Episode 35 - Nina Buitrago on Space Brothers Podcast

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

In our conversation with Nina we discussed her recent post on Instagram announcing the boycott of this years X Games and discussed the importance of a women's BMX park medal event, what X Games officials told her in response as to why there would be no contest for the women, details of some of the past demos the BMX women put on at X Games, putting in hard work behind the scenes to make other women's events possible, being a part of Team USA, being the voice of a women's BMX movement, her favorite type of riding, suffering a compound fracture at a recent contest in Germany, and what it's like being a woman in a sport, made up of mostly men. So get comfortable, crank up your speakers, and get to know... Nina Buitrago.⠀

Buchanan NextGen Team Compete At World Cup

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Press Release: In May 2019, Caroline Buchanan crowned the two Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship recipients at the BMX National Championships, Shepparton, securing their tickets to attend and compete at the BMX World Championships in Belgium, July 2019. Today, the results are in.


Representing Australia in the 14-year-old girls' class and her first World Championship appearance, Abbey Richards (top-left) fearlessly launched herself into the world stage and was honoured to take home a silver trophy and secure her title of 2nd in the world. Abbey thanked her sponsors, friends and family for their support in her tremendous achievement.

“I really aspire to be an elite rider just like Caroline when I’m older.  Definitely very good, it felt good to be up there, especially in the top three.  Big achievement and I was really happy” – Abbey Richards.


With a no. 1 plate shining from the starting gate, Kira Hill (top-right) entered her second World Championships as the defending world champion representing Australia's 15-year-old girls' class. Battling her way through to the semi-final, Kira Hill did the Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship team proud in representing what the program is all about.

“The NextGen Scholarship definitely helps me to ride the sport that I love and make it to the world championship. But not only does she [Caroline Buchanan] help me with the funding, she definitely helps with encouraging me and helping me throughout the racing” – Kira Hill.


Equal to providing recipients with financial support to attend and compete at the BMX World Championships, the Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship recipients are also given the opportunity to enjoy and explore the location in which the big event is held in its respective year. Abbey Richards (left) soaked up the sun in Belgium, and Kira Hill (right) checked out the Louvre Pyramid in Paris.



Congratulations to all of Australia's BMX riders, and importantly, the riders' families and team managers for their effort in 2019. That's another year done and dusted, and next year's thrills are waiting just around the corner.

Are you or someone you know thinking of applying for the Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship?

Applications for the Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship program will open again in early 2020.

In the meantime, you can follow the Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship on Instagram so you don't miss the latest news and updates.

Follow them on Instagram @buchanannextgen

Angie Marino Episode 25 on Unclicked with Dennis Enarson

Monday, July 29, 2019
Angie Marino interviews with @dennisenarson

This week on Unclicked we have pro BMX rider Angie Marino. Angie is on the USA Olympic team for girl's BMX, she recently got on the Vans pro team, she runs a girl's bmx website called thebloombmx.com, and she has just been killing it and progressing so much. It was awesome to sit down and talk with her about all this and we also touch base on the controversy with X Games not giving women their own event in BMX.

Unclicked is available on Buzzsprout, Apple, Spotify to name a few, links below:

Alise Willoughby Wins Second BMX World Title

Photo: AlisePost11

Top 16 results from the 2019 BMX World Championships for Elite Women

3. ETIENNE Axelle

4. BAAUW Judy
5. MAIRE Camille
6. STANCIL Felicia
8. PAJON Mariana
9. REYNOLDS Lauren
10. HERNANDEZ Stefany
12. HUISMAN Ruby
14. SMULDERS Merel
15. SHRIEVER Bethany
16. CHRISTENSEN Simone Tetsche

2019 UCI BMX World Championships

Friday, July 26, 2019
Former World Champion Alise Post (USA) with a fresh kit just for Worlds!
The 2019 World Championships is already underway but this weekend is when the elite throwdown! Here are some things to know before diving into this weekend.

