Manon Carpenter and Kayley Ashworth ride the Ballroom After Dark

Thursday, October 30, 2014
I gotta say, I sensed something was brewing when I saw Kayley Ashworth with Instagram pictures of her in full Halloween makeup while at a shoot. Kayley surprised us today with some BTS photos from the Halloween film, "After Dark" along with some words from Manon Carpenter on how this film came about.

"When Liam first contacted me about filming a BMX Halloween edit I wasn’t sure what to think. I ride BMX for fun in the winter but I’m definitely not the best in the World at it... Then he mentioned he planned on getting another BMX girl involved as well and I immediately thought of Kayley; as well as being rad on a BMX she’s really good fun, and I was 100% up for it! Liam and I have worked together on a few projects now over the past couple of years and they’re always really fun to film, something different from the promotional kind of bike edits I usually film for. They generally end up as some kind of crazy experiment, and we both prefer the darker side to things for sure!"

"Getting some practise in on Saturday night we got off to a good start... Kayley had come down to get used to the park and Liam wanted to test the light with his camera as we were going to be riding in the dark however things didn’t quite go to plan. Bouncing her face off her bars whilst getting used to the jump boxes Kayley managed to knock one of her front teeth out of place. Neither of us are wimps but our teeth are one thing we’d like to keep as they are so needless to say she was kinda upset! But after a phone call to a Kayley’s retired dentist grandmother, some reassurance from the NHS helpline, a few painkillers and ibuprofen later and we were good to go come Sunday morning."

"Driving towards Margam Castle is pretty impressive. I’ve filmed there before so know what to expect, however when Kayley saw it she was beside herself with excitement. It’s easy to take things for granted sometimes, but seeing Kayley’s reaction did make me realise how lucky we are to be able to do fun projects like this one and call it work. Liam had got a make up artist in so whilst Kayley was getting her face painted we had a look round the castle. Half film set/half historical building it’s a cool place, we could have spent hours in there! Next up was my turn for make up, and seeing as I have problems controlling what I have in my mouth with I laugh, it was a very stressful hour trying not to laugh coffee in Natallie’s face at the antics going on behind me with Liam throwing glass at Kayley."

"After a few hours running round the castle getting intro shots we set off back to Cardiff to see who we could scare on the streets. Disappointingly no one was playing ball and even the guy in the takeaway was dead-pan when we turned up to collect it in full skeletal make up, it amused us at least! Trying to eat Naan bread without spoiling the paint stitches in your cheeks is an effort though, and Kayley was pretty much on a liquid diet after hitting her face anyway... So a quick feed and then we were off to Rampworld. I’m really lucky to have what I think is one of the best parks in the UK at the moment ten minutes from my house. I don’t get to ride there in the summer but I definitely like to pull the BMX out again come off season, even if I am super wobbly switching from MTB to BMX at first! "

"Turning up at Rampworld we quickly realised that filming in the dark and getting the shots to look how Liam wanted them to was going to take a lot longer than we first thought. We were all tired already from the day, everyone had a different idea where to start first and I think more than one of us was ready to throw a tantrum! We started getting a few cool shots and after some more caffeine we all started to get into it. Filming with Kayley was really, really fun. I don’t often get to ride skatepark with other girls let alone with someone who pushes me like she does. Doing trains over the jump boxes was so good and each time one of us got a good shot, went higher or did something well, the other would try in turn to match it. Sometimes when I watch the guys I’m like well yeah, they’re a guy so they will be better than me... But watching Kayley has inspired me to try for more. The girl is not afraid to crash either!"

"All in all it’s been a really fun project to be involved in. We weren’t trying to make the best BMX edit ever but Halloween gives us the perfect excuse to do something a little different. So enjoy!"

Flatland Forward Submission Cut Off Soon!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Hey flatland ladies!

If you registered for our contest last year don't miss out on getting your video submission in.  Fourteen prize packs are waiting to be sent out!  Submissions have been coming in over the past few days in each class and will close the end of the day this friday!  (October 31st!)  Even if you have not progressed in your riding as much as you may have liked, don't skip out on sending in a video that may land you some free flatland goodies!

If you are wondering how to be apart of this contest and you didn't register for it last November, we're sorry that you missed out!  This is a first of it's kind, progression contest for female flatland riders to get flatland bike parts out to ladies showing growth in their riding.  Many riders around the globe have been pushing their riding to learn some new tricks.  Only ladies who registered for it last November may participate in submitting an edit of the new flatland tricks they've learned.  If you missed out on this contest, follow MagnoliaBMX and don't miss out on our next contest or giveaway.

