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  • A day in the life with: LAURA SMULDERS

    Beatrice December 30, 2017

    Laura Smulders is a Dutch BMX racer who recently released this brand new edit. See what a day in her life is like below!

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  • Alise Post and her UCI Rainbow Jersey

    Beatrice December 6, 2017

    Well, it only took me a million years, but finally the interview I did with Alise Post weeks ago is being posted up. Here we talk about the coveted UCI rainbow jersey, winning Worlds, winning in general and the complicated moments leading up to it.Beatrice:…

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  • Nikita with EXTREME // BLACK+DECKER

    Angie Marie December 1, 2017

    It’s always an exciting day when a female rider is able to pick up a major sponsor. Here’s what Nikita Ducarroz had to say about her new partnership. “A few weeks ago I signed a deal with Extreme and their partner sponsor, Black and Decker.…

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  • Saya Sakakibara Races to the Dance

    Beatrice November 16, 2017

    Saya Sakakibara stays absolutely flawless while racing to her school dance. We’re living for her helmet hair. Watch all the action here https://vimeo.com/241469047/73f6bf8d17

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  • Spotlight: Emma Finnegan

    Beatrice October 30, 2017

    Emma Finnegan is a BMX rider from the UK, and we did an interview to get to know her. Keep reading below! Beatrice: Where are you from and how did you get your start in BMX? Emma:  I’m from Liverpool in the North West of England.…

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