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Nikita Ducarroz on TSG

TSG is head over heels to announce a match made in heaven, as they welcome BMX mistress of tricks and all-round Ms amazing Nikita Ducarroz to the Global Team.

5 Tips to Help Your Competition Anxiety with Nikita Ducarroz

To better cope with our anxieties, here are 5 tips to help you during competition day with Olympian and Red Bull Athlete Nikita Ducarroz.

You Win Some, You Lose Some – Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose Team manager Leigh Ramsdall did an article with his riders, talking about how one deals with a bad contest day. Leigh touched base with Kevin Pereza and Nikita Ducarroz after Worlds about the topic.

BMXer Nikita Ducarroz on supportive environments Podcast

BMX Freestyle rider Nikita Ducarroz recently sat down with MTB racer and fellow Red Bull teammate Kate Courtney for a discussion.

Mind Tricks x Red Bull Women’s BMX Progression Camp

While there are people in the world asking, “What can my community do for me?”, there are a rare few, selflessly asking, “What can I do for my community?”. Olympian Nikita Ducarroz asked this question, and with the support of her sponsors, created a progression week for women’s BMX

Nikita Ducarroz on a roller coaster ride to the silver medal

Reflecting on Nikita Ducarroz's roller coaster ride to Silver at the Urban World Championships in Abu Dhabi.

How BMX saved Nikita Ducarroz’s life

This is the story of how BMX freestyler and Olympic Bronze Medalist Nikita Ducarroz found BMX and, in turn, overcame her anxiety.

Mongoose Dirtvana Jam at The Riveter

Check out the official Mongoose Dirtvana Jam edit by Dan Foley! Only good gives here.

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