For the ladies who have registered, remember to send your submissions in before the end of Friday. Submissions are already coming in and no exceptions will be made past October 31st!

Help Elite Women Raise Money

Monday, October 27, 2014

Help the Elite women raise money for equal payout this year at the 2014 Grand Nationals. Our goal is to sell 600 t-shirts to raise money and give incentive for more girls to race in these key events! Your t-shirt will be delivered at Grands in Tulsa, OK on 11/28/14. All shirts needing to be shipped will be sent out by November 1st. Thank you for your support and remember we would like you to wear them proudly on Saturday night's Pro Spectacular.

This is the link to see all the shirts

Sisterhood Of Shred Interview

Thursday, October 23, 2014
You may have heard some buzz about a documentary that's coming out called Sisterhood of Shred, so we took the liberty to reach out to Meg Valliant for some more information on this project.

Cory Coffey on the wall at Burlington Bike Park, Sugar Showdown Burlington

Tell me about the birth of Sisterhood of Shred. Who was involved and what was the initial motivation behind it?
The initial motivation for The Sisterhood of Shred documentary began with a short segment that I shot of Kat Sweet (Sweetlines) getting a tattoo. At the time my only intention was to make a short edit with the footage. I felt it was important because the tattoo represented her community; her Sisterhood of Shred. I knew what impact this riding community had on myself and had learned what it meant to Kat. While filming the tattoo segment my curiosity of what riding meant for all the other women involved grew. That really launched the film into a larger project.

Whitney Thompson Jumping Cortney Knudson's line

What will the format of the documentary be like, will it be one long edit or will we get to know more about the individual riders too?
We are shooting a feature length (90 minute) film. There will be riding segments through out the film however our focus is on the individuals. There will be lots of interviews as well as lifestyle moments, such as careers, motherhood, art, hobbies and trail building. It will be a chance to get to know some of the many ladies involved.

How did you select your riders?
Majority of the riders in the film are attendees of the ridestyle events (we've covered 4 events). Right off the bat I wrote up a list of riders that I knew had interesting stories to highlight. They covered all ages and walks of life. Initially we started with riders who were already involved within the community knowing this would change as the project began to fill itself out. Since then, filming has moved along and life stories have emerged -we have changed or added to our original list. We have also expanded our short interviews to cover more riders whenever possible within the story.

Nikita in action with a double bar spin. 
Is Nikita the only BMX girl you have in the documentary, and what can we expect to see?
Nikita and Cory Coffey are the BMX girls highlighted in the film at this time.
In addition to multiple interviews you can expect to see them riding dirt jumps, trails, skateparks, event coverage and coaching. It has been a cool opportunity to film with them especially as my roots come from BMS. Plus it's awesome to see MTB and BMX come together.

Where and when will it be released?
We are anticipating a spring 2015 release. We are seeking distribution and would like to release to streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon & iTunes. We have been offered multiple opportunities around the world for screenings when the time comes as well.

Natalie Bennet at Sugar Showdown Santa Cruz
What have been some struggles you have come across shooting?
There have had many struggles: weather delays, last minute scheduling changes, injuries, funding delays... The list goes on. However the biggest struggle shooting is with the growing story; I wanted to film with and include everyone in the movie! It is amazing how many ladies have come out of the woodwork since we've started this project. I wish I could fit everyone into one film. I have decided to continue working on the project to recognize more riders after the film is completed. More details will be available once the film is in it's final stages of production.

On a personal note: juggling my time is a huge hurdle in this project. I have 2 young kids, a husband, a career as well as ride time and event organizing. Unfortunately there are days when I have to set this project aside to make sure that all my responsibilities are being met.

Have you received a lot of support and funding, if so who?
We have received a lot of support from around the world! Emails, social media tags, press, phones calls, high fives from strangers on the trail, so much support!
There are so many awesome people and companies who've helped us through out production and with our funding!
Joe Towey, Koerner Camera Systems, Sweetlines, Joby inc, Kathy Rogers, RideSFO, Lauren Heitzman, Mary & Paul Hanks, Karen Omodt, the Praly Family and to many more rad people & companies to list here!
For a full list of cast, crew, sponsors, backers and locations check out our website at

(from my set selfies), Cory, Nikita, and Meg. 
Find us on Facebook: The Sisterhood of Shred & on Instagram as @sisterhoodofshred

Concussions can’t stop Charisma

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
I’m stoked to share this article with you guys from Chatham Voice, of a rider that I’ve raced against this past season. Meet Charisma Markovic, she’s the most optimistic person you’ll ever meet!