2019 UCI BMX World Championships
Track: Heulden Zolder BMX
Date: 23 Jul - 27 Jul 2019

"Famous for its motorsport race track Circuit Zolder, the municipality of Heusden-Zolder in the north-east of Belgium is also a renowned cycling venue.

Already hosts of a range of cycling events across all levels, it is now gearing up to welcome the UCI BMX World Championships, from July 23 to 27, at Circuit Zolder’s BMX track.

This UCI Bike City has hosted 17 UCI events and is using the upcoming UCI BMX World Championships to further motivate its population to get involved in cycling, not least by giving all inhabitants free access to the BMX complex thanks to a partnership between the municipality and Circuit Zolder." UCI

The Smulders Sisters! (Netherlands) Follow them on Instagram @SmuldersSisters

BMX Racing Olympic Qualification Women Ranking
The results of this race will determine the number of racers that each country can send to the 2020 Olympics, below is the top 20 nation rankings leading into the biggest race on the UCI BMX circuit.

1. Netherlands
2. United States of America
3. France
4. Australia
5. Brazil
6. New Zealand
7. Colombia
8. Russia
9. Denmark
10. Ecuador
11. Canada
12. Switzerland
13. Japan
14. Latvia
15. Great Britain
16. Belgium
17. Thailand
18. Germany
19. Czech Republic
20. Chile

Manon Valentino (France) has been killing it this year!

Mongoose Bikes Heritage Series: Nikita Ducarroz

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Swiss-American rider Nikita Ducarroz has long been a familiar face on top of the podium at the World’s biggest contests.

She’s also no stranger to the challenges faced by every pro rider; whether it’s filming videos, attending press events, constant traveling or simply just holding it down as a role model to younger riders, Nikita has always gone above and beyond.

The Mongoose ‘Heritage’ series is an intimate look behind the scenes into what makes these riders tick, their story of how they got here and a genuine insight into their lives off the bike too.

We caught Nikita for a few days in Switzerland in between two European contests and couldn't be more proud for her to debut our new series, produced by Human Creative / @HMNcreative

Vans Rebel Jam 2019

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Vans Rebel Jam 
An invitational BMX Street Contest at the Vans US Open of Surfing.

Location :
Huntington Beach, California


Friday, July 26 – Practice
10am - 5pm: Registration
10am – 1:30pm: Group A Practice
1:30pm: Riders Meeting
1:30pm - 5pm: Group B Practice
Practice groups will be published on Wednesday end of day
4pm: Scoring Test Run
5pm: Start List Posted

Saturday, July 27 – Contest
10am - 11:25am: Group A Practice
11:25am - 12:50pm: Group B Practice
1pm: Prelims

-Organized jam format (approximately 8 jams)
-4 rider jams, 15 mins each
-Riders take runs in order
-Ride until you fall, max 30 seconds
-Each rider to get equal amount of runs
-Judged on overall impression
-5 min warm-up in between each jam
-Top 12 advance to the Finals

4pm – 4:20pm: Bunny Hop Contest
4:25pm – 4:40pm: High Air Contest

Awards: Bunny Hop and High Air
Finals Start List Posted

Sunday, July 28 – Contest and Live Broadcast
10am: Open Practice
1pm: Finals
-Organized jam format (3 jams)
-4 rider jams, 15 mins each
-Riders take runs in order
-Ride until you fall, max 30 seconds
-Each rider to get equal amount of runs
-Judged on overall impression
-5 min warm-up in between each jam

2:30pm – 3pm: Open Best Trick – Obstacle TBD

Awards: Best Trick, Best Style, Hardest Trick, Most Creative, Top 3 Women’s, Top 3 Men’s

Make sure to follow #vansrebeljam!

Also, want a chance to ride the Vans Rebel Jam Park?! There will be three days of public sessions the following Monday - Wednesday after the contest. To ride the park, you must RSVP HERE.

