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  • Spotlight: Jessie Smith 2019 Junior World Champ

    Beatrice January 14, 2020

    Could you give the fans some history of how you were introduced to BMX? I was first introduced by family friends! My family is quite big, 3 siblings and a mum and dad who were all heavily involved in sport. We played field hockey and…

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  • Hangtime The Podcast Interviews The Bloom BMX

    Beatrice January 12, 2020

    Photo by Naoki Gaman We recently had the honor of chatting with a fellow female biker about our roots, The Bloom BMX, our plans for the future and more. Hangtime is a podcast about rad people on bikes by @steezyrach. Available on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher,…

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  • Rad Girls Cut 2019 – Flatland Edit

    Beatrice January 9, 2020

    Rad Girls: I proudly present to you the 2019 Rad Girls all-female flatland BMX video edit. For the past 8 years I’ve been doing these edits. Every year I try my hardest to put something together that can represent such a scene. It’s always an…

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  • Video : Anahi Valentina

    Angie Marie January 8, 2020

    Este es un documental en el que conoceremos un poco más acerca de las Chicas Bmx, Anahi Valentina tiene 22 años y es la primera mujer en Ecuador en realizar un Backflip (giro hacia atrás), ademas nos comparte varios puntos de vista acerca de lo…

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  • The Winter Welcome Jam – Lady Shredder Award!

    Beatrice January 7, 2020

    In collaboration with The Winter Welcome Jam and the Bloom BMX, we will be giving away $150 to the female shredding the hardest and entering the most categories during the Winter Welcome Jam, will this be you!? Enter as many of the events during The…

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