"Women in BMX" with Kara Bruce

Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Kara Bruce (@karalikesbikes) joins Dion and Reed via Facebook Messenger for a talk about what it is like to be a woman in BMX. Kara describes her scene in Ontario, traveling, and why you don't see a lot of women riding street." Do you agree or disagree, comment below

Quick trip home - Kara Bruce

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Quick trip home - Kara Bruce from Kara Bruce on Vimeo.

"Collection of clips from Dec/Jan when I went to visit where I grew up.
Figured while there, why not road trip to Scotland, and visit my buddy Anna in Spain on her birthday!
Back to cold Canada after this!"

Nikita Ducarroz Riding for Clif Bar

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Nikita writes "Beyond stoked to be riding for Clif Bar for 2016!! Couldn't be more perfect since it's the only protein bar I'll eat! ‪#‎TeamCLIFbar‬"

Gina Petrella Edit

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Check out this edit of 17 year old Gina Petrella from Venezuela. Make sure you turn your volume down in case you don't care for metal.

Hannah Roberts to compete at Simple Session 2016 #sistersession

Sunday, April 17, 2016
This year, Simple Session invited a few fresh faces to the 2016 competition, but due to some obstacles only one will be representing the ladies!

Watch Hannah Roberts on April 30th, where she will be riding with the boys, live on http://session.ee/2016/home/ (Local time UTC+3).

Make sure you #SisterSession to show your support! Go Hannah!

Cristina Puente Edit

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cristina Puente BMX GIRL from Gargomedia on Vimeo.

Just found this sweet edit of elite Guatemala racer Cristina Puente, while lurking on Vimeo. Check it out... be inspired!

Goodbye Cranx!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Well, if you haven't made it out to Cranx by now, it's too late. After nearly six years of serving the Syracuse cycling community, Cranx closed their doors, and U Haul will be taking over the building. This indoor park offered sections for both new and tenured riders, from cross country to BMX, there was something to do for everyone. It was even just last year when outdoor dirt jumps were introduced.

Trish, Dezzi and I, decided to take a 2-day last minute trip together from Canada, to ride the park at least one more time before they closed this past weekend. The owner Dale, super nice, had a big smile for us like always.

For BMX, Cranx had everything for every style of rider - street, park, race, you name it... On the bright side, let's look at this park as just the beginning of something better, as rumors are swirling that a new location in the area in the works, and we can only assume it will be bigger and better than the original Cranx. Best of luck to Dale and Seth, we hope to see Cranx 2.0 soon :)

Photo Cred: Trish Bromley and Beatrice Trang

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Round 2 Manchester, England Recap

Sunday, April 10, 2016

What a crazy week of injuries and upsets, the 2nd round of the world cup sure brought on some surprises. Check out the results and responses below.

Saturday's Time Trials Results

Alise Post was the only girl to get into the 31-s tonight in Manchester during the UCI BMX WC Time Trials Superfinals. See the Top-8 results and the times below.

1 11 POST Alise USA 31.884
2 100 PAJON Mariana COL 32.257
3 68 BUCHANAN Caroline AUS 32.605
4 110 SMULDERS Laura NED 33.161
5 91 VANHOOF Elke BEL 33.234
6 32 CRAIN Brooke USA 33.262
7 3 CHRISTENSEN Simone DEN 33.308
8 102 ETIENNE Axelle FRA 33.575

Individual time trails are held before the race. Racers compete for the best time and best lap time gets first pick of the gate, and then the order goes from there.

Sunday's Race

In the Elite Women class Alise Post (USA) was on her way to a win in the BMX Arena at the National Cycling Centre until she crashed on her own on the very last jump. The win went to Caroline Buchanan who also won round one two weeks ago in Argentina and is leading the series with 450 points over Simone Christensen (DEN) with 350 pts and Mariana Pajon in third. The Colombian crashed out in the final race and got a DNF.

Results Elite Women - Final UCI BMX SX World Cup Round 2
1 68 BUCHANAN Caroline AUS 3 31.684
2 3 CHRISTENSEN Simone DEN 6 32.434
3 32 CRAIN Brooke USA 4 32.930
4 11 POST Alise USA 1 40.066
5 110 SMULDERS Laura NED 8 58.446
6 100 PAJON Mariana COL 2 DNF
7 469 HERNANDEZ Stefany VEN 5 DNF
8 103 LE CORGUILLE Laetitia FRA 7 DNF


Ariana Montoya One Footwear X DFctuosas

Friday, April 8, 2016

Whoa, shoes that can help you bar spin? Sign me up. Check out this edit of Ariana Montoya for One Footwear.

Amelia Walsh down at Manchester

Well, no one said the road to Rio was going to be easy.

Manchester has claimed another rider this week. The best of the best racers are just warming up in the UK right now for the next qualifying round, and just last week the track claimed the hand of USA racer Connor Fields. I guess the hand didn't do it for the track, so it decided to take Amelia's arm too.

"This girl was on fire this week getting faster and faster every lap, and putting it to some of the best in the world here in Manchester but in the last lap of practice she went big and crashed into the first corner. She knocked herself out and broke her arm in 3 places." From Coach Brendan Arnold.

Please send her some positive vibes on her page facebook/ameliawalshbmx we are so incredibly proud of this girl. Thank you for making Canada proud and we're looking forward to seeing you kick ass again soon!

You got this.

Deity Compound Pedals: Tested by Trish Bromley

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Assumptions. They make an ass out of you and me. Under the assumption that plastic pedals aren't durable, and offer little grip, I've always ridden metal pedals. Deity’s Compound pedals changed that. With a nylon composite body and cro-mo pins, they've proven durable, lightweight, and budget friendly.

My intention was to put them on my dirt jump bike. Ridden mainly indoors, and at relatively smooth pump tracks and dirt jumps, the pedals offered comparable traction to my previous metal pedals. At 339 grams (11.95 ounces) this pedal keeps the build light.

On my slope bike, I was impressed with their durability in all conditions. These pedals kept me sure-footed and confident - even across slimy roots. I did notice my skate shoes dance on the pedals through the end of summer brake bumps. As a result, I did switch them out for the Bladerunner from my DH bike, but I’m looking forward to trying the Compounds again this summer while in 5.10’s.

The pedals wore well outdoors. Blemishes blended in, as the colour is not just a superficial paint/ anodized coating. They’re offered in black, green, red, light blue, white, and purple,

Finally, the Compounds ended up on a BMX. The pedals took that beating well. Offering more traction than the stock plastic pedals, the Compounds were a welcome change. I'm far from smooth on a BMX, but through countless cases, and clunking around skate parks, they stayed strong. They’re advertised as rebuildable, but in the year I've been riding them, I've had to do nothing more than grease the threads when changing bikes. The replaceable pins stayed tight, and the two inner plastic pins showed little signs of wear.

Deity’s Compounds are listed online around $65CAD and can be found in the Boiler Room at Joyride150. They’re a great purchase for someone who’s looking for a lightweight, budget friendly flat pedal.

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