Why the Women in BMX are saying "No Thanks" to X Games

Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Photo by Naoki Gaman

16 years ago in 2003, when Hannah Roberts (2017 UCI BMX Freestyle Women's World Champion) was 1 year old, women in BMX had their first clinic at X Games. It wasn't until 11 years later in 2014 that the first demo was announced.

"In 2014 the relationship began with “Practice sessions” they sometimes referred to as demos, but to be clear, in the most recent conversation according to X Games, they were officially practice sessions, started off with 4 women, on the street course at the same time with the men for a few hours. Every year I tried to push for an official event, got denied then pushed again for them to at least allow a few more women to attend and also for it to be moved to the park course and out of the men’s way." - Nina Buitrago

The demos were pretty makeshift at first, the ladies had to bring their own music for a while and even their own photographers. It wasn't until 2017 that the women were able to demo in front of a crowd and with an announcer, and just last year the production was even stepped up a notch, with more structure and even TV prep. The one thing I didn't mention at first though, was that every year since 2003, there's been a petition to have a Women's BMX medalling event at X Games, and every year including this one, we've been left disappointed.

Outside of X Games, in just the last two years we saw Women's BMX Freestyle added to the 2020 Olympics, Vans Pro Cup and the UCI both offering equal pay, and female BMX riders featured in ad campaigns including H&M, Old Navy, Red Bull, Jack Link's and countless others. Within the last two years, we also had two female world champions wear the coveted rainbow stripes, further demonstrating the growing talent available. Heck, in just a weekend covering the first FISE stop this year, over 124k people were reached according to our Facebook page stats, and that's just two girls with outdated MacBooks posting photos and scores - also did I mention Facebook?

Over the years, X Games has provided reasons for not holding a contest for the women, marketing value being one of the key elements. Are the guys going to have more viewership? YES... of course, they better be considering they've been a part of X Games since the first one in 1995. Like any new character added to a long-running show, you need to give it some time to grow. Ronda Rousey didn't make history with PPV buys until her 12th fight. The difference between Ronda Rousey starting out and Women in BMX? Aside from the obvious, we already have reputable competitions backing women's BMX, and the ladies are coming in hot with a large following. Check out the combined reach of some of the ladies competing today made by Angie Marino.

There were other reasons given that don't quite measure up, like time, scheduling, and budgets. Considering the climate we're in today, it's shocking that X Games has failed to stay current, and if they stay the course, very soon if not already, they're going to be left behind. Sources have told us that the women even gave up their offered appearance fees this year, just so that X Games could have the budget to put a prize purse together and run a real contest. Despite trying to solve the budget issue, a demo was offered again this year ...  which begs the question, what happened to that time and scheduling issue?

"With the Olympics less than 1 year way, it actually is asking too much for everyone to pay their own way out from 10 different countries for a demo." - Nina Buitrago

This is a prime time to be investing in women's sports, especially in BMX with the Olympics coming up and countless projects in the works, with women in mind. Check out and download this Nielsen Sports research project highlighting the untapped potential and new commercial opportunities in women's sports.

In the past few days, the amount of support we've seen from YOU has been amazing! However, what caught my attention was a few people who supported us, but used the word bandwagon. Although I understand where this is coming from, one thing has to be understood. The movement we're making here isn't just for the current generation of women in BMX, it's for the next generation too.

To X Games, we do appreciate the years you provided the women the opportunity to demo,  but we respectively have to decline now. We look forward to the day when the women are offered the opportunity to compete at X Games. 

  • Post a photo of you riding, tag @xgames, @thebloombmx and put out your opinion.
  • Tag media, bike stores, bike parks, etc, to get our story out to the masses. Outlets like @nytimes @la_times @telemundo @cbc.sports @nbcsports @theellenshow @thegrahamnortonshow etc
  • Share this post, spread the word.

