Support Camila at Simple Session! #CamilaSession

Can you believe it? Simple Session has been around for 15 years! I know we all wish there was still a girls class, but regardless we should set our opinions aside and continue to support an awesome contest like Simple Session. Not only that, let’s show our support for Camila Harambour, who was the only female rider invited this year. On Sunday April 19th, let’s #CamilaSession on all the social outlets to show our support!

“So stocked I’ll be going to @simplesession 15 year birthday! I’ll be the only girl riding there this time so I’ll do my best to represent all the ladies in the course smile emoticon .. Let the party begin!
You can catch #simplesession15 Finals LIVE on RedBull TV and on #simplesession

Chocha que vuelvo al Simple Session en su 15vo aniversario! Voy a ser la única mujer andando con los chicos ya que esta vez no hay categoría femenina…por lo mismo voy a dar lo mejor de mi para representarlas a todas las en el park !! @bodaciousclothing @goproargentina @novikgloves1 @breakinglimitsarg @dekayecrew” – Camila

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