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Angie Marino leaves California

It's official, after a number of years in California, Angie Marino is moving back east! Check out part 1 of 2 of Goodbye California as Angie, Maca and Angie's dad drive over 2500 miles to new beginnings.

Saudi Arabia World Cup Competition Guide

The first UCI BMX World Cup stop of the 2023 season is only a few weeks away! Here are some basic information going into the event.

Quick Questions with Adi Schreiber 

Adi Schreiber is an up and coming rider from Pittsburgh, PA, get to know her today on quick questions.

Elli Behler Bike Check

Eli Behler is a young and up-and-coming shredder, and today we're checking out Eli's bike check by Fictive Brand.

Amanda Ruby Interview

Inspired by the Youtube greats, and famous for her bike stand to flip on Instagram, today we're getting to know Amanda Ruby about her journey to sobriety.

Quick Questions with Alisa Kapelson

Alisa Kapelson is a backwards manual queen, often posting reels working on her tricks in an underground parking lot. Get to know her today.

Bethany Shriever trains in Saint-Étienne

UK BMX racer Bethany Shriever trains in Saint-Étienne in her latest YouTube Vlog.

McKenzie “Skittles” Gayheart Bike Check

McKenzie Gayheart's 2023 season is starting off with a brand new, one-of-a-kind paint job that speaks to her nickname, "Skittles". Check out the specs and paint job here!

Winter Welcome Jam 2023

BMX, Friends and Good Times. Catch these photos from the 2023 Winter Welcome Jam at The Wheel Mill.

Rothrock x Bloom BMX Coffee Colab

We are so excited to bring you this collaboration with THE BLOOM BMX & ROTHROCK on this LIMITED EDITION Coffee blend. Click here for more information.

Queensaray Villegas Bike Check

Colombian BMX Freestyle rider Queensaray Villegas is starting 2023 with her best foot forward with a new bike check.

Coffee Chatter Podcast: Sarah Walker

Your favourite BMX racing podcast just came out with another new episode, this time with Olympian Kiwi, Sarah Walker. Have a listen!

Quick Questions with Carly Kane

Get to know American BMX racer Carly Kane. She's also a manual queen if you follow her on Instagram!

Women’s Clinic in Santiago, Chile by Maca Perez Grasset

Chilean BMX Freestyle rider Maca Perez Grasset will be doing a women's clinic, click here for details.

The Bloom BMX Awards 2022 Results

Celebrating the women who inspired us the most, here are the winners of the 2022 Bloom BMX awards, supported by Vans.

Perris Benegas Bike Check – Odyssey

Wondering what Perris Benegas has on her bike? Today we're giving you a bike check from Odyssey BMX, check it out!

Quick Questions with Aubrée Henson

Aubrée Henson, nine-year-old BMX street boss from the UK answers some quick questions with help from dad!

Our Favorite Moments of Women’s BMX in 2022

Wow.. What a year 2022 was! The world finally opened back up, anddd.. everyone and their grandmas hosted events. It was awesome to see everyone traveling, filming, competing, racing and everything in between again!

Keir & Perris – Haro BMX Edit

Keir Sirlin and Perris Benegas session Salt Lake City in this latest Haro BMX edit.

Mind Tricks x Red Bull Women’s BMX Progression Camp

While there are people in the world asking, “What can my community do for me?”, there are a rare few, selflessly asking, “What can I do for my community?”. Olympian Nikita Ducarroz asked this question, and with the support of her sponsors, created a progression week for women’s BMX

2023 USA BMX Freestyle National Series

Confirmed! The schedule is now set for the 2023 USA BMX Freestyle National Series. Stay on top of registration by following

Becoming a PRO BMX RACER in 2 Hours ft. Elke Vanhoof & Aiko Gommers

Youtuber Average Rob gets a taste of what it's like to be a Pro BMX Racer with help from Elite Women Elke Vanhoof and Aiko Gommers.

Top 3 UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup – Gold Coast Runs

Watch the top three runs from the women's UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup stop in Gold Coast, Australia.

Welcome Aude Cassagne

The flatland community has spoken! Aude Cassagne is your 2022 Bloom BMX Flatlander of the year!

Quick Questions with Teigen Pascual

Canadian BMX Racer Teigen Pascual shares a bit of information about her in today's quick questions.

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