Talking About Mental Health through MindTricks

Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Photo: Angie Marino

Talking about your feelings is still hard, despite the messages we're getting that it's OK to say you're not OK.  With athletes especially, I think it does the community good when you know someone who is going through the same motions as you. As you're reading this casual conversation I had with Nikita about the new company she co-founded with Pat Kelly, I hope this gives you the strength to share your stories too. To learn more about MindTricks, keep reading below.

What is MindTricks?

So last week I posted something on my Instagram that outed some struggles (mental health-related) that I went through last summer. My good friend saw it and asked if I knew of any resources in action sports related to mental health. I hadn't, and that sparked a conversation between us to potentially start something.

Bottom line, we don't talk about mental health enough. So the idea behind it was let's make a page where we can do posts of athletes sharing their personal stories. To get the conversation going, to reduce the stigma around it, and to hopefully inspire others who might read a story similar to theirs and let them know they are not alone.

Let’s talk #MentalHealth 🧠⁣ ⁣ About this time last year I was holed up in my room.⁣ ⁣ I was pretty sure at that point that this was it.⁣ ⁣ From the outside looking in, it appeared I was living the dream. Winning contests. Traveling the world. And I was.⁣ ⁣ But I was also fighting the silent killer that was eating away at me every day. Constant panic attacks. Unexplained pain. Mood swings. Pure hopelessness that nothing would ever get better and my life was over. ⁣ ⁣ My team didn’t give up on me. And helped me out of that hole even when I thought I couldn’t be helped. I owe them everything for that. ⁣ ⁣ It’s nearing that time again, which makes me nervous. Who knows what will happen in the future. Who knows if it will come back. But for now we just have to live day by day and trust the process. And talk about it. As much as possible.⁣ ⁣ Even those “living the dream” are human. And mental health shouldn’t be a sensitive subject. #endthestigma #whatyoudontsee #anxiety #depression #actionsports #BMX #Olympics
A post shared by Nikita Ducarroz BMX (@nikita.ducarroz) on

Why do you think mental health is so hard to talk about?

I feel like it has to do with the fact that we can't see it. A broken leg is easy to explain. You can physically show it to someone and they don't doubt you. But when we're talking about internal things, it's harder for people to understand. A personal example is that on the outside I always appeared pretty outgoing and "normal". No one would believe that in order for me to get to the skate park that day, my parents had to borrow an RV so that I felt like I was taking my house with me.

And so now, because of the stigma around it, it discourages people from talking about it. Me included. I'm scared to tell people sometimes because it might make me less of a person or less capable.

And I think also because sometimes there isn't a concrete explanation for it. When you break your leg, you're like "oh I feel and my leg snapped". But with mental health, sometimes you have no idea why you are feeling the way you do. Sometimes there isn't a set situation that happens, it just starts. And then you're sitting there thinking, there's nothing wrong, why do I feel like this. And that makes it worse.

So then, what was your motivation to open up? I mean that’s really scary, especially given the stigma today. Also, what happened when you did open up? Did your fears/ negative expectations become reality?

I think I first opened up in a video I did for a HS project so I was about 14. The response has always been good but for some reason, there is still that bit of fear especially when thinking about opening up to people who you feel are counting on you. You just never really know how people will react. And sometimes it’s just a matter of them, not understanding.

Inspire isn’t the right word, but who inspired you/ gave you that green light to say, "hey it’s ok, to be honest about what’s going on"? I guess for lack of words did you have someone that pioneered the way of sharing vulnerabilities? Mine personally was seeing Drew B being raw and real during his RedBull FMB vlogs. Or actually, reading Ronda Rousey's book was an eye-opener if were picking any athlete

I honestly don’t really remember anything specific. I was pretty young and I feel like social media wasn’t as huge then. It just sort of happened. And once I opened up that one time, it just got easier and easier AND I saw how many others struggled as well.  Even today, I think my anxiety is so much less in situations when the person I am with knows. I feel less pressure about having to hide it.

Co Founder: Pat Kelly

You’ve for sure come a long way and on a personal level, I’m proud of your progression. So let’s talk about MindTricks, super clever name and play on words. What can we expect? And who can we expect to see share their stories?

