Shred Girls - Win This Book!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Little ones, this book is for you! If you want to win a copy for yourself, just leave a comment below with how you started riding - that's it! Two winners will be chosen May 31st! Open internationally. Learn more about Shred Girls with the author below:

What is the book about and what inspired you to write it?

The Shred Girls series follows three girls—Lindsay, Ali and Jen—as they navigate questions of friendship, fitting in and finding their own identities while learning to crush it on bikes. Book 1, Lindsay's Joyride, kicks off the series with bookworm Lindsay getting stuck with her supervillain-esque cousin Phoebe for the summer—and then finding a BMX bike park and two other amazing girls. (The best way to describe the series is if you’re familiar with The Babysitter’s Club, The Hardy Boys or any series like that… But replacing babysitting and mysteries with bike riding.) I love that I'm hearing about a lot of girls who ride bikes who are now loving reading, and that Lindsay's Joyride is the first chapter book they've wanted to read... But I didn’t want the series and website to just help girls who already ride bikes, I wanted to reach the bookworms, the girls who haven’t heard of cycling, the shy kids who are afraid of going to a group sporting event. (Like I was!)

You recently had a launch party for the book, how was it?

Launch party at Joyride150 in Markham was AMAZING. So many girls, including a lot of the Real Life Shred Girls featured on, showed up to celebrate, play on bikes, talk about books, eat pizza, and make new friends. It was the coolest day! (Tons of photos here, just credit Jody Wilson)

What age group is the book geared towards, and what can parents take away from the book?

The book is for middle grade readers, around 8 to 12, but I know some 6 and 16 year olds who are reading it as well! One of the cool things I've seen is when cycling parents have gotten the book for their non-cycling kids, and reading it together got their kids excited about trying out bike riding. (And on the flip side, a couple of cycling girls who were reluctant readers have been taking the book to school and reading it every night!) ... And bonus, I tried to sneak in a few actual tips for getting started riding, so that if a girl reads it and wants to try BMX, she has a few practical tools to get started.

Where it’s available?
Wherever books are sold!

(You can also shop the Shred Girls store for tshirts, hats, tank tops and more in a few different designs!)


  1. My girl Hailey is really looking forward to reading this book. She started riding when she was 3 and her cousin Hannah will be riding In the olympics in japan next year. She started riding competitively at 8, tried racing and went back to park. She started homeschool this year so that she could practice riding more.

  2. Sarah - My dad joined the local BMX club, we dropped him off one day and I sat there just saying I wanted to try it over and over but my parents said I wasn't ready. A few weeks later I fell at the skatepark and knocked my front tooth out. After that my dad bought me a full face and let me start racing and riding more park.

    Sophie - My body doesn't work like other people's so my mum & dad encouraged me to learn to ride so I didn't need to be carried or pushed in my wheelchair all the time. Once I could ride I just wanted to be with my sister. Sarah taught me to drop in and fly out before I could even run or jump.

  3. I started riding when I was 16 as a eay of coping with issues at home and a way to get out and enjoy outdoors with mates! I stopped when I was around 19 and after that only rode a little from time to time then eventually broke my ankle at 22 or so. Now 34 and been riding around a year or so and killing it and enjoying every moment. Is so great for physical and especially mental health, a great outlet for a hard day at work! I hope my little girl/boy one day find the same passion I have with BMX, would love that book to read to them before bed time.
    Cheers ladies/gents.

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