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BeatriceJanuary 8, 2016

If you’re in the market for some new tires, and you’re not too sure what to get, then this article may be for you. I reached out to some super rad ladies who were kind enough to respond with their personal recommendation on tires. Read more below…

Flatland Rider Monika Hinz

Rider: Monkia Hinz

Discipline: Flatland

Recommended Tire: On a smooth surface I ride Ares tires. They roll fast. Right now I ride on very rough concrete, so Ares would wear out in a day. That’s why I am currently using Chase Gouin tires, they last longer.

Personal Pressure: I love to ride on 110 psi, because it rolls better. A while back Phil Dolan pumped 8 bar in my bike and suggested I ride with high pressure as I was riding with 5 bar, and then I realized that high pressure really matters. It’s very hard to pump 8 bar with my pump so I can push it till only 7.5 bar which is about 110 psi.

Frequency G – Photo is from the Odyssey BMX website 

Nina Buitrago

Nina Buitrago
Discipline: Park / Street aka “Freestyle”
Recommended Tire: As far as tires that I currently run: Odyssey Mike Aitkens 2.35″ front 2.25″ rear in white!!

Living here in Austin you could be riding anything from dirt, street, pools, concrete parks or the occasional wood ramps, so after recently not being able to find a replacement Animal GLH tire for the rear, (I ran the same one for years along with a 2.25 Fly Ruben in the front!) I stopped by Empire BMX to see what was out nowadays.

Seeing all of the tread and color options offered nowadays I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed with choices. I saw a matching set of the Odyssey “Aitken” tires in all white in the sale bin and immediately made a purchase haha. I didn’t even notice what size until there was some worry that their widths wouldn’t clear my forks, or frame in the rear haha but it all worked out. I got a lot of heat for buying “white tires” they are known to be slick and mainly only used for doing NBA stunt shows (so you don’t leave tire marks on the court), but they have treated me right for everyday use. I would highly recommend this tread.

Personal Pressure: I try to run on average between 70-80PSI in each.

Caroline Buchanan

Rider: Caroline Buchanan
Discipline: Racing
Recommended Tire: Maxxis Tires Torch

Every hundredth of a second counts in BMX and I need to be able to trust my tires in the turns as well as coming out of the gate to hold traction. Maxxis have never let me down and will be my tire of choice when I compete at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Personal Pressure: 100psi

Maxxis Torch Tires – Photo is from the Maxxis website

Two Odyssey’s and a Maxxis, what’s your favorite tire brand? Leave them in the comments below.

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