Racing at Saugeen Shores

The last few days have been super busy for me, I’m either working and racing afterwards or driving hours to race, but the last few days have also been the best – well, minus the working part. This past Sunday was my first provincial race and it was at Saugeen Shores.

Today marks my 1 month anniversary of when I started racing and I’m slowly seeing improvements. I’m starting to ride smarter, along with riding harder. My gates are getting better, but still need a lot of work. By gates, I mean getting myself balanced at the gate, standing before it drops.

Saugeen Shores was a blast, the track was different from what I was used to. The hill is a lot steeper and the straights seemed longer. I competed against 3 other girls which included Christine Schiavone and Barbara Frost (I’m sorry, I don’t know the other girls name!). I qualified 3rd, 2nd and finished 2nd in the main after Christine. The two pictures below were taken by Lori Cunningham.

Saugeen Shores is a really cool town to race in, the track was next to a concrete park and 15 minutes away was Lake Huron. It was a great weekend and worth the 3 hour drive each way.

@MagnoliaBMX yeowwww!! Awesome to see you shredding the BMX track!
— Caroline Buchanan (@CBuchanan68) July 15, 2013

Yesterday after work, I raced in Milton, ON and got 2nd place – after Christine of course. These ladies have been super supportive and the family vibe has been awesome. If you’re in the area, Milton’s track 2000 will be having a ladies clinic at 10AM on Saturday July 27th. If you’re interested in making it out, check out for more information.

Left to right: Christine Schiavone, Barbara Frost, Me and Danielle Bernardi-Fisher – We’re all really sweaty.

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