Drew Mechielson Report: Papendal

BeatriceMay 10, 2017

Canadian racer Drew Mechielson sent us a race report from her weekend in Papendal. Check out the races and the report below!

My weekend in Papendal was quite a ride. I started my weekend off not great with crashing out in the LCQ and finishing day one much earlier than I wanted to. I was ready to race day two, but again, did not start off the way that I wanted at all with a couple laps that I was not happy about. But I ended up in the 1/8’s and I had to get myself ready to race again.

I refocussed and got back out there, with the mind set to just give it my best. Squeezing through to the 1/4 finals with a 4th place in the 1/8’s, I got myself ready to go again, with the same mind set, but I had the goal of my first semi final in the back of my mind. It was a tight race, I had to push hard and give it everything but after fighting, I managed to get myself into the 4th place spot again, to make it to my first semi final at a World Cup! I was pretty excited with the result.

Now we’re in Belgium and getting ready to do it again this weekend in Zolder!

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