trip to SD may be popping up somewhere soon, so for now we will keep it quick!   I was definitely stoked about this contest because any event that Jon Faure puts on is always a good one, and I absolutely LOVE San Diego.  I had a great time there riding the contest, Dennis Enarson's backyard ramps and visiting with my cousins.  I ended up taking 1st in 18+ Novice.

The last event of the summer, before I came home to rain and windstorms, was The Little Big Women's Ridestyle event in Tahoe as well as a quick stop at Woodward Tahoe.  Read more about that here in my first installment of Nikita's Corner.

Overall, wow! What a summer.  BMX continues to amaze me.  It's seriously life changing.  This year I plan to absolutely kill it, do bigger and better things, and continue to follow my dreams

Introducing, Nikita's Corner!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Not a lot of girls or even riders, are as hooked up as Nikita is at her age. I have a lot of respect for Nikita, she's smart, a great rider who is continually improving and is an even better role model. Because of this, we're giving Nikita a corner, so she can freely post here about her BMX adventures. Here is her first entry!

This past weekend was definitely a fun one! I was planning to go back to Woodward Tahoe after my contest in San Diego to see all the Woodward family again, as well as practice a few things, but hadn’t set a date yet. When I heard about The Little Big Women’s Ridestyle event happening in Truckee it was the perfect time to go! My mom and I ended up driving up to Tahoe on Saturday morning, and got there around 1, just in time for a nice long session at Woodward Tahoe. I met up with some of my buddies and while I didn’t land any new tricks, I definitely worked on them.a lot…until I literally couldn’t stand anymore. Anyways, back to the session. Everyone was sort of trying different things, but nothing real big was going down.

All of a sudden this dude Ben decides, “I’m going to try a double flip”. So there he goes, throws it, and almost lands it clean. Well word traveled fast around the bunker, and pretty soon almost the entire place had gathered around the resi to watch what was going down. That prompted Chase to decide that he wanted to try a double flip as well…so there he went, BOOM. Landed clean. The whole bunker goes crazy. So of course that get’s everyone else super pumped, and we all start throwing down. 1080’s, flip trains, flip whips, al sorts of stuff, while the Woodward Tahoe bunker watched and cheered. It was a super cool feeling, like an impromptu BMX demo. It was definitely a good time. Around 8:00pm I got to watch the premiere of this cool skate documentary called Underexposed. The girl who directed it, Amelia Brodka (also a women’s pro skateboarder) was there and it was really cool meeting her and seeing her film, as it documented a very similar situation to women’s BMX.

The next morning, we headed over to the Truckee Pump Track, where I was to compete in The Little Big, a Women’s Ridestyle event. It was definitely a little bit intimidating when I got there, I’ve only ridden dirt a few times, and definitely had never tricked it. It was definitely sketchy at first, as it was more of a pump track with some medium jumps, very tight, and very fast. It was super cool to be up there with the pro MTB girls, like Kat Sweet, Lisa Tharp, Stephanie Nychka, Cortney Knudson, and a bunch more, and the contest was really fun! It was jam format, so we got a bunch of runs to try what we needed. I couldn’t match up to the MTB style that the rest of the girls had, but I did manage to throw bars, 1 footed euros, and cans over some of the jumps, which I am still super stoked about!
All in all, it was a great time, I definitely progressed a little, and I met some really awesome people! Just another adventure my bike has taken me on.