Freestyle European Continental Championships

Monday, October 14, 2019
Photo: @TobiasWicke
Congratulations to British rider Charlotte Worthington, for becoming the first female BMX Freestyle European Champion! The first-ever Freestyle Euro Champs took place in Switzerland October 12-13, with 48 riders from 13 different countries representing in Cadenazzo. Taking second was German rider Lara Lessmann, and rounding off the podium was Elizaveta Posadskikh with 3rd place. Full results, including how qualification went down can be found below.

1 Charlotte Worthington GBR
2 Lara Lessmann GER
3 Elizaveta Posadskikh RUS

4 Teresa Fernandez-Miranda ESP
5 Rebecca Berg GER
6 Laury Perez FRA
7 Emma Finnegan GBR
8 Magalie Pottier FRA
9 Jennifer Wohlrab GER
10 Arina Azarova RUS
11 Ekaterina Kruglova RUS
12 Kenza Chaal FRA

1 Lara Lessmann GER
2 Charlotte Worthington GBR
3 Laury Perez FRA
4 Emma Finnegan GBR
5 Elizaveta Posadskikh RUS
6 Rebecca Berg GER
7 Teresa Fernandez-Miranda ESP
8 Jennifer Wohlrab GER
9 Magalie Pottier FRA
10 Ekaterina Kruglova RUS
11 Arina Azarova RUS
12 Kenza Chaal FRA

13 Isobell Burrell GBR
14 Nikol Prikrylova CZE
15 Jana Muradova NED
16 Angelika Izakova SVK
17 Katerina Jaluvkova CZE
18 Gemma Corbera Collado ESP

Support Martina Timis

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Martina Timis recently suffered a serious accident on the track, which is now impacting her mobility. We have no doubt that this tough individual will be able to fight through this, and from her most recent post, it looks like her spirits are high! To help Martina, donations are being accepted through Our support goes out to Martina, you got this!

Quiero dar mil gracias a todas las personas por todo el apoyo que me han brindado,la verdad estoy muy sorprendida por toda la cantidad de mensajes y saludos de aliento que he recibido,nunca había vivido algo así pero todo pasa por algo, yo ahora estoy mucho mejor voy teniendo avances día a día como la de poder mover mis brazos, mis manos y de a poco voy sintiendo mis pies, hoy se ha cumplido una semana desde mi accidente y ya quiero estar sobre mi bicicleta,primero estaré en silla de ruedas luego con muletas después ya podré caminar sola y finalmente haciendo lo que más me gusta pedalear... estoy tan agradecida de todos, del gobierno de Santiago del estero que se ha portado de una manera impresionante conmigo y de mi familia y entrenador que ya es parte de ella que han sido un pilar fundamental en este momento.gracias totales y nos vemos pronto 🙏❤️💪
A post shared by Martina Timis (@marti_timis) on

Translation: "I want to thank all the people for all the support they have given me, the truth is I am very surprised by all the amount of messages and greetings of encouragement that I have received, I had never lived something like that but everything happens for something, I am now much better I am having advances day by day like being able to move my arms, my hands and little by little I feel my feet, today a week has elapsed since my accident and I already want to be on my bike, first I will be in a wheelchair, then with crutches later I can walk alone and finally doing what I like to pedal ... I am so grateful to everyone, the government of Santiago del Estero that has behaved in an impressive way with me and my family and coach who is already part of it that has been a fundamental pillar at this time. total thanks and see you soon"


Tokyo 2020 Test Event Results

Saturday, October 12, 2019
Photo: @Navadanet
Most of the top racers from around the world were in Tokyo today, to compete in the 2020 Test Event ahead of the Olympic games. This event essentially gives everyone a dry run of how things will go down next year at the 2020 Olympic Games. Points still count at this race, and from the feedback, it looks like everyone was a big fan of the track. In previous test events, specifically the 2016 Rio track, athletes refused to race and deemed the track unsafe, forcing the organizers to make changes.

In today's C1 Tokyo 2020 Test Event Results, Sakakibara won in 47.599 ahead of two United States racers - Alise Willoughby 47.635, and Felicia Stancil 48.370.

