• Thowback to Every Pedal With You

    Beatrice April 13, 2021

    In 2015 Corrine Walder released a documentary where she followed Alise Post and Sam Willoughby over a span of a year, documenting the journey, including the highs and lows in racing at the elite level.  Every Pedal with You  is available for purchase on most online platforms, including Youtube. An emotive documentary filmed over the course of twelve months, on two unique athletes and their individual stories on and off the…

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  • Throwback to SISTER SESSION: Girls in BMX

    Beatrice April 6, 2021

    In 2013, this short film was first released at the Bicycle Film Festival, documenting the women competing at Simple Session and the behind-the-scenes. Long were the days when Sister Session was a thing, but once things get back to normal around the world, we hope…

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  • 2021 Women’s Weekend at Ray’s MTB

    Beatrice February 15, 2021

    Relive Women’s Weekend at Rays MTB through this latest video pulled together by Brant Moore! An amazing event for the women of the bicycling world, Women’s Weekend at Ray’s MTB has been an annual event for 14 years that brings women and girls from across…

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  • Nikita on Vital and chatting about Mental Health

    Beatrice January 29, 2021

    January 28th, 2021 was #bellletstalk day in Canada, and so Nikita and myself went live on Instagram, where we had a chat about mental health. It’s a topic that we’re both passionate about and it also gave birth to Nikita’s mental health initiative MindTricks. Check…

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  • Beyond the Ordinary: Lara Lessmann & Friends shredding Berlin

    Angie Marie January 28, 2021

    Many people know Lara Lessmann as a BMX Freestyle athlete in the German national squad and therefore she focuses mainly on training for international competitions and recently especially for the Olympic Games. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the cancelled contests, there were some changes…

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  • Rad Girls 2020 Flatland Edit

    Beatrice January 23, 2021

      “2020 was a tough year to say the least. But, in the chaos and fallout that we are still experiencing we have a lot to be grateful for. Just stop for a moment, each day, and give pause. Be mindful of your surroundings, and…

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  • The Better Days 20″20″

    Angie Marie January 12, 2021

    “I did a Roadtrip through France, Spain and Portugal in September and October 2020. On my way I had the chance to ride many incredible spots. When Alessandro Izzo joined me, we started to film some clips and this is what came out of it.…

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