BMX influences on the runway

Angie MarieFebruary 14, 2014

It’s not very common to see a big fashion name like Marc Jacobs get involved with something like BMX, but there you go! For the 2014 Fall line, Marc by Marc Jacobs was influenced by the hardcore sporty girl; the girl who skateboards, dirt bikes and most importantly, the girl who loves BMX. Things like GRRRL power, Bunny Hop and Uprising were clearly displayed in a few of the looks. This younger brand (Marc by Marc Jacobs) has been highly anticipated for a comeback.

What do you ladies think of the clothing line, did MBMJ capture the essence of girls in BMX? Personally, I think some of the shoes are pretty awesome, but the “ready to wear” clothing like isn’t very practical. You can watch the entire show below.

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