Thanks! Yeah, my cousin, Val came up with it while I was trying to find a name and we loved it right away. As far as content, the idea is just to do a few posts a week where athletes share their stories. I don’t want to name anyone until it’s posted but the response from the community including a lot of top pro riders has been amazing and I’m excited to share it with everyone!!

That’s awesome, I was checking out your form and I like that an athlete can potentially submit the story totally anonymously! Other than Instagram is MindTricks on any other platforms?

Just Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for now. But everything will be posted through Instagram.

Want to share your story? Submit one here and give MindTricks a follow on Instagram!

Natalya Diehm Bike Check

Friday, July 12, 2019

Frame: Colony Sweet Tooth (20.4)

Fork: Colony Sweet Tooth 

Bars: Colony Tenacious (cut down to 28” wide)
Stem: Colony square back top loader stem 
Grips: Colony Mushroom 
Seat: Colony AH seat and seat post combo
Pedals: Snafu Anorexic pro 
Cranks: Colony 22’s (170mm) 
Sprocket: Colony Blaster 
Front Tire: Maxxis Grifter (20x2.1)
Front Wheel: Colony Contour rim laced onto a Colony Wasp hub 
Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter (20x1.85)
Rear Wheel: Colony Contour rim laced onto a Colony Wasp hub 
Pegs: Colony anyway (with new alloy cores) 

Special Notes: Definitely wanted to try and lighten my bike up compared to my last so I have proper female titanium bolts for the front and rear wheels, titanium spokes with alloy nipples and titanium stem bolts. I also swapped the internals of my hubs to the alloy colony racing ones but keep an eye out for the new Colony Lite Hubs as they may be the lightest on the market once released! I haven’t done an accurate weigh in but it’s around 9.5 to 10kg, 2kg lighter than my recent bike I gave away!!

Spotlight: Payton P-Nut Ridenour

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
USA Cycling announced very recently the athletes that will be representing the U.S. National Team at the 2019 UCI BMX Racing World Championships in Zolder Belgium, on July 27th. We'd like to congratulate Payton Ridenour for being one of the 4 junior women selected to represent the USA! To learn more about Payton P-Nut Ridenour, check out the interview we did with her below!

How were you introduced to BMX racing?

I was introduced to BMX when I was five years old through my dad. He used to race when he was younger, and one day he brought me to the track and I’ve loved it ever since!

Who are your sponsors, and what’s one product you love from each?

My sponsors include Haro, Cliq, Dale Holmes Racing, 100%, WD40, 3dyn Composites Inc, ODI, Tioga, Box, and EVS Sports.

One product that I like from WD40 is the bike wash, which I use every time I clean my bike. My favorite product ODI makes are the Strength for 91 bar-ends for Sam Willoughby. All of the proceeds when purchasing the bar-ends goes directly to Sam and helps fund his road to recovery. As for protective gear, I wear the ballistic jersey by EVS under my race attire. I have been wearing this chest protector the majority of my racing career and it has protected me from some gnarly crashes!

Strength For 91

So I was looking through your Instagram and was like, oh cool she’s from Chula - which is my goal to go to one day, and you’ve also been to Wheel Mill which is on the other side of the country. How much traveling do you do in a season, and is it based on any particular races, or Redbull pump track stops?

Actually, I only go out to Chula about three times a year. I’m from Pottstown, Pennsylvania and live about five hours from the Wheelmill which is in Pittsburgh, but I don’t ride there too often during the winters. It’s definitely a struggle to ride during the cold and snowy winters in Pennsylvania, but it gives me the break I need after long seasons of racing. Plus, I can focus on more technique in the gym and endurance on the rollers in the offseason. My seasons typically go from March to November based around USA BMX junior women races. In between these races I try to fit in extra types of riding like trails, mountain biking, and racing the Red Bull Pump Track Worlds Qualifier. My schedule is pretty packed with racing and I travel all over the U.S. for it, and I’m looking to do some international races next year. Wherever I am, pretty much every weekend I’m spending time on my bike.

