• Support Your Park Part 5: B-LINE Indoor Bike Park

    Beatrice April 4, 2020

    There have been so many changes to our day to day lives since Covid-19 hit North America. From the changing group numbers, countless recreational facilities being closed and even our borders between Canada and the USA being shut down, it’s hard to keep up. All…

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  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics postponed until 2021 – Reactions

    Beatrice March 25, 2020

    On Monday, March 22, 2020, Canada became the first nation to withdraw from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Later that day, the Australian Olympic Committee advised Australian athletes to prepare for a Tokyo Olympic Games in the northern summer of 2021. “The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC)…

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  • Kai Fight 77

    Beatrice March 6, 2020

    Saya Sakakibara’s brother Kai, has been in intensive care for over three weeks now. From the Australian Cycling Team Kai Update article, “Kai has not woken up yet, so doctors don’t have any real idea of the extent of the injury. However, they do know he…

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  • Nutri-grain BMX TV Commercial

    Beatrice February 14, 2020

    Nutri-grain TVC I am super honored to fulfill a little girl dream of mine to be in a TV commerical and especially on the cover of a cereal box! I always looked at main stream sports stars on cereal boxes and dreamed that one day…

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  • The Goat Cave Podcast with The Bloom BMX

    Beatrice February 14, 2020

    You may have noticed that todays episode has been pretty different so far…. Thats because today is for the wonderful ladies that ride BMX! And who better to have as our guest then one of the creative minds behind The Bloom, a All female BMX…

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  • 2020 UCI BMX SX World Cup in Shepparton, Australia Results

    Beatrice February 2, 2020

    Round 1 Results 1 Alise Willoughby (USA) 36.3452 Saya SAKAKIBARA (AUS) + 0.1263 Mariana Pajon (Col) + 1.2274 Laura Smulders (Ned) + 1.235 5 Lauren Reynolds (AUS) + 1.2376 Judy Bauw (Ned) + 1.6667 Manon Valentino (FRA) + 1.7378 Axelle Etienne (FRA) + 2.456 Round…

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  • 5 Rings in Sight with Nadja Pries

    Beatrice January 20, 2020

    Nadja Pries is a German BMX racer, who was selected by the German cycling team to represent at the 2016 Summer Rio Olympics. In this first episode of 5 Rings in Sight, the docu-series covers Nadja and other exceptional athletes on the road to the…

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