Arina Azarova

  • Arina Brabus for BSD

    Angie Marie June 24, 2020

    Dear friends! In this video I’m not trying to get views or something else, if you really are not interested in watching, then feel free to unsubscribe, this is not a strong video for me personally, I had a good time and share with you what I managed to shoot during my arrival in Barcelona, and to those who are with me, RESPECT and THANKS for watching, have fun!) Link…

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  • Simple Session Finals Gallery

    Beatrice February 19, 2020

    Teresa Fernandez-Miranda Simple Session 2020 Finals Gallery  Photos by : Naoki Gaman Lara Lessmann Sasha Pardoe Teresa Fernandez-Miranda Minato Oike Nikita Ducarroz Nikita Ducarroz Nikita Ducarroz Arina Brabus Jennifer Wohlrab Maca Grasset Minato Oike Jennifer Wohlrab Jennifer Wohlrab Angie Marino Katya Kruglova Katya Kruglova Katya…

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  • Simple Session Finals Results & Live Stream

    Beatrice February 10, 2020

    Photo by : Naoki GamanFor the first time since 2013, women’s BMX class called Sister Session was brought back. There were 13 competitors from all over the world, a couple of them will be representing their countries at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, where BMX…

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  • Simple Session Riders List & Schedule

    Beatrice February 3, 2020

    Simple Session’s 2020 Riders ListAngie Marino USAArina Brabus RUSElizaveta Posadskikh RUSJana Muradova NLDJennifer Wohlrab DEUKatya Kruglova RUSLara Lessmann DEUMaca Grasset CHLMinato Oike JPNNikita Ducarroz USASasha Pardoe GBRTeresa Fernandez-Miranda ESP  SCHEDULE Thursday February 6th -Practice Group 1 : 5:00pm – 6:30pm-Practice Group 2 : 6:30pm – 8:00pm …

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  • UCI Urban World Championships Final Results & Photos

    Beatrice November 13, 2019

    UCI Urban World Championships Final Results 1 Hannah ROBERTS USA2 Macarena Valentina PEREZ GRASSET CHI3 Charlotte WORTHINGTON GBR 4 Lara Marie LESSMANN GER5 Nikita DUCARROZ SUI6 Natalya DIEHM AUS7 Laury PEREZ FRA8 Perris BENEGAS USA9 Agustina ROTH ARG10 Minato OIKE JPN11 Chelsea WOLFE USA12 Teresa…

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  • UCI Urban World Championships Schedule, Rider List + Practice Photos

    Beatrice November 8, 2019

    Just when you’re recovering from last week’s FISE competition, you have another competition this weekend! The UCI Urban World Championships takes place in China again from November 6th – 10th. Check out the women’s schedule below, along with the rider list and shots from practice…

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  • 2019 FISE Chengdu Qualifying Results & Photos

    Beatrice November 1, 2019

    Qualification is done and the top 24 riders below will be moving onto finals. Are you surprised or are the results as expected? Leave your predictions for finals in the comments below and while you’re at it, check out these photos from Naoki Gaman. Women’s…

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