• USA BMX Freestyle Amateur National Championship

    Beatrice September 25, 2020

    Freestyle ladies! Get your cameras out and shoot an edit for your regional submission for the USA BMX Freestyle Amateur National Champs! This is a really great way to get noticed by USA Cycling, as they begin to track potential riders for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, and it’s also their first year, setting the tone for future years to come. To be on the Olympic team a rider…

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  • E-FISE Montpellier Pro Women Results

    Beatrice September 20, 2020

    This year, FISE took a creative direction and went digital. This was an online only event, which gave a unique opportunity for athletes to compete who couldn’t have normally travelled in the first place – pandemic or not. Fans were also given the opportunity to vote for their favorite riders during the course of weeks over the summer. 50% of the fan votes counted towards the total, while the other…

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  • Safety Check With Nikita Ducarroz

    Beatrice September 17, 2020

    Nikita Ducarroz is no stranger to the bumps and bruises that comes with BMX, so we wanted to know what she wears from head to toe. Check out her safety check below, we included some specs and her feedback on each product. Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon “For someone that wears a fullface 24/7 comfort and weight are super important. This new model from TLD is insane light and really…

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  • Anahi Valentina Bike Check

    Beatrice September 3, 2020

    Back in April we did an interview with Anahi and you know what, girlfriends got a brand new build for us! Anahi is 1.70 m (5’6″) and rides right foot forward. Check out her new build below, photo credit goes to Juan Andrés Tufiño. Frame: Kink Nathan Williams 20.75 – 12.75 “The Williams frame is Nathan Williams’ first signature frame from Kink and features modern street geometry while retaining a…

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  • What’s Happenin Podcast with Hannah Roberts

    Angie Marie August 4, 2020

    John Saxton, from the What’s Happenin Podcast, sat down with Hannah Roberts and talked about what it takes to be at the top! Hannah is an 18 year old bmx world champion. At the time of posting this if it were not for the Covid pandemic she would be competing at the olympics this weekend. Find out what it takes to be at the top of the game. -John Saxton

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