Full Results

8 Mariana PAJON COL

10 Rebecca PETCH NZL
12 Priscilla Andreia STEVAUX CARNAVAL BRA
16 Simone Tetsche CHRISTENSEN DEN
18 Domenica AZUERO ECU

Day Trip to Pragfriedhof Gallery

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Photos by : Naoki Gaman

The best part about traveling to all these different countries for contests is the days off or down time to sneak off. In Germany at the Vans Pro Cup stop, we up and out by 8am to jump on a train into the city to find this gem of a park.

Riders: Maca Perez, Perris Benegas, Brittany Campbell, Naoki, Angie Marino

National Championship Results Oct 4 Weekend

Monday, October 7, 2019
USA National Champ Hannah Roberts. Photo by Natalya Diehm

Busy weekend for the Brits and Americans with a weekend full of competition including their respective national championships. See the results below.

04 Oct 2019 | CN | USA

1. Hannah Roberts
2. Perris Benegas
3. Chelsea Wolfe
4. Jesse Gregory
5. Jamie McHenry
6. Cory Coffey

05 Oct 2019 | CN | GB

1. Charlotte Worthington
2. Emma Finnegan
3. Isobel Burrell
4. Kayley Ashworth
5. Valeria Ward

British National Champ Charlotte Worthington
05 Oct 2019 | CC | USA

1. Hannah Roberts
2. Perris Benegas
3. Chelsea Wolfe
4. Maca Perez
5. Jesse Gregory
6. Jamie McHenry
7. Cory Coffey
8. Nicole Ordenana

05 Oct-06 Oct 2019 | C1 | GB

1. Charlotte Worthington
2. Emma Finnegan
3. Isobel Burrell

Girl Gang. Photo from USA Cycling
06 Oct 2019 | C1 | USA

1. Perris Benegas
2. Natalya Diehm
3. Chelsea Wolfe
4. Maca Perez
5. Jesse Gregory
6. Jamie McHenry
7. Cory Coffey

The Bloom Session at Full Factory

Friday, October 4, 2019

Photos by : Naoki
Video by : Zach Krejmas

UCI World Championships 2020-2024

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Photo: Alise Post
Just announced for BMX racing, the line up for the UCI World Championships for 2020-2024. 

2020 Houston, TX (United States) May 26 - 31 2020

The 2020 UCI BMX World Championships will take place at North Houston Bike Park. North Houston Bike Park, currently under construction, is part of a 30-acre extreme sports complex including a world-class BMX Race Track, concrete vert features, street course, pump tracks, tot track, bike trails and an outdoor events center that can seat approximately 3,500 guests. Adjacent to the Bike complex is North Houston Skate Park, the largest skate park in North America, featuring over 78,000 square feet of skateable surface, and Dylan Park, a park designed for children of varying abilities.

2021 Papendal (Netherlands) TBD

Papendal has been awarded the BMX world championships in 2021. At the start of May, during the World Cup BMX at Papendal, Papendal, KNWU cycling union and sports marketing agency TIG Sports expressed the ambition to organize the BMX world championships in 2021.

2022 Nantes (France) TBD
The event will be organized by the FFC, which hosts a round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup nearly every year and which already welcomed the discipline’s UCI World Championships in 1999 and 2005. The organization of the UCI Worlds in this city in the north-east of France is in line with the country’s desire to welcome major events between now and the opening of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

2023 Glasgow (Great Britain) TBD
The UCI is delighted to announce that Glasgow and Scotland have been awarded the inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships. The historic and innovative event will take place over two weeks in August 2023. It will bring together 13 UCI World Championships for different cycling disciplines in one unprecedented event that will see thousands of the world’s best cyclists vying to win the prestigious rainbow jersey.

2024 Rock Hill, SC (United States) TBD
Rock Hill will host the 2024 event with the American venue hosting the event for the second time, having done so back in 2017.

Caroline Buchanan's Return

Monday, September 30, 2019
Photo: @vibe.imagery
It's amazing to see where you were and where you're at now, and so I wanted to explore with you this return to working out and biking again after that life-threatening injury. So when was the official date where you were given the clear to train again, and what was the first thing you did when the doctor gave you the green light?

I was first cleared at 7 months post sternum surgery operation in July 2019, at this stage I was cleared to start progressing my strength and posture in the gym as I had had no load through upper body/spine for 7 months. I was cleared with full clearance 9 months post-surgery at the end of August for BMX/ MTB and riding motorbikes again. Basically with a final CT scan to check the bones healing I was cleared to be able to not only train, ride and race but more importantly in the surgeons and doctors eyes “cleared to crash again” and be ok.

