Perris Benegas Signature Cult Frame

BeatriceFebruary 17, 2021

The Perris Benegas Signature Cult Frame is coming out! Such an exciting time for BMX, if you want to roast like Perris, make sure you hit up your shop and pre-order your frame! We asked Perris about her new frame and the meaning behind the design. Perris doesn’t often share such personal details with the world, so we’re honored that she’s sharing this piece of information with us.

I’m really happy about this frame! I’ve had a great partnership with Robbie and the guys at Cult for a few years now and them making a signature frame for me just raises my appreciation for them that much more. I also like how the frame is available in 4 different sizes, so it’s not just limited to my specific geometry. The frame, graphics, sizes… Everything is perfect. I’m really happy and extremely grateful to have an opportunity like this with such an amazing company like Cult!

In regards to the graphics, I wanted the process to have a different meaning. Around the time the graphics and design were due, my dad was battling cancer. He told me this was the hardest fight he’s ever fought. As a kid, I remember seeing he was always good at sketching little ideas and drawings, and I needed help with getting my ideas onto paper, so I asked him to help. He later told me that helping me with this took his mind off of what he was going through. The graphics are exactly what I wanted and now I have this little piece of history that I can always share with him.

Coffee brings so much joy to my life which is where the smiley face came into play but he helped me come up with putting it all together. So fun to bounce ideas off one another and hear the excitement in his voice during such a difficult time.

TT Lengths: 19.9″ – 20.25″ – 20.6″ – 20.95″
7.70″ Standover
75° HT, 71.5° ST, 12.9″ – 13.2″ CS, and 11.8″ BB

  • Made from 100% Cult Classic tubing for increased strength
  • Top and down tube gussets
  • Integrated headtube and externally machined mid-BB shell
  • Investment cast seatpost clamp and seat stay bridge
  • Room for 2.40” tires
  • Tapered seat stays with removable brake mounts
  • Investment cast heat-treated dropouts
  • Short, quick, and responsive back end

Specs from @NealCult

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