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Vans BMX Waffle Cup 2022 – Women’s Finals Video

We were fortunate to be on the battleground as the women at Vans BMX Waffle Cup battled it out for the top podium spots. Check out the highlights below.

Quick Questions with Bethany Hedrick

Frogs, Dolls and Guac, find out what this has to do with USA BMX Freestyle rider Bethany Hedrick.

Vans BMX Waffle Cup Women’s Finals Results

The Bloom BMX had an unbelievable, epic weekend at Waffle Cup! Bloom highlights coming soon, here are your full results.

Australian BMX Olympian Natalya Diehm during Bloom Jam at Waffle Cup.

Vans BMX Waffle Cup – Practice Video & Photos

The Bloom BMX is back in California, this time for Waffle Cup 2022 in Huntington Beach! Click for footage of practice!

Quick Questions with Sammy Turner

Quick Questions with UK BMX Freestyle rider Sammy Turner!

RADshare – Rumble in Richmond- Round 2

Earlier in June, we had the honour of holding a Bloom Jam at Rumble in Richmond. Here's the RADshare highlight video.

Waffle Cup – Riders List

Waffle Cup 2022 will be hosted by Scotty Cranmer and Natalya Diehm. Here is also your confirmed riders list.

BLOOM JAM HOSTED BY RADSHARE June 4-5 2022 | Richmond, VA

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