Alise Post Willoughby

  • Alise Willoughby coaches The Jonas Brothers

    Beatrice July 26, 2021

    Never thought I would be typing these words, but the Jonas Brothers got into BMX racing earlier in May. The musical brothers had the honor of being coached by Alise Willougby for an NBC special. Check out the B-Roll and Hollywood Access coverage.   “The truth behind Nick Jonas’ previously reported injury has been revealed. In the new NBC special, “Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers,” Nick alongside his brothers Kevin…

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  • BUILDING A CHAMPION – Alise Willoughby

    Beatrice July 19, 2021

      Here’s a little Monday motivation to get you going!“Few athletes have built a dynasty of dominance quite like Alise has over her career. She has earned her spot as the winningest rider of all time in BMX racing and still maintains the aggressive edge…

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  • Thowback to Every Pedal With You

    Beatrice April 13, 2021

    In 2015 Corrine Walder released a documentary where she followed Alise Post and Sam Willoughby over a span of a year, documenting the journey, including the highs and lows in racing at the elite level.  Every Pedal with You  is available for purchase on most online…

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  • 2020 UCI BMX SX World Cup in Shepparton, Australia Results

    Beatrice February 2, 2020

    Round 1 Results 1 Alise Willoughby (USA) 36.3452 Saya SAKAKIBARA (AUS) + 0.1263 Mariana Pajon (Col) + 1.2274 Laura Smulders (Ned) + 1.235 5 Lauren Reynolds (AUS) + 1.2376 Judy Bauw (Ned) + 1.6667 Manon Valentino (FRA) + 1.7378 Axelle Etienne (FRA) + 2.456 Round…

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  • The Bloom BMX Awards 2019 Results

    Beatrice December 24, 2019

    With so much talent in women’s BMX right now, we felt it was important to recognize the riders who impacted us the most, and so in mid-November, we opened up the opportunity for the community to vote for 7 different categories. Thank you for those…

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  • Tokyo 2020 Test Event Results

    Beatrice October 13, 2019

    Photo: @Navadanet Most of the top racers from around the world were in Tokyo today, to compete in the 2020 Test Event ahead of the Olympic games. This event essentially gives everyone a dry run of how things will go down next year at the…

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  • UCI World Championships 2020-2024

    Beatrice October 1, 2019

    Photo: Alise Post Just announced for BMX racing, the line up for the UCI World Championships for 2020-2024.  2020 Houston, TX (United States) May 26 – 31 2020 The 2020 UCI BMX World Championships will take place at North Houston Bike Park. North Houston…

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