Toronto BMX Jam 2014 day 1

Friday, February 28, 2014

Not much going on the first day for the ladies at the Toronto BMX Jam. I got to meet the amazing Perris Benegas and Hannah Roberts, along with seeing some old friends. Some of the ladies went to Joyride today, where Angie Marino landed a flip over resi with a mountain bike.

Trish Bromley was involved in a pretty bad crash at the race course, but should be ok to ride tomorrow. Our good friend Brad Messenger got the worst of it, so we're sending him our thoughts. Tomorrow will be the ladies day to ride, starting with a 10am practice.

You should be able to watch the footage live, however mid feed today the IATSE union decided to shut down the operation. We're not totally sure why this union decided to threaten the Toronto BMX Jam, but this is a volunteer operation and they nearly charged the Toronto International Bike Show $3000 if they continued to film. That said, the Toronto BMX Jam is working hard to get the feed up and running by tomorrow, if it works you can watch it here 

SATURDAY MARCH 1 - (Eastern Time)


11:00 Sarah Dinel (Quebec, Quebec), Hannah Roberts (Buchanan, Michigan), Lilly Melluso (Markham, Ontario)

11:10 Trish Bromley (Toronto, Ontario) , Kiera Bonifacio (Toronto, Ontario), Carley Young

11:20 Brooke Betancourt (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Angie Marino (Austin, Texas), Perris Benegas (Sparks, Nevada)

More From India with Monika Hinz

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Here are some more photos of our flatland team rider Monika Hinz riding the streets in Bombay India with SharpTune (BMX skate and MTB team).  I would have picked a selected few photos to show you but they are all so good!  This was the first time they saw a girl riding, check out the crowds that gathered!

Thank you SharpTune and all the people there! 
- Monika

(Click on a photo to enlarge and view them as an album.)


Sunday, February 23, 2014
"Krusher BMX, one of the main sponsors of the Toronto BMX Jam this year (with the Krusher Best Trick Competition – mostly reserved for the Pro riders) is pleased to announce it will step up its support for the event by offering an opportunity for the amateurs to get more exposure with its new KRUSHER MVR AWARD (Most Valuable Rider).

A group of selected KRUSHER staff will pay close attention to all of the amateur class plus the ladies over the TO Jam weekend and one rider will be selected for a spot on its 2014 flow team program and have a shot at riding in some of the Krusher Stunt Shows. It will then be up to the rider to make it a permanent spot. The title is not necessarily awarded to the winner of one of the amateur classes; rider will not only need to prove their skill, but also demonstrate positive interaction with fellow riders and a commitment to the sport of BMX.

KRUSHER, a Canadian BMX company, is proud to support riders and events across the nation since 1997." - Information from

Flatland in India

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Flatland team rider Monika Hinz recently relocated to India and sent over these photos of what riding life is like in Bombay.  Make sure you follow her on Facebook - Monika Hinz  

Check out these photos as she hits some difficult tricks on what appears to be a very challenging surface to do much on.  She is definitely one of the most skilled female riders around, turning heads wherever she rolls.  We wish her the best adjusting to a new country and culture!

It's nice and warm here, could be the best weather to ride, but the thing is there is no place to ride.  I have seen great spots everywhere, where we can not ride.  But we were riding two times with all the locals on a 'not that much' crowded street... both were not flat but managed to ride a bit.

BMX influences on the runway

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's not very common to see a big fashion name like Marc Jacobs get involved with something like BMX, but there you go! For the 2014 Fall line, Marc by Marc Jacobs was influenced by the hardcore sporty girl; the girl who skateboards, dirt bikes and most importantly, the girl who loves BMX. Things like GRRRL power, Bunny Hop and Uprising were clearly displayed in a few of the looks. This younger brand (Marc by Marc Jacobs) has been highly anticipated for a comeback.

What do you ladies think of the clothing line, did MBMJ capture the essence of girls in BMX? Personally, I think some of the shoes are pretty awesome, but the "ready to wear" clothing like isn't very practical. You can watch the entire show below.