2017 Sea Otter Classic

BeatriceApril 27, 2017

The Sea Otter Classic is North America’s season opener for cyclists. Professional and amateur athletes come together to complete in a variety of disciplines including mountain bike, cross country, downhill, dual slalom, and short track racing to name a few. We had some familiar faces in the BMX world competing including Caroline Buchanan, Nikita Ducaroz and Cory Coffey who supplied us with the photos and details below.

Cory and Nikita during qualifying for Cat 1 Dual Slalom

Nikita and Cory unfortunately didn’t qualify for Dual Slalom finals, Nikita had mechanical issues and Cory missed one of her gates in the first run. Former BMX racer Jill Kintner (USA) and current BMX racer and MTB champ Caroline Buchanan (AUS) battled on, with Jill getting first and Caroline getting 2nd.

What is Dual Slalom? Similar to BMX racing, Dual slalom is racing on mountain bikes. Unlike BMX racing you only have two athletes who race on two almost identical tracks next to each other down a slope. The courses are usually short; one run lasting about 30 seconds. It is filled with tabletop jumps, doubles and bermed turns.


Pictured here is Lindsey Richter and Cory Coffey hanging around and dropping in at the pump track. Cory spent some time coaching the ladies on the pump track with the rest of the Liv riders.

Ice Cream truck making a lot of money that weekend.
Leigh Donovan, Cory and Nikita

If the Sea Otter Classic is something you’d like to check out next year, dates are already set for April 19-22, 2018 in MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA, USA. http://www.seaotterclassic.com/

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