• Rachel Durbin Bikecheck

    Beatrice February 25, 2021

    We thought Rachel Durbin had a nice-looking bike set up, so we hit her up for a bike check! Check it out. Frame: Sunday Park Ranger 20.5 TT (Rachel is 5’2″) Brakes: Odyssey G3 Gyro Fork: Odyssey R25 Bars: Alienation Chicago Bars Stem: Profile Push Stem 48mm Grips: ODI Longneck ST Seatpost: Mission Stealth V2 Pivotal Seatpost Seat: Kink Overgrown Stealth Pivotal Seat Pedals: Primo Turbo PC Cranks: Profile 3…

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  • Perris Benegas Signature Cult Frame

    Beatrice February 17, 2021

    The Perris Benegas Signature Cult Frame is coming out! Such an exciting time for BMX, if you want to roast like Perris, make sure you hit up your shop and pre-order your frame! We asked Perris about her new frame and the meaning behind the design. Perris doesn’t often share such personal details with the world, so we’re honored that she’s sharing this piece of information with us. I’m really…

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  • Lara Lessmann Bike Check

    Angie Marie February 16, 2021

    Photos by: Jan Bekurtz Lara Lessmann just built up a fresh new TOTAL BMX bike, check out what she pieced together! Frame: TOTAL BMX Hangover H4 19.8 Fork: TOTAL BMX TWS Bars: TOTAL BMX TWS 9“ Stem: Profile front load „push“ stem Grips: ODI O Seat: TOTAL BMX combo seat Pedals: Premium slim pedals Cranks: RNC titanium crank Sprocket: RNC titanium Front Tire: Maxxis griffter folding tire 2.1 Front Wheel:…

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  • 2021 Women’s Weekend at Ray’s MTB

    Beatrice February 15, 2021

    Relive Women’s Weekend at Rays MTB through this latest video pulled together by Brant Moore! An amazing event for the women of the bicycling world, Women’s Weekend at Ray’s MTB has been an annual event for 14 years that brings women and girls from across all of North America!! Featuring riding from Saturday and words about the event from Carley Young, one of the coaches at Ray’s Women’s Weekend! This…

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  • Carr on why she’s not going to the Olympics

    Beatrice February 13, 2021

    Congratulations to the boys over at Coffee Chatter! Two years ago today, Canadians Tory Nyhaug & James Palmer launched their BMX racing podcast. Although there’s been barely any talk about coffee, the boys have been supplying the international racing community with stories of their own and of their guests. In the latest episode of Coffee Chatter, they sat down with Thai BMX Racer Amanda Carr, and as much as I want…

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  • Subrosa Street Rail Review

    Beatrice February 5, 2021

    These days, when parks are closed or even shut down, sometimes you need to make do with what you have. But if your driveway isn’t doing the trick anymore, grab yourself this rail from Subrosa! It’s easily portable and comes with a bunch of different upgrades to keep things interesting. Most importantly it’s durable! Angie has been testing out this rail for close to a year now and it’s still…

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  • Nikita on Vital and chatting about Mental Health

    Beatrice January 29, 2021

    January 28th, 2021 was #bellletstalk day in Canada, and so Nikita and myself went live on Instagram, where we had a chat about mental health. It’s a topic that we’re both passionate about and it also gave birth to Nikita’s mental health initiative MindTricks. Check out our 30-minute chat below and then follow up with Vital’s 10 questions with Nikita Ducarroz. Bell Let’s Talk day is a campaign where Bell…

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