Eduarda “Duda” Penso Bordignon Joins GT

BeatriceDecember 8, 2020

Congratulations on getting added to the GT family, this is huge! How did this happen Duda?
Thank you so much girls, this moment is an immense joy 🙂 <3 I follow and admire GT since I was a little girl, known for being one of the great supporters of BMX since the 70s, they are pioneers in the sport, creating a beautiful trajectory that lasts until today, I saw great athletes using the brand’s products and I was inspired by many of them, I loved seeing the cool bikes they used, and I really wanted to be able to use those parts. I am pleased to have my friends as my idols, I have always accompanied Gustavo “Bala Loka” and Leandro Overall, and I have always loved the affection that GT has with them, I realized how much they liked our country and the athletes that emerged from here. Some time ago I wanted to try something with GT, and starting from that a few months ago. I started a conversation with Ben, who promptly answered me, I was extremely welcomed, we talked about the possibility of starting some partnership with the brand, commented a little about me, my history with BMX, and my admiration and desire to be part of the GT family, right after that I also started a conversation with Jeff (Zielinski) through Ben, in the same way, I was very well received. And in the end, as a result, I had the great happiness of being invited to be part of the family that I longed for, representing a brand that you have always liked is exciting.

Photos by @caeoliveira and @formabmx

What do you like about GT that fits with who you are?
GT always gave me an image of affection, fun, creativity, and diversity, as I mentioned above, I always saw the crowd always being treated very well by all of them, and consequently, I always heard them talking very well… I followed the trips/videos and meetings and felt far from how fun those moments they lived together were, and how happy they were to be there, the feeling of “home and family” was always clear. I also saw the diversity of the riders who are part of the team, each with their own peculiarity and style of expressing themselves on the bike, I think that’s awesome. I always identified a lot with all this, I am very affectionate and I like to be close to those who do me well, and I bring this with me on the bike too, BMX has always been synonymous with fun, friendship and good things, whether by the people we know on the way or by the experiences lived on the two wheels. In addition to the creative side, I love to see the diversity of each athlete, I think each person has their own style and I appreciate that.

Who are your other sponsors?
Vans Brasil and Cresol Cooperativa de Crédito. And I have some supporters who are essential for my evolution on the bike, Dux Nutrition Lab, Oasis Centro Clínico, Costa Personal Trainer, Vida Ativa. (thank you all <3)

How did you get into BMX by the way, how old were you when you started and where did you mostly ride growing up?
I started BMX when I was 12 when I got my first BMX bike, over time I learned more about this unique world, the name of the maneuvers and everything, but since I was a little girl I always rode in an old park that existed near my grandmother’s house with an old bike I had, I loved to see people skateboarding and biking there, so I thought: “If I have a bike, I can ride there too haha”. Besides, I loved making ramps with bricks, wood, and dirt to play with, after all, biking was always about fun. Always influenced by my father to like extreme sports, I discovered BMX and I was enchanted. Cycling has always been my daily fun, the passion for 2 wheels started early and only increases over the years.

Are you getting a lot of riding done with Covid right now? What’s your plan when we can all travel again?
During this pandemic we had to reinvent ourselves, many times we found other ways to stay active on the bike, clearly, we had a drastic reduction in our routine, both in training and in trips/championships, but of course, I didn’t stop entirely, we are riding and taking care of best possible way. The plans for when everything is back to normal are many. I intend to attend some championships like Vans BMX Pro Cup, Fise, and other incredible events that we have around the world, in addition to making some trips that were postponed due to Covid, visiting different places that I always dreamed of riding. And of course, seeing friends that I spent all this time without meeting.

Any final words or thanks?
I would like to thank you from Bloom for the space, I have a huge admiration for all the work you do and have always done to help the world female BMX scene. Thanks to the GT bikes family once again for this incredible opportunity, especially Jeff and Ben for welcoming me from the first moment. It is an immense joy to be able to represent a brand that I have always loved. Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters who believe in me and Womens BMX!! Your help is essential for us to remain firm in the sport. And of course, thank you to my friends that riding has provided me, they are always on the go with me, supporting and encouraging me.

We also reached out to Jeff Zielinski for some words too. What does adding Eduarda mean to the GT family?
Adding Duda means a lot to the GT family. We’re stoked on the ever-growing presence of female riders in BMX and we want to do our part to help embrace that. We’ve been supporting Chelsea Wolfe since 2017 and we’re really excited to now be supporting Duda as well. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see them riding together at events in the foreseeable future.

What sets her apart from other female riders that could also be a lesson for young riders?
It was a combination of things about Duda that we felt made her a good fit for GT. Her taking the initiative to initially reach out to us, and making a great first impression when doing so, was a big one for us. Beyond that, she has a lot of potential for an upcoming rider, she’s young, travels, enters contests, and she rides a little bit of everything—park, dirt, and street—which is awesome. And it was a great opportunity to expand our current Brazilian team, consisting of Leandro Moreira and Gustavo Balaloka.

What is in the horizons for GT, more growth, additions, frames?
In terms of growth, the team has exploded in the last two years. We added three riders to the team last year (Mason Ritter, Maty Stockton, and Parker Heath), and Duda is the fourth addition this year—following Noah Miranda, Demarcus Paul, and Julian Molina, respectively. Our current lineup of riders has great diversity, showcasing an awesome mix of individuals with their own unique styles—collectively embracing what freestyle is all about. We have a few video projects in the works, but the health and safety of our riders are of utmost importance, so with COVID-19 in mind, we’re trying our best to continue moving forward while navigating the uncertainty of the immediate future in regards to travel / social restrictions. Rest assured though, plenty of good times lay ahead.

Duda is 5’7″, brakeless, and rides right foot forward. Check out her bike check below.

Frame: GT Globetrotter 20.75” in Trans Copper
“Brian Kachinsky’s Signature Frame features a tech street geometry and is built to take any abuse a rider can throw it at.”
Fork: Odyssey R32 black
Bars: Fiend Team 9″ black
Stem: GT NBS top load steam Black
Grips: GT Super Soft Grips
Seatpost: Odyssey Pivotal Seatpost Black
Seat: GT Pivotal BMX saddle
Pedals: GT PC Logo BMX pedals Gum
Cranks: GT Power Series 24mm 165mm Black
Sprocket: GT Overdrive Sprocket 28 Silver
Front Tire: Mob Scribble 2.20
Front Wheel: GT NBS wheels (female GT Hub)
Rear Tire: Mob Scribble 2.20
Rear Wheel: GT NBS wheels Cassette RHD

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