One product that I like from WD40 is the bike wash, which I use every time I clean my bike.

In your career so far what’s been the highlight of your time competing and can you share a time where you struggled - how did you deal with it?

Throughout my amateur career, I’ve won a total of seven National Age Group titles. However, the sweetest victory was by far last year at the Grand Nationals when I won the National #1 Amateur Girl. There was no better way to top off an amazing season other than to win the biggest title of my amateur career! Through all the highs, however, there have been some lows. Not everyone can win all the time, so there are times when you get beat. What I’ve learned through those times is that losing happens to the best of us, and in order to be the best you need to believe in yourself and most importantly have fun!

You’re so smooth, especially over jumps. Any advice for people struggling with getting off the ground?

For people who are struggling to get off the ground, my best advice would be to start small and slowly work your way up. You can start with anything as small as jumping off a curb and eventually jump something bigger like a jump on the track. Like with anything, practice makes you better and helps you learn!

Something I always wondered, when you win that big trophy at Grands (referring to the one you won in 2018)… how did you get that on the plane and back home?

Every year since 2010 I’ve brought trophies home from the Grands with me. Since we run the pits for the team, my mom, dad, and I always drive to the Grands every year in our truck, so it’s definitely easier to get the trophies home that way. We usually break down the trophies a little bit and they’re pretty easy to pack up.

During a normal week, where you don’t have to travel or compete on the weekend, what’s that week like for you?

A normal training week for me consists of going to the gym (I actually have a personal gym in my garage) three times a week, doing sprints three times a week, and going to the track three times a week. As for riding, I’ll mainly ride the local track close to me and a small track my dad and I build and maintain in my backyard (it’s a lot of work haha!) As for other types of riding, I’ll ride trails at Catty Woods and mountain bike occasionally with my dad.

What do you focus on in the gym?

I mainly focus on fast and explosive movements in the gym since each lap is only about 40 seconds of 100% pure energy.

You’ve been all over the country to compete, what are your top 5 favorite tracks and why?

One part I love about BMX is all the cool places I get to travel to and all of the people I meet along the way! My top five favorite tracks (in no particular order) are the Beijing Olympic Replica supercross track in Chula Vista, California, Egg Harbor, New Jersey, 2015 outdoor Louisville, Kentucky, 2015 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Nashville, Tennessee. These tracks are my favorite because there’s a lot of jumping on all of them. They’re all either fast downhill tracks or really technical (or a little bit of both)! These tracks are the most fun tracks I’ve ever ridden and I always look forward to racing on them!

Redbull Pump Track looks so sick, how were you introduced and how have you been doing?

I’ve ridden the pump track at the Wheelmill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a few times and when I went down to Nationals in Rock Hill, South Carolina this year we stopped at the Velosolutions pump track at George Poston Park. I actually felt pretty fast on it and felt like I would have a pretty good chance if I tried out for RedBull pump (since I saw the series last year). There was only one qualifier announced in the U.S. at the time in Leavenworth, Washington so I booked my ticket out there. It was a whole different environment and the town that the pump track was in is one of the coolest places I have ever visited! At the qualifier, I ended up winning the final and snagged my ticket to the pump track worlds in October in Switzerland! I’m beyond stoked to go later this year!

Have you been star-struck yet? You get to train at one of the most famous facilities in the world, being surrounded by the most talented racers out there. Who do you look up to with so much talent to choose from, and is there someone who motivates you on the track to work a little harder?

I only go out to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California about three times a year, but every time I go out there it’s such a blast! It’s definitely cool being surrounded by such talented and successful riders from all over the world. Someone who I look up to and inspires me the most is Alise Willoughby. In my opinion, she’s one of the greatest of all time, and she shows that even though she’s one of the best she never stops working hard to keep being the best. Another huge inspiration of mine is Arielle Martin. She’s my coach, my friend, and even better, a supporter of all my dreams!

