The Winter Welcome Jam – Lady Shredder Award!

In collaboration with The Winter Welcome Jam and the Bloom BMX, we will be giving away $150 to the female shredding the hardest and entering the most categories during the Winter Welcome Jam, will this be you!? Enter as many of the events during The Winter Welcome Jam, and bring home The Bloom BMX Lady Shredder Award!

Details on The Wheel Mill and the event can be found below:

Facebook Event Page:
Date: January 18th, 2020, 1-9pm, all ages.
Address: 6815 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208, United States
Hotel Deals: Click here


10:00am: Park Opens

1:30pm: GT Bikes Street-ish Jam with the Grindworks crew. Jam will be for Best Trickster (15 minute jam. Win $150)

2:30pm: Let’s Roast Bike Shop Time and Trick Part #1 (Win up to $150) Pump Track Time Trial and then we’ll take the 8 fastest riders and go head to head with a freestyle run in The Woods Jump Room during our Woods Jump Room Jam.

3:300pm: Powers Bike Shop Mid School Bunny Hop Contest (We’ll have 2 Mid School Bikes or you can bring your own! The bike must be Mid School and 30LBs or more! Win $150)

4:30pm: Subrosa Rail of Doom (30 minute jam to see who gets the furthest. Win $150 and free entry into Swamp Fest!!)

5:30pm: Kink BMX Kids Jam in The Woods Jump Room judged by Chris Doyle (15 and Under. 10 minute jam. Win Kink BMX Frame!)

6:00pm: The Woods Jump Room Jam. (30 minute jam for the following):

Deluxe BMX Best Table (Win $150)

Odyssey Trickster (Win $150)

Profile Racing whip (Win $150)

Let’s Roast Bike Shop Time and Trick Part #2. 8 fastest riders from the time trial will take one run and their time and score will combine to find the winner. (Win $150)

7:00pm: Circuit BMX Lap Challenge in The Woods Jump Room (Last riding standing gets $2 x their lap total up to $150)

Awards immediately after The Woods Jump Room Jam (Ladies, there is a chance you could bring home two cash awards!)

9pm-12pm : Jaunt After Party at Allegheny City Brewing (21+)

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