BeatriceMarch 3, 2014

If you haven’t been following our Facebook page, here’s a rundown on what happened on Sunday during the ladies finals at the Toronto BMX Jam 2014. All 8 ladies advanced on Sunday, and the heats were divided in two, based on the qualifying results.

In heat one we had Lily Melluso, Brooke Betancourt, Angie Marino and Sarah Dinel.
Most Memorable Moments: Sarah Dinel attempting a 360 over the spine and Angie Marino double pegging the rail. Big props to Lily Melluso for being the youngest rider in the competition at age 11.

In heat two we had Kiera Bonifacio, Carley Young, Hannah Roberts and Perris Benegas.
Most Memorable Moments: Perris Benegas blasting the boxes everything, Hannah Roberts landing a 180 and 360 barspin, and Kiera attempting one of the sketches/scariest walls there.

When I was down on the course, I couldn’t believe how big these ramps were. I have the utmost respect for all the ladies. Thank you for putting yourself out there and being a huge inspiration for the future generation of girls and old farts like myself. You can watch the entire ladies finals below, sorry for any spoilers.

Final Results

1– 85 Perris Benegas 18 Sparks, Nevada
2– 83 Hannah Roberts 12 Buchanan, Michigan
3– 80 Angie Marino 23 Austin, Texas
4– 74 Carley Young
5– 73 Kiera Bonifacio 25 Toronto, Ontario
6- 69 Sarah Dinel 15 Quebec, Quebec
7- 63 Brooke Betancourt 20 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
8– 57 Lilly Melluso 11 Markham, Ontario

The Toronto BMX Jam has always done well for exposing the ladies, check out this interview that Dandy Horse Magazine did with Kiera Bonifacio and Lily Melluso. Plenty more pictures and videos can be found on our Facebook page, so go like and click things.

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