Flatland Rider Bojana Stankov

Thursday, October 3, 2013
There are a lot of reasons to not ride flatland.  It's hard.  It's time consuming.  It can be expensive or hard getting the right parts for your bike.  Despite all the reasons to not ride, girls around the world are picking up a BMX and learning!  Meet Bojana from the USA, be inspired and go ride!

My name is Bojana (Boyana), but most people call me Bo.  I am a Serbian native, living in the US.  
Languages and photography have already been a passion of mine and I have discovered one more.  Just like learning another foreign language, learning a new trick in flatland provides me with the great sense of accomplishment and only the rider knows what it feels like when you learn something new.  I guess that feeling keeps pushing me forwards, motivating me to learn even more.

 Determination and patience play a huge role when I ride.  Despite being very difficult and demanding on your body, flatland taught me a lot about focusing my mind and strength on the body movements on my bike, and I enjoy that.  I became a lot stronger since I first started riding flatland.

Girls are said to have better balance then men, and I truly believe that any girl can learn to understand her bike by riding flatland and eventually conquer it.  Again, patience and a lot of repetitions are crucial.  

I am happy to ride with one of the best people in flatland and I am surrounded with positive energy each time.  Every accomplished trick makes me go for more, and I guess that's why I ride.  I never thought I could be capable of doing something like flatland.

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