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Quick Questions with Malene Kejlstrup Sørensen

Learn about this BMX racer from Denmark through a series of quick questions. Say hello to Malene Kejlstrup Sørensen!

Quick Questions with Natalya Diehm

Car Karaoke, food and a hatred for spiders, see what you have in common with Australian BMX Freestyle rider Natalya Diehm.

Quick Questions with Nene Naito

Learn about Japanese BMX Freestyle rider Nene Naito, through a series of Quick Questions on The Bloom BMX!

Quick Questions with Bethany Hedrick

Frogs, Dolls and Guac, find out what this has to do with USA BMX Freestyle rider Bethany Hedrick.

Quick Questions with Sammy Turner

Quick Questions with UK BMX Freestyle rider Sammy Turner!

Quick Questions with Lizsurley Villegas Serna 

We heard from Queen, now it's time to learn about Lizsurley through these quick questions!

Quick Questions with Jacelyn Reno

Grasshoppers, Sleeping in Late and Mexican Food, see what you have in common with American BMX Racer Jacelyn Reno!

Spotlight on Michelle Sikorska (Mish)

Today we're learning about another UK rider by the name of Mischelle Sikorska, better known as @mish2353.

BLOOM JAM HOSTED BY RADSHARE June 4-5 2022 | Richmond, VA

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