• Spotlight : Nazarena Perez

    Beatrice January 14, 2021

    Hello 2021! We’re starting this year off with an interview with 21-year-old Argentinian BMX Freestyle rider, Nazarena Perez! Check it out below! Learn about Naz, how she got started, her ambitions and how she’s doing with COVID. We even chatted a bit about how the…

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  • The Better Days 20″20″

    Angie Marie January 12, 2021

    “I did a Roadtrip through France, Spain and Portugal in September and October 2020. On my way I had the chance to ride many incredible spots. When Alessandro Izzo joined me, we started to film some clips and this is what came out of it.…

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  • The Bloom BMX Top 20 Moments of 2020

    Angie Marie January 1, 2021

    Holy wow, this year flew by! What was supposed to be a year filled with lots of trips, BMX freestyle’s Olympic debut, Vans Pro Cups and endless events, turned into a year of growth and progression in women’s BMX. We decided to honor our top…

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  • Teresa Fernandez Joins The TSG Global Team

    Angie Marie December 22, 2020

    TSG announced today that they have welcomed Teresa Fernandez to their global team! Congrats Teresa! “We are stoked to welcome some fresh new faces to our global team roster. We start with welcoming the one and only Spanish queen of BMX, Teresa Miranda Fernandez. 💥…

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  • The Bloom BMX Awards 2020 Results

    Beatrice December 21, 2020

    2020 has been quite a rollercoaster of a year, where we started off with a packed schedule of events, races, and competitions, to barely anything and nothing. Despite this though, we still saw riders get creative during this time and new rising talent emerge on…

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  • No Flatland but 6 more spots in Park for the 2024 Olympics in Paris

    Beatrice December 16, 2020

    The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently gathered to review the submissions of events and disciplines from the International Federations for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. On topic was the possible inclusion of Flatland as an Olympic event. Flatland was announced as…

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  • Natalya Diehm Wins Australian National Championships

    Angie Marie December 16, 2020

    Photos by Wayne Cant Natalya Diehm wins the Australian National Championships for the second year in a row. We caught up with Natalya, here’s what she had to say: Originally Nationals was supposed to be held at the new Beenleigh skatepark, but due to weather…

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