Spotlight: Alexia Dejoie

BeatriceDecember 12, 2014

Age: 22 ans // 22 years

City: I’m from Monaco, but I actually live near Narbonne, in the south of France 

Je suis de Monaco mais j’habite actuellement pres de narbonne dans le sud de la France

Sponsors: Cayler&Sons and Hitchuk

How did you start riding?

It’s a long story!!! I broke my arm when I was young and the doctor forbade me from roller skating and using a scooter, but he didn’t say I couldn’t ride a bike! A few days later while walking around, I found myself at a skatepark that’s 100m from my place and I seen people doing 360’s, backflips and tailwhips. In short, I was hooked and as soon as I arrived home I asked my parents for a BMX.

C’est une longue histoire !!! je me suis casser le bras etant plus jeune, et le medecin ma interdit de faire du skate roller et trottinette mais il ne pas pas dit pas de velo !
quelque jours plus tard en me balandent je suis tomber sur le skatepark qui ce trouver a 100m de chez moi et j’ai vu des gens faire des 360, backflip, tailwhip bref j’ai dessuite accrocher en rentrant j’ai demander a mes parent un bmx.

Who do you look at for inspiration?

My friends and pro riders that I admire (Ben Lewis, Jared Chilko, Mike Miller)

De mes amis, et rider pro que j’admire (ben lewis, jared chilko, mike miller)

How would you describe your riding style?

Fluid and aggressive. I like having a clean ride but also fast.

Fluide et agressif, j’aime avoir un riding propre mais a la fois rapide.

What’s the one trick that took you the longest to master?

I’d say the bus, haha. I was angry, I took my foot off each time. It must have taken me a good 6 
months before I landed it.

Je dirais le bus ahah j’ai galerer j’enlever le pied a chaque fois jai du mettre 6 mois avant de le mettre !!!

I think compared to most girls you are a lot more street and technical compared to some, is it because you choose to ride street or is it because that’s all you have around.

No, I didn’t choose it. I originally rode park with big ledges, etc. I changed regions and the people that I now ride with do lots of street, so it was obvious that I’d follow the same path, haha.

Non je ne les pas choisi a la base je fais beaucoup de skate park avec de grosse courbe etc
mais j’ai changer de region et les personnes avec qui je ride maintenant font beaucoup de street donc c’etait une evidence que je suive le meme chemin ahah

Where do you typically ride and what is the BMX scene like where you live?
Are there many girls?

In general, we ride in street parks or in the streets. We move a lot in the south of France. No, not many girls in France practice BMX, or at least not of high skill level. Many have stopped or are just there for the boys, which is a shame because we’re not taken seriously in France!!!

En general on roule des street park ou en street on bouge beaucoup dans le sud de la france.
non nous ne sommes pas beaucoup de fille en france a pratiquer le bmx du moins nous ne somme pas beaucoup a avoir du niveau, beaucoup on arreter ou sont juste la pour les garcons ce qui est dommage car nous ne sommes pas prise au serieux en france !!!

Are there any contests coming up that we can look forward to seeing you compete in?

I don’t do many contests anymore as I don’t often have the budget for it, but I’d really like to be able to redo the Mastered in Cologne and be able to go to the 2015 Simple Session!!!!

Je ne fais plus beaucoup de contest car je n’est pas soubvent le budget mais j’aimerais vraiment pouvoir refaire les bmx master de cologne et pouvoir aller a la simple session de 2015 !!!!

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