Carley Young stepping down from pro

From Carley Young’s Facebook

“Such a strange feeling that i am about to go up to staging for my last pro race today. After 15 years of racing pro I have decided to reclass to amateur and have more fun racing my bike. I love being a pro but i have learned it doesn’t matter what my license says to be a coach and that is where my real passion for BMX is. I feel hypocritical not practicing what i coach but I simply don’t make the time for myself when my passion is giving so much to others and watching them succeed. I wanna take BMX back to basics and switch things up.

Throwing away the disco slippers and going back to my roots with flats and stop taking the sport i love so serious and go back to the reason i started this 25 years ago at Bensalem BMX in Philadelphia, PA. Be on the lookout for my signature flat pedal coming soon in 2016. My focus next year will not be any different, i will continue to grow the sport of BMX and help make things better for girls to succeed.

I will still be a coach to inspire, motivate and educate riders to ride at their full potential but im looking forward to having some more fun on my bike. Thanks to my sponsors for always sticking by me i am beyond thankful for how much they spoil me to truly do what i love! I am so stoked for my 2016 season! Lets have some fun…. braaaap!‬”

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