July 2018

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  • Equal Prize Money at Vans BMX Pro Cup

    Angie Marie July 20, 2018

    @55naoking This past Thursday, Vans BMX Pro Cup announced that the Huntington Beach stop on August 3 & 5 2018 will have equal prize money! An astounding $25,000 paid out for men and women. In response to the big news, I reached out to some previous invitees for their reactions. Sarah Lampert USA“It is wonderful news that the Vans BMX pro cup will be having equal prize purses. This is…

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  • Jack Link’s Presents: Running with Sasquatch featuring Nikita Ducarroz

    Angie Marie July 3, 2018

    It’s awesome to see more female representatives in main stream media these days. We’re stoked on this Jack Link’s commercial starring Nikita Duccaroz, she’s been riding and putting in the hard for a very long time, we’re excited for her! Jack Link’s writes: “Ripping on a…

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