Photo from Chatham Voice

Defesta Trip Edit

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Defesta Trip @ Rosario - Rio Cuarto from Mikeila Pelayes on Vimeo.

Check out this new edit, starring Rebecca Berg, Camila Harambour, Mikeila Pelayes, Analia Zacarias and Allison Lopez.

Amanda Carr Presented With A Huge Cheque

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Special day today for the most powerful person in my life - my father. Happy Birthday My father's love and support is simple he stands beside me through not only my triumphant moments but also my darkest hours. After winning the Asian GamesThai Cycling Association has given us this check for ฿3,000,000 baht. I can never repay him for his love but I think this is a good start

วันนี้เป็นวันเกิดของพ่อ พ่อเป็นผู้มีอิทธิพลที่ยิ่งใหญ่ในชีวิตของฉัน

Most definitely a great start! With today's exchange rate, that's $92464.230 US Dollars, WOW!

BUCHANAN On Air - Ep8 | Securing The BMX World Cup Title

Monday, October 13, 2014

Caroline races her way onto the podium in the last stop of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup season in Chula Vista California.
2014 was a very successful World Cup season from Caroline. Starting off the year winning the first stop in Manchester and then went onto place 4th in Holland, 1st in Berlin, 7th in Argentina and with a large points lead placing 2nd in the last round in California and securing the overall World Cup Title.

Olympic Champion Maraina Pajon wound up the year in 2nd place ahead of Olympic Bronze Medalist Laura Smulders in 3rd.

Stay tuned for the final episode of #BUCHANANonAir coming soon with a whole 2014 season wrap up, plenty of lifestyle content as well as a teaser of whats to come and a sneak peak of unseen #BUCHANANonAir footage that will be airing in a one hour TV package on FOX Sports.

2014 Milton Nationals & Highland VLOG #15

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just a quick update on Milton Nationals and my weekend trip to Highland Mountain Bike Park. Twas fun. If you want me to do a VLOG on just Highland and what it was like, leave the request in the comment box below.

RIDE LIKE A GIRL - Joey Gough 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

"From finishing 2nd in the British Women's series, to hitting the famous Peynier "Kill the Line" trails, descending Mt Ventoux on a BMX, and supporting the launch of the "Ride Like a Girl" campaign....2014 has been amazing. Thanks to all my sponsors & friends for a great year!"

Russian Girl Flares

It's really cool to see how quickly girls in BMX are progressing all over the world. Check out this short edit of Faina Arsentyeva throwing some flares into resi. By the way, this girl was born in 1995... I feel old.

Laura Smulders Short Documentary

Sunday, October 5, 2014
Photo from Laura Smulders Official Facebook Page

We don't typically post on Sundays but when we do you, you can bet it's awesome. Corinne Walder just posted up this short documentary on Dutch 2012 BMX Bronze Olympic Medalist Laura Smulders.

Could be everything you've ever dreamed from Corinne Walder on Vimeo.

Amanda Carr wins Gold at Asian Games

Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Right after racing a Supercross World Cup in San Diego, 6hrs later I was on a flight to Korea to compete in the 2014 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea. Thai Cycling gave me one instruction - bring Gold back to Thailand. Not going to lie, I was stressing race format was the best of 3 rounds. That meant I had to be perfect 3x. Shut the mind off and let instincts take over. For 3 rounds I finished 1st and that was it I was now the Gold Medalist for Womens BMX Racing in the 2014 Asian Games! " - Amanda Carr

To see more Amanda Carr updates, be sure to check out her Facebook page. It's also where you can see the moto that won her gold!

Holy FIT DVD out now!

Four years in the making, our fourth feature-length video, HOLY FIT, comes with a limited-edition 200-page hardback book featuring full-color photos of the making of the DVD.

Featuring: Mike Aitken, Dan Conway, Tom Dugan, Brian Foster, Van Homan, Justin Inman, Pat King, Ben Lewis, Shawn McIntosh, Florent Soulas, Justin Spriet, Jack Elkins, Jordan Hango, Jared Swafford, Brandon Begin, Matt Nordstrom, Troy Blair, Joel Barnett, Jim Borio, Travis Cordova, Stink Pit, Angie Marino, Andrew White, Julian Sanchez

Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson