Spotlight: Ellie Chew

BeatriceJanuary 23, 2014

Ellie Chew

20 years old

Kapiti Coast, New Zealand


How did you get into BMX and how long have you been riding?
Bikes have always interested me from a young age. I rode motor bikes and mountain bikes and still love to ride both, but BMX has always been a favourite, and it challenges me to get better and learn new skills. I’ve been riding BMX now for about 4 years

Where do you usually ride?
I grew up in Waikanae, and there is a skate park with an awesome bowl and I could bike there after school and muck around. Paraparaumu Skate Park is close too, so I go there also. It was a pretty big deal when they got lights 🙂 Small town thrill haha

Who do you usually ride with?
A lot of my riding buddies are doing different things now, and so they come and go like me. We had such fun riding all weekend and hanging out. Occasionally we are all in the area and meet up which is cool.

What’s a good riding day to you?
A good day riding for me is to feel the flow. I just like to have fun and the challenge is with me. You know in yourself when it just clicks. It makes you smile.

Who are your inspirations?
There are so many good riders out there that are an awesome inspiration. I like riders that have good flow like Chase Hawk and Kris Fox. I just admire their ability and it makes me strive to get better.

Who would be your dream sponsor and why?
A dream sponsor would be Red Bull, Profile Racing or FlyBikes. Nike Shoes are a fav. It would be great to promote girls in BMX to encourage others to give it a go.

What’s your plan in the next 5 years?
I just want to have fun, never grow up, keep riding and getting better.

Thank you’s:
Thank you mum and dad for buying me my first bike. It was a heavy sucker! Thank you to John Buultjens for kindly giving me a awesome complete BMX bike at Jed Jam in 2010. That bike inspired me to keep riding and get better. Thank you to my partner, Levi, for always being supportive and loving bikes too.

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