Amelia Walsh down at Manchester

Angie MarieApril 9, 2016

Well, no one said the road to Rio was going to be easy.

Manchester has claimed another rider this week. The best of the best racers are just warming up in the UK right now for the next qualifying round, and just last week the track claimed the hand of USA racer Connor Fields. I guess the hand didn’t do it for the track, so it decided to take Amelia’s arm too.

“This girl was on fire this week getting faster and faster every lap, and putting it to some of the best in the world here in Manchester but in the last lap of practice she went big and crashed into the first corner. She knocked herself out and broke her arm in 3 places.” From Coach Brendan Arnold.

Please send her some positive vibes on her page facebook/ameliawalshbmx we are so incredibly proud of this girl. Thank you for making Canada proud and we’re looking forward to seeing you kick ass again soon!

You got this.

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