Spotlight: Sasha Pardoe

Sasha, we gotta talk about the big elephant in the room first, you recently got picked up by Tall Order BMX, how did this come about!

I’ve always been interested in riding for Tall order and watched a lot of their videos. After winning the Backyard Jam series at Corby, Bas Keep asked if I would be on their team, almost immediately after winning the final!

For those who don’t know you, how did you get into BMX? Like how long have you been riding too?

My first bike was actually a BMX! I remember walking into Two Wheels near where I live and walking past all the tassels and pink bikes straight to a yellow Barracuda Dirt Squirt.

I’m not sure if you take it for granted but your ability to go fast, go big, is jaw-dropping… where does this come from?!

One of the things I love is going big! I love the freedom that comes with it and being able to just send it, I guess it just comes naturally!

Photo By Adam Lievesley

You’ve been doing super well in just the last couple of years, was competing always your goal and where do you want to take your talent next?

Since I started BMX, I’ve always been to as many comps as I can! I love working hard in the lead up to comps, focusing on my runs and all the nerves leading up to the podium, it all pays off! Also, the atmosphere in the comps of all the riders is amazing! My first comp was on a WETHEPEOPLE Arcade at Reddich, I loved the feeling of just having the park to yourself and being able to do what you want to do!

Who influences your riding?

When I started riding, I watched loads of Webbie edits, but I love the style and big tricks Ash Finlay has! He just sends it! I don’t have a certain person who influences me but Chicken told me to be able to air both ways, and that helped loads by being able to not have an ‘oppo’! It helps so much when you go to a park that has a different layout to what you’re used to.

Being that you’re just 13, do you have any other interests or passions outside of BMX?

Yes I do! I’m in the Army Cadet Force, love mountain bikes and cross country running.

What’s your favorite trick to do, and trick you hope to learn?

My favorite trick at the moment is no hander or tire slap! I’d love to try bars and whips and flairs!

If my math is correct, you should be of age by the 2024 Olympics in Paris, would this be something you’d be eyeing up to qualify for?

Yes, I’ll be 18 in 2024! I’m open to all suggestions but if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t I’m just happy to carry on having fun, no need to base your whole life around it.

What’s one thing people may be surprised to know about you when you’re riding.

I’d say the strangest thing I do is shake my leg! Whenever I’m at a comp just before I drop in I get this weird shake in my leg seconds before my run!

Say you were a BMX travel agent, what parks should we visit in the UK, foods we have to eat, and 1 non-BMX related tourist attraction that is a must-see?

I’d say you’d have to go to Rush or Ramp 1 Skatepark and definitely The Fox Inn Stourton because they do the best duck pancakes!

Sasha with Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver

What the heck was Jamie Oliver doing with a BMX bike?

I met Jamie in Cornwall at one of his outdoor restaurants and I had my bike with me! I went over and asked for a photo so he had one then was asking about my bike and had a go on it!

Who are your top 3 ladies to ride with?

I love all the ladies of BMX! They are all really awesome to ride with, but if I had to pick some it would be my dad or brother because they’re the biggest girls I know.

Bike Check

Frame: Tall Order Gloss Red
Fork: Tall Order Ramp Fork Gloss Black
Bars: Tall Order Ramp Bars Gloss Black
Stem: Total BMX Team Top Load
Grips: Tall Order Catch Grips Black
Seatpost: Tall Order Pivotal Seat Post
Seat: Tall Order Emoji Mid Pivotal Seat Black
Pedals: Snafu
Cranks: Thunderbolts
Sprocket: Tall Order Logo Sproket Red
Front Tire: KHE Mac 2
Front Wheel: Tall Order Air Rim Chrome, Tall Order Glide Front Hub Red 10mm
Rear Tire: KHE Mac 2
Rear Wheel: Tall Order Air Rim Chrome, Tall Order Drone Cassette Hub Red 9t

To follow Sasha, follow her @sashashredderbmx

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