June 2017

3 Posts

  • Tokyo 2020: Thoughts From Your Favourite Riders

    Beatrice June 21, 2017

    Our BMX community has been buzzing this month with the announcement of Freestyle BMX’s inclusion in the 2020 Olympics. Despite reducing athlete participation numbers, the Tokyo Executive Board announced equal representation, allowing 9 men AND 9 women to compete in the sports debut year. (We think that’s pretty rad) As Freestyle BMX gains Olympic status, Ride UK BMX invited riders to weigh in with their thoughts and reactions to the…

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  • Compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Freestyle BMX

    Angie Marie June 21, 2017

    Imagine yourself on a podium, you did it! You just won a medal for yourself, for your family, for your friends… FOR YOUR COUNTRY. This dream is entirely possible, especially now with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics adding in Freestyle BMX to the line up. Question…

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  • Women’s BMX Mixtape Vans BMX Pro Cup Malaga

    Angie Marie June 16, 2017

    Just last month we had the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Malaga, and looking at this event, it’s truly amazing how far women’s BMX has gone since just 10 years ago. Check out the footy below!

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