• Nikita Ducarroz Joins Red Bull

    Beatrice December 11, 2020

    A huge congratulations to Nikita Ducarroz, who is the latest athlete to join the Red Bull family. Nikita from personal experience is an exceptional human being, rider, role model, and advocate for mental health. Red Bull could not have chosen an athlete more perfect to represent them. For women’s BMX on the Red Bull team, Swiss BMXer Nikita Ducarroz will be joining Germany’s Lara Lessmann and Colombia’s Lizsurley and Queensaray…

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  • Lizsurley and Queensaray: the jungle freestylers

    Angie Marie June 24, 2020

    Redbull recently released this beautiful mini doc with Columbian twins Lizsurely and Queensuray. The video is currently being streamed on Redbull Tv, link below. Way of the Wildcard S2 E2 Discover the story of how identical twins Lizsurley and Queensaray, who grew up in the…

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  • Villegas Twins on Redbull

    Beatrice December 16, 2019

    Last week, Redbull added the Columbian power twins Lizsurley and Queensaray to their team. This is the first time in the history of Redbull that they have ever added freestyle BMX women to their exclusive team. Congrats Liz and Queen!  “Today we have more wings…

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  • Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Results

    Beatrice October 20, 2019

    On Saturday we saw Red Bull crown Payton Ridenour as their first Pump Track World Champion. The competition was at the Swiss Bike Park in Switzerland, the state-of-the-art facility, envisioned as a center where responsibility, courage, strength and sport comes together. The newly built Velosolutions…

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