RADshare 2023 – June 17 Richmond, VA

Only 22 days left until @radshare - June 17 ! Bloom Jam is back. Click for details!

Mylee Toohey Interview

The future of Women's BMX Freestyle is bright, meet 15 year old Mylee Toohey from Canberra, Australia.

FISE Montpellier 23 – Women’s BMX Freestyle Semi Highlights

Here are some behind the scene clips from the first day of practice and highlights from the FISE Montpellier Women's BMX Freestyle semi.

周惠敏 Zhou Hui Min Interview

A rising star in Women's BMX Freestyle, learn more about Chinese rider Zhou Hui Min.

FISE MONTPELLIER 2023 – Qualifying Results

Qualification Results from FISE Montpellier 2023


Heats for Fise Montpellier 2023

FISE Montpellier 2023 – Course Preview and Practice Times

The Bloom BMX is back in Montpellier, France! Here is the heats and schedule for Women's Freestyle Park World Cup.

Kaci Halahan Interview

Get to know 10-year-old and Fit Bike Co / Misfit BMX rider Kaci Halahan from Pittsburg, PA!