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FU10 – Decade Toronto


International Bike Show 2014

The Canadian Freestyle Organization came together 10 years ago after flatlandBMX was cut from the Toronto International Bike Show.  The 10th year for the contest has been announced.  For details on the contest follow the Canadian Freestyle Organization page on facebook.  
Last year Rebecca Pergentile and Paula Callery were there representing the girl flatland scene.  There will be amazing riding from professionals riders who fly in for this contest from around the world.
Click here for more information on the BMXjam  taking place at the same venue with a ladies BMX class.  If you are coming make sure to say hi to MagnoliaBMX we will be there and show your support for the lady riders competing.

2014 Toronto BMX Jam


The 2014 Toronto BMX Jam will be held at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Friday February 28 (Senior Amateur and Expert) from noon until 9:00pm, and again Saturday March 1 (Junior Amateur, Ladies and Pros) from 10:00 am until 7:00pm. The finals in all 5 categories will take place on Sunday March 2.

The registration cost will be $50 in advance, or $60 on site. If paying onsite, please make sure you pre register by contacting Mike Heaton, space is limited. You can now register in advance by buying a “ticket” via Eventbrite.

Magnolia BMX will not be involved with the 2014 Toronto BMX Jam, but I’ll definitely be there to cheer the ladies on!

Behind The Scenes And Outtakes By Fat Tony


Huge thanks to Fat Tony for this sweet behind the scenes look at the 2014 Flatland Calendar shoot! Remember, these calendars are free with any purchase at Flatland Fuel: http://flatlandfuel.com/

To see some outtakes, head over to http://www.global-flat.com/c/a-2014-flatland-calendar-behind-the-scenes-and-outtakes-by-fat-tony-bmx-flatland-interview-233.html



Check out this short film by Chris Rollins, starting Natalie and Morgan Wade. He’s also responsible for our awesome how-to videos year’s back. I’m a sucker for good music and quality films, enjoy it.

Free 2014 Flatland BMX Calendar Now Available at Flatland Fuel


PRESS RELEASE: For the sixth year in a row Flatland Fuel and Fat Tony are proud to present an exclusive Flatland BMX Calendar. The 12-month 2014 wall calendar features 15 original flatland photos of riders from seven countries shot all around the world. Each month showcases a different rider in a unique location including Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, and the U.S. In addition to the twelve months, there is also a bonus poster so you can keep flatland on your wall even after 2014 has passed. As the only calendar of its kind, the 2014 Flatland BMX Calendar is a must-have for flatland riders worldwide.

The best part is the 2014 Flatland Calendar is absolutely FREE when you place an order with Flatland Fuel! (While supplies last.)

Click here to see a preview of the 2014 Flatland Calendar!

Riders Include: Alex Jumelin, Alexis Desolneux, Bobby Carter, Bryan Ledbetter, Chad DeGroot, Dominik Nekonly, James McGraw, Matthias Dandois, Michael Steingraeber, Rebecca Pergentile, Terry Adams, Todd Carter, Tyler Gilliard, Viki Gomez, and Yohei Uchino.

The 2014 Flatland BMX Calendar is proudly co-sponsored by Flatland Fuel, Vans, Mankind, Heresy, Profile Racing, Deco, Magnolia BMX, Airtype Clothing, Diversion TV, Am Flatland Circuit, London Bikes, and Freegun Underwear. A huge thanks goes out to each company who helped make the calendar possible. It is support from companies like them that keeps flatland growing!