December 2013

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  • My Story – Amelia Walsh

    Beatrice December 28, 2013

    We did an interview with Amelia Walsh a few months ago, and from the interview we found out that she is working her butt off to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics.  When your whole life is about eating right, working out and riding your bike, getting sick can be annoying, but try being in the hospital for weeks, doctors not knowing whats wrong with you and thinking you might not…

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  • PLAY

    Angie Marie December 26, 2013

    Check out this edit by Martin Zielinski, with riding by Manon Carpenter, Katy Curd, Joey Gough and Martin Zielinski. The video touches on a number of disciplines: 4X, BMX, MTB Trail riding and dirt jumping (both BMX and 26″). PLAY from Martin Zielinski on Vimeo.

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  • Sabrina Millman Wants Your Questions!

    Angie Marie December 21, 2013

    We’re doing an interview soon with Sabrina Millman and we want questions from you! Some of her accomplishments from racing since 5 years old, includes being a national champion 8 times and placing 6th at the 2007 worlds. In 2012, Sabrina was in a terrible…

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  • BMX Plus February Issue Out Now!

    Beatrice December 20, 2013

    Get your hands on the February issue of BMX plus, which is out now! We don’t typically get to do this, but there’s a girl on the cover! We’re just so stoked on seeing Caroline Buchanan on the cover along with DK mate, Barry Nobles!…

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