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Getting to know BMX Racer Amanda Carr


Although American born, Amanda holds a dual USA and Thai citizenship because her mother. In 2013, Amanda became a member of the Thai Cycling Association and the Thailand BMX National Team, giving her the opportunity to participate in the development of BMX in Thailand, throughout Asia and to compete around the world in all UCI BMX World Cup Supercross races, BMX World Championships and other UCI sanctioned events, earning nation ranking qualification points for Thailand. Check out this little interview we did with Amanda Carr below.

What are some characteristics you find that differs American to Thai racers? 
Well BMX is less than 5 years old in Thailand, as oppose to America where we have tracks celebrating their 40th year anniversary! But honestly, the characteristics of American vs Thai racers isn’t much different, just a bunch of people who are fanatic about bicycles. Of course the culture is totally different, but for the most part a person on a BMX bike on a BMX track have the same goals, jump big jumps and be the first to the finish line 🙂

Where in the world would she (you) recommend a B.M.X. rider to live, who wants to proceed their dreams and get the best competition and exposure? Thanks – Jamie Brierley
Personally I would recommend USA, there is no other country in the world that has over 400 tracks with so many different series one can compete in, like District/State/Regional/National quiet like USA BMX. USA BMX Riders are so fortunate that we have the luxury to literally CHOOSE how serious we want to be about our sport, if you want to race only State Races go for it, or if you want to qualify for the World Championships go for it, it’s your dream and USA BMX allows you to focus on what you want to.

What does your typical day look like? – Nikita Duccaroz
Haha, this is always a great question. Depends on where in the world I am 🙂 If I’m at home in Florida I usually have 2 workouts each day, some days consisting of driving 45min each way to my Coach. Also, I am serving my 3rd year as Charlotte BMX Track President so I spend about 1-2hrs each day doing something either manually or office work related with that, I really enjoy this!

If I’m traveling, to a SX Race it usually goes like this Tues-Travel Wed-arrive/pack/stretch/light physical activity Thurs-Practice Fri-Qualification Race Sat- Race Sun-Fly Home.

If I’m in Thailand well depends on what I’m there for, if I’m there for a BMX Event it’s usually a lot of media, business, and BMX Track visits. If I’m in Thailand visiting family, I’m always doing something that seems primal each day whether is catching frogs in the rice fields or fishing with a bamboo stick haha! Regardless of where I’m at, I’m usually on the go if I’m not on the go I’m sleeping 🙂 I always have something on my schedule I enjoy being on the move.

I didn’t tune into the UCI BMX Supercross in Manchester, but from the twitter updates something happened. Are you ok? What’s a big event like this like and did you meet your expectations?
Manchester was okay, I fell the first round which set me back with 8 points and then laps 2 & 3 just didn’t seem to get any better. My body is fine, just mentally I am super hard on myself so there’s always room to improve. A big event like a Supercross is more mentally taxing than physically in my opinion. I mean at this level we all have the physical capabilities to succeed, so it really leaves the mental state at the steering wheel. It’s hard to explain the magnitude of a 8m/26ft BMX Start ramp with 35+ft gaps down the first straightaway unless you’ve ACTUALLY been to a SX Race, video and pictures don’t justify the size of what SX Riders are competing on. Did I meet my expectations, no, but I rarely do because I set them so high. My goals will forever be evolving.

What’s the best and worse thing about being a professional BMX racer?
Best thing about being a Professional BMX Racer, I would have to say is the traveling. I talk to my friends and family and they always remind me of how fortunate I am to be able to travel the world!
Worst thing: people always asking, “So can you do a backflip?!” 😉



We grew up in a world, where “follow your dreams” was limited to Disney movies and motivational posters, but rarely from our own parents. Even with two young boys, life and responsibilities, Adam and Rebecca Pergentile still make time to do Flatland demos and motivational talks, sharing their passion and inspiring others. If you’re interested in booking them for a demo, head over to our contact page!


Yo! What’re your plans for June 29 – July 5!? How about you come hang out with Perris Benegas for Girl’s Week at Woodward Tahoe.

Fellas, you are also welcome to come ride and join the fun.

Again, week 3, June 29 – July 5. MARK YOUR CALENDARS it’s going to be a blast!

Rooting for Amelia Walsh!


We’re so proud of our girl Amelia Walsh for killing it at the UCI BMX SX WorldCup in Papendal (NED). With the crap she went through in the beginning of the year, it’s inspiring to see her triumphant comeback. Amelia qualified 13th and finished 24th out of 32, among the best ladies in the world. Amelia was also the only female Candian representative in the elite women’s class.  Great job Amelia!! To watch the men’s and women’s finals click here http://www.bmxlive.tv/#!/vid/5unb0yn1kcbj 

Queensland’s Female Freestyle BMX

This is seriously THE BEST competition video that I’ve ever seen between two ladies. Check out Peta Shepherd and Natalya Diehm go head to head at the Queensland’s Female Freestyle BMX comp.

Train with an Olympic Coach! #CAMPCOOLS


New or looking to improve, what more could you ask but to train with a World and Olympic BMX Racing coach? Coach Ken Cools has coached 5 UCI Elite World Champions, over 40 challenge World Champions, 5 ABA (American Bicycle Association) Pro Champions and a silver medalist at the 2012 London Olympics (Sarah Walker). Don’t miss out on an amazing camp this summer, with Coach Ken Cools!

2014 CAMPCOOLS Summer Camps are really starting to take shape, there will be more details to come, but this is what has been confirmed:

Red Deer Alberta – August 7-10, 2014
Trainers: Red Deer Trainers will be mostly National Team athletes, Past CampCools trainers from Alberta and Adam Muys

GAN BMX – August 12-15, 2014
600 King Street Gananoque, ON K7G 1H3
Trainers: Gananoque Trainers will be Corey Walsh, Amelia Walsh and Robert de Wilde

Registration will be done through the clubs. Both camps above will be at a cost of $300 per rider for the 4 days of training with Coach Ken Cools as the head trainer. Hit up the pre-sign list and grab your spot!

*This article will be updated as more information becomes available*



We’re excited to announce a few changes to our current team of nearly 10 years. For nearly a decade, Samantha Lyons and Natalie Wade have been supporting the Magnolia BMX Brand and have been wonderful role models for young aspiring riders. Samantha and Natalie will be moving to our veteran’s team, allowing two new riders the opportunity to join our family.

The two new riders include Canadian racer Amelia Walsh and Park/Street rider Perris Benegas. Amelia Walsh is a Canadian National BMX race team member, where she trains, eats and breaths BMX every single day. We will be doing what we can to support her journey to the 2016 Olympics and will be joining her current list of sponsors including Clif Bar, Deft Family, Yess BMX, Troy Lee Designs and Joyride 150 to name a few.

If Magnolia BMX became a person, we picture her to be like Perris Benegas. Humble, positive and always smiling, Perris has 7 years of riding experience and even placed first at her very first competition at the Toronto BMX Jam. As of late, Perris has been picking up a lot of positive attention from her edit in January, and her recent one “Catching up with Perris Benegas”. Naturally, we felt that she would be a perfect addition to the team.

Amelia and Perris will be joining our core team, which currently includes Peta Shepherd, Rebecca Pergentile, Monika Hinz and Miyuki Dezaki. Check us out for future updates over at www.magnoliabmx.org