Buchanan NextGen Team Compete At World Cup

BeatriceJuly 30, 2019

Press Release: In May 2019, Caroline Buchanan crowned the two Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship recipients at the BMX National Championships, Shepparton, securing their tickets to attend and compete at the BMX World Championships in Belgium, July 2019. Today, the results are in.


Representing Australia in the 14-year-old girls’ class and her first World Championship appearance, Abbey Richards (top-left) fearlessly launched herself into the world stage and was honoured to take home a silver trophy and secure her title of 2nd in the world. Abbey thanked her sponsors, friends and family for their support in her tremendous achievement.

“I really aspire to be an elite rider just like Caroline when I’m older.  Definitely very good, it felt good to be up there, especially in the top three.  Big achievement and I was really happy” – Abbey Richards.


With a no. 1 plate shining from the starting gate, Kira Hill (top-right) entered her second World Championships as the defending world champion representing Australia’s 15-year-old girls’ class. Battling her way through to the semi-final, Kira Hill did the Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship team proud in representing what the program is all about.

“The NextGen Scholarship definitely helps me to ride the sport that I love and make it to the world championship. But not only does she [Caroline Buchanan] help me with the funding, she definitely helps with encouraging me and helping me throughout the racing” – Kira Hill.


Equal to providing recipients with financial support to attend and compete at the BMX World Championships, the Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship recipients are also given the opportunity to enjoy and explore the location in which the big event is held in its respective year. Abbey Richards (left) soaked up the sun in Belgium, and Kira Hill (right) checked out the Louvre Pyramid in Paris.



Congratulations to all of Australia’s BMX riders, and importantly, the riders’ families and team managers for their effort in 2019. That’s another year done and dusted, and next year’s thrills are waiting just around the corner.

Are you or someone you know thinking of applying for the Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship?

Applications for the Buchanan NextGen Rubik3 Scholarship program will open again in early 2020.

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