Nikita Ducarroz

  • Tokyo Olympic BMX Press Conferences

    Beatrice August 1, 2021

    Kids, if you’re planning to compete at the Olympics in the future, you better enjoy doing a lot of press conferences. Personally, I love watching them, but I’m sure these athletes are just ready to come home! Here are the post – Olympic press conferences for BMX racing and BMX Freestyle for the men and women. Some interesting statistics and takeaways from The Women’sย  BMX Freestyle Press Conference: Charlotte Worthington…

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  • Tokyo Olympics – Women’s Park Finals

    Beatrice August 1, 2021

    BMX is unpredictable. Hannah Roberts USA had a perfect first run, but Charlotte Worthington GBR shook what we knew was a sure thing, by completing the first backflip 360 by a woman, followed by a front flip, a flair, and taking home GOLD to Great…

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  • Day in the life with Nikita Ducarroz

    Angie Marie July 19, 2021

    Follow a day in the life of Swiss BMX Freestyle Park rider, Nikita Ducarroz as she competed at the 2021 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships in Montepellier, France. The 2021 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships were a key milestone in the build-up to the Tokyo…

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  • Swiss Cycling announces BMX Team

    Beatrice June 28, 2021

    Swiss Cycling has announced their Olympic Team! The entire Swiss Cycling BMX team will consist of Nikita Ducarroz for Freestyle and Zoรฉ Claessens, Simon Marquart, and David Graf for racing. BMX Racing Zoรฉ Claessens – Youth Olympic Games Silver Medalist in Buenos Aires, 2019 Junior…

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  • Nikita on Vital and chatting about Mental Health

    Beatrice January 29, 2021

    January 28th, 2021 was #bellletstalk day in Canada, and so Nikita and myself went live on Instagram, where we had a chat about mental health. It’s a topic that we’re both passionate about and it also gave birth to Nikita’s mental health initiative MindTricks. Check…

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  • The Bloom BMX Top 20 Moments of 2020

    Angie Marie January 1, 2021

    Holy wow, this year flew by! What was supposed to be a year filled with lots of trips, BMX freestyle’s Olympic debut, Vans Pro Cups and endless events, turned into a year of growth and progression in women’s BMX. We decided to honor our top…

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  • Nikita Ducarroz Joins Red Bull

    Beatrice December 11, 2020

    A huge congratulations to Nikita Ducarroz, who is the latest athlete to join the Red Bull family. Nikita from personal experience is an exceptional human being, rider, role model, and advocate for mental health. Red Bull could not have chosen an athlete more perfect to…

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