Japan Cup Flatland Recap

On July 3-4, Japan Cup had its Flatland competition. A huge thanks to Naoki Gaman via the Japanese Federation (JFBF) for the details and photos!

Congratulations to Kirara Nakagawa – ナカガワ キララ, a first-year high school student, who was the only athlete to compete in Elite Women. Kirara is looking to build up the class and taking her skills to the next level by competing overseas. Japan is seeing the number of female participation increasing, with there being three classes this time, Girls Low, Girls Hi, and Women’s Elite.

Elite Women
1. Kirara Nakagawa – ナカガワ キララ

Girls Hi – Top 3 Results
1. Yui Kiyomune – キヨムネ ユイ
2. Sariya Kajiwara – カジワラ サリヤ
3. Kyoka Nakagawa – ナガガワ キョウカ

Girls Low – Top 3 Results
1. Shiho Taguchi – タグチ シホ
2. Hatsune Kamoshida – カモシダ ハツネ
3. Nanami Kamoshida – カモシダ ナナミ

Head over to JFBJ for full results.

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