Taiwan - Dubai Trip

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Taiwan - Dubai Trip from Camila Harambour on Vimeo.

One thing that amazes me most about BMX, is where it can take you. A few months ago, Camila was invited by Mini to spend sometime riding in Taiwan...

"Thanks to Mini Park and Mr Jang (CXA) I got the chance to do some demos for the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan. Unfortunately it rained every single day so even tho we still did a show for the people there, I didn't get to ride much. Anyway, I had so much fun visiting Taipei with Mini and eating all kind of different food :).
On my way back my flight stopped in Dubai so I decided to stay there for a day before coming back to Buenos Aires. I was by myself, only slept a couple hours in the plane and time difference was messing with my head, but it was all completely worth it!!!!!" - Camila

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