When I take a week or two off from working out, getting back in the gym can be pretty tough. Things that used to be easy, now feel heavier than usual, and it can feel discouraging. For you, what workouts felt surprisingly tough, what was still easy and what percentage would you say you're at now since working out again?

I hear you on this. It was the most frustrating experience to not be able to do one proper push up or one chin up. The % of the strength that I had to gain back was 90% of my strength. I had to start at 6 days a week in the gym starting on the bare foundations and smallest movements. Starting from the bottom, and a 4-month solid plan to be back on 2 wheels and be strong enough to crash again if that happened.

Some people say the funnest time you have on a bike is when you start for the first time because it's new and fresh. Did the return feel that way or did it feel frustrating?

100% it was so refreshing and rewarding. It reminded me of the 5-year-old girl that fell in love with riding bikes and why I never want to be off 2 wheels again. Passion never dies!

I really like that you're using a focus board, what is on yours and how has it helped you in your recovery? I’ve also had similar boards in the past but always had a hard time following it 100% of the time lol.

I have had progressions of my board and what works for me. Some simple 5 “Slay 5 tasks" each week holds me accountable to those 5 adulting / have to get done tasks. I have the motivation "Slay the Day” to stay in the moment have gratitude for where I am at and the focus and goals coming. I like to keep my daily training in front of me to see when I wake up and go to sleep. My 2019 & 2020 goals and also a content plan to keep on track with sponsors and commitments and stay organized. The board is a large piece of black plastic from Walmart bolted to my wall with white chalk whiteboard markets, white tape and rulers to keep my OCD happy.

You stayed amazingly lean during your recovery, I think for most people it would be easy to become a couch potato and gain a few kilos given what you went through, what's the secret in staying active when you're not 100%?

While I was injured the 1 thing I could control was what went into my mouth. I was at the mercy of time healing bones, medical complications and doctors advice/mistakes. So for me, I knew if I could have equal calories in as I was putting out each day, I would maintain good health and not put on weight -  it's that simple. I only ate clean and enough and was very aware I was not exercising.

Being that you’re set up with Fresh N Lean, could we ask you to give us your Fresh N Lean pitch, and may we ask what plan you’re currently on?

I am all about my bachelorette pad fridge at the moment. It's not that fun cooking for 1 or when your training and riding and fatigued. That's when it's easy to slip and be tempted by quick and easy calorie-dense food. With Fresh N Lean it's all dairy-free, gluten-free which I stick to with all meals. It's cooked, and vacuum-sealed and sent to my door on #FuelFridays. I love it for staying accountable and having nutrient-dense healthy and calculated out meals. I am on an 8 meal “Performance Protein+” + 4 “Low Carb Paleo meals” a week lunch and dinners. I keep the lower-carb paleo options for days I am not training. Sundays are my cheat days and meals out.

I saw on your recent post that there's some BMX and Dual Slalom practice happening, is there a date set yet for your first BMX race back, and where does Freestyle BMX sit with the plans right now?

There sure is a first BMX race insights and that is the 10th of October, our official BMX racing Olympic test event in Tokyo. Freestyle for me will transition back into my plan and goals after Olympics on the freestyle MTB side of events.

How was your first Dual Slalom race? Mindset going in and how was the outcome?

I finished up in 5th, I was so happy I had the first race jitters for sure and was nervous naturally not being in the gate for a year. My starts and top half jump and berm speed were strong but my lack of bike time and tentative first event back flat turns was where I knew I would need to work on for future races. It feels at home to be back.

Photo @paulolmedophoto
Lastly, any general advice or wisdom for someone who is just starting their road back to recovery?

Be your own doctor, get 2nd and 3rd opinions on everything for your own safety. To get CT scans & MRI scans even if doctors say you don’t need them. Get blood tests to know whats going on inside your body…what are you lacking or what are you intolerant to, what does your body not like, have the tests, get the answers and stay accountable to that. I would say be patient and don’t rush things. To focus on what you can control like your mental health, your work, friendships, the fuel you're putting in your body and focus on self-help, podcasts, and audiobooks. Injuries, adversity, and setbacks are simply life giving you a slow down to take off to the next success… Capitalize on the opportunity :)

Photo: @paulolmedophoto