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Vans x Bloom Tour Stops – Park List

If you've recently picked up our Vans x Bloom Photo Book, you might be wondering where some of the parks featured in it are. Here's the list of parks we visited.

Vans x The Bloom – Lifestyle Shots by Naoki Gaman

Enjoy a few of these lifestyle shots by Naoki Gaman from our amazing Vans x Bloom trip! More photos to come, we've got a big release in the works!

Vans X The Bloom Video

Vans BMX proudly presents, Vans x The Bloom, a collaboration that saw some of the most inspirational women in BMX come together to embark on a tour from northern to southern California. Watch the full video NOW!

Vans x The Bloom Day 9

The last day of Vans x The Bloom, the crew is sent to Huntington Beach to celebrate BMX amongst family and friends.

Vans x The Bloom Day 8

The Vans x The Bloom BMX tour get's kicked out of a street spot on day 8. Check out what happened when we were in Palm Springs.

Vans x The Bloom Day 7

It's Day 7 of the Vans x The Bloom tour! The crew spends sometime exploring the desert heat from Palm Springs, California.

Vans x The Bloom Day 6

Day 6 of Vans x The Bloom took us to the streets in Fresno, California

Vans x The Bloom Day 5

Day 5 of Vans x The Bloom took us to the streets of San Jose, California.

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