What’s your plan or goal for this year, and especially next year with Worlds in Houston?

My main goal for this year is to race junior women at the World Championships in Zolder, Belgium! I earned the top spot in the U.S. to head out there at the end of July and get a shot at achieving World #1! For next year, I’m looking forward to racing Worlds again as a junior on home soil in Houston, Texas!

Where is Payton in 5 years, is she still racing?

Awwww yeahhh!!! In five years, I will still be racing and putting another stamp on my dream of going to the 2024 Olympics in Paris!

Bike Check

Frame: Haro Citizen
Fork: Cliq
Bars: Cliq
Stem: Cliq
Grips: ODI
Seatpost: Box
Seat: Box
Cranks: Cliq
Sprocket: Box
Front Tire: Tioga Fastrs
Front Wheel: Box/ Onyx hubs
Rear Tire: Tioga Fastrs
Rear Wheel: Box/ Onyx hubs

National BMX Racing Championship Results

Monday, July 8, 2019

This past weekend around the world, some countries were having their National BMX Racing Championships. Results of the Elite Women can be found below.

Danish National Championship - Copenhagen - 06 Jul 2019
1. Christensen Simone Tetsche
2. Bale Dorte

Latvian National Championship - Valmiera - 06 Jul 2019
1. Peterson Vineta
2 Deicmane Maggie Agate
DNF Vanesa Buldinska

Dutch National BMX Racing Championship - Erp , Netherlands - 06 Jul 2019
1. Laura Smulders
2. Judy Baauw
3. Merle Smulders
4. Merle van Benthem
5. Manon Veenstra
6. Danielle Vrenegoor

Japanese National Championship - Haji Dam, Akitakada City, Hiroshima - 06 Jul 2019
1. Kanami Tanno
2. Haruka Seko
3. Ayaka Ashaina

Canadian National Championship BMX Racing - Toronto, Ontario - 06 Jul 2019
1. Drew Mechielsen
2. Daina Tuchscherer
3. Avriana Hebert
4. Cayleigh Van Staalduinen

Colombian National Championship BMX Racing - Ubate - Cundinamarca - 06 Jul 2019
1. Mariana Pajon
2. Gabriela Bolle Carrillo
3. Maria Camila Restrepo
4. Andrea Escobar Yepes
5. Laura Tatiana Urban Ordonez
6. Valentina Villegas Chestnut
7. Maria Camila Londono Valencia
8. Melissa Vargas Velasquez

British National Championship - Knightswood, Glasgow - 06 Jul 2019
1. Bethany Shriever

Ukrainian National Championship - Kupyansk - 01 Jul 2019
1. Daria Kylichenko
2. Anastasiia Bernatska
3. Anastassia Lysak
4. Anastasiya Galych

C1 results BMX Racing June 28 Weekend

Monday, July 1, 2019
@Erin Lockwood

Race results from a couple different C1 events around the world, courtesy of the UCI BMX Supercross page.

C1 BMX Race results. 3 Trofeo Vecomp - Verona - Italy 30 Jun 2019

Elite Women:
1 777 Mayor Camille Fra 60 points
2 14 Donzallaz Eloise Sui 45
540 LACK Saskja SUI DNS

C1 National BMX RACE Series - Round 4 - Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia - 29 Jun 2019

Elite Women:
1 741 LOCKWOOD Erin AUS 60
2 660 GASKIN Rachel AUS 45
3 512 THOMAS Gemma-Lee AUS 40

Global BMX International Pro Spectacular - Day 1 - Global BMX Track Curacao - 28 June 2019

Elite Women Friday:
1 HOWELL Shanayah ARU 60 points

Global BMX International Pro Spectacular - Day 2 - Global BMX Track Curacao - 29 June 2019

Elite Women Saturday:
1 HOWELL Shanayah ARU 60 points