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Last session at Rush skatepark with the girls


Featuring Michelle Sikorska, Kayley Ashworth, Christi Lou, Joanna Banks, Roo, and Kara Bruce, the ladies had one last session at Rush Skatepark before the closure. Check it out below.

Rush skatepark had to unfortunately close its doors on the 30th of August. This is due to the council being really inconsiderate and not prolonging the lease after the pandemic, during which rush could not have been open and couldn’t generate money in order to find a new building. The estate in which rush once was is now being turned into yet more houses and through this Gloucestershire has been stripped of its only indoor skatepark. If you want to help us regain an indoor park please go to https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/skatepark and donate even as little as £1. Anything helps in this case.

2022 UCI BMX Freestyle Calendar


Here is the 2022 UCI calendar for BMX Freestyle and Flatland thus far. Come back for updates and head over to uci.org for full details and registration.

  • Freestyle Park & Flatland World Cup | 25 Mar – 27 Mar 2022 in Hiroshima, Japan (CDM)
  • Oceania Continental Championships | 10 Apr 2022 in Logan, AUS (CC)
  • Freestyle Park & Flatland World Cup | 25 May – 29 May 2022 in Montpelier, FRA (CDM)
  • Freestyle Park World Cup | 03 Jun – 05 Jun 2022 in Osijek, CRO (CDM)
  • Pannonian Challenge | 15 Jun – 19 Jun 2022 in Osijek, CRO (C1)
  • European Continental Championships | 11 Aug – 13 Aug 2022 in Munich, Germany (CC)
  • El Salvador National Championship | 17 Sep – 18 Sep 2022 in San Salvador, El Salvador (CN)
  • Slovak National Championship | 08 Oct 2022 in Šurany, Slovakia (CN)
  • Australian National Championships | 10 Dec – 11 Dec 2022 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (CN)

Photo by Naoki Gaman

Japanese Flatland Championship Results


Check out the results from the third annual Japanese BMX Flatland Championships. Congratulations to Kirara Nakagawa for taking home gold in Women’s Elite and for dethroning Mitsusaki Ishizaki, who was the Japanese Champ for the last two years.

Elite Women
🥇 Kirara Nakagawa
🥈 Seima Ito 
🥉 Maria Inoue

Girls Hi
🥇 Yui Kiyomune
🥈 Azusa Todaka
🥉 Sariya Kajiwara

Girls Lo
🥇 Hatsune Kamoshida
🥈 Kokoa Koga
🥉 Nanami Kamoshida

Kirara Nakagawa on her performance:

“I’m happy to be in first place. But I’m disappointed that I couldn’t decide the technique I wanted to do the most at the end. I want to practice hard so that I can make up in the next tournament. Last time there was no opponent to fight, but this time everyone I was very happy to be able to fight with him.”

Photos by Naoki Gaman / Japan Cycling Federation

Watch the full competition.

Mind Tricks X Red Bull


Last weekend, Mind Tricks and Red Bull held a private event celebrating mental health. The event was beautifully styled by Styles of MH and had calming hues of peach and nudes. It was a day to share stories, experiences, and normalizing the discussion of mental health. Amongst the guests included athletes, creators, and other artists. Nikita – the founder of Mind Tricks, has been a huge advocate for normalizing the discussion and transparency of mental health through her platform Mind Tricks.

“My heart feels so full after spending the day with some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met, practicing mindfulness and vulnerability with each other as we shared stories of dealing with mental health in our various lives and careers. We were all so different, yet so much the same.So many takeaways from yesterday butter first one I’d like to focus on is community. I learned so much from this group, some I was meeting for the first time, others athletes I have looked up to for a long time. I learned they’re just like me. There is no straight, easy path. And together, when we create a support group to be there when the darkness hits, to be ok with not always being ok, and to lift each other back up. Thank you @redbull @m1ndtricks and @mentl.sesh” – Nikita Ducarroz

Nikita credits BMX for saving her life in a recent Red Bull article, you can find that here.

Cory Coffey Takeover!


@misscorycoffey has hacked into our account for the last stop of the Urban World Series in Madrid! Head over the our instagram page to follow!

Madrid Urban Sports – October 7th – 10th 2021 (UCI C1 and CN Event)
Location: Central Park (Black Esplanade)

Competition Format
Open Qualifier: 2 rounds 1 min
Semifinals: 2 rounds 1 min
Final: 2 rounds 1 min

UCI C1 Prize Purse – Equal for Men & Women
1. 2000
2. 1000
3. 600
4. 400

Photo by Naoki Gaman

Panama City Results


From Astrid Herrera:

In Panama, the community of BMX Girls is growing and we are glad to say we had the first competition of BMX girls last Sunday, October 3rd.

The contest was held at Cinta Costera 3 Skatepark in Panama City, Panama. Here are your podium results:

🥇 Astrid Marina Herrera – Panama
🥈 Bielka Sanchez – Nicaragua
🥉 Sydney Luo – Panama

The winner of the kids competition was Mia Villarreal from Panama.