Maple Leaf Nationals – Pre Race

Today’s the first of 3 days that I’ll be racing in the Maple Leaf Nationals in Milton, Ontario (My local track). I was blown away with how busy it was at the track – even though people warned me that it would be crazy.

There were tents, vendors and people everywhere, and apparently it’s nothing compared to what tomorrow is going to be like. Even the porta potties were fancy. The track was beautiful and perfectly maintained. This couldn’t have happened without the volunteers, so thank you for putting the time in!

When I was at practice yesterday, I was trying to not get hurt, and it’s exactly what happened…I collided with a 5 year old. I went home with a shin splint, so I knew the kid was hurt, he had to be. Found out today that the little strider has a bent collarbone. Sorry little dude, hope you can forgive me!

I didn’t bump into any girls my age today, in fact I rode with the boys tonight. I was in moto 25 out of 33, and there was only 3 people in my moto. Although I came in last, at least I got a 3rd place trophy. I’m not totally sure what to expect tomorrow, there should be more people, so hopefully a moto of just girls. I’ll be sure to update you all with lots of instagram photos!

Speaking of instagram, I recently received a request from “WillRidesBikes” to explain how I decorated my bike… so here’s a DIY video just for you.

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