Opening The Playbook Ep 44

Canadian BMX racer Drew Mechielsen joins Opening the Playbook, a podcast all about women in sports – where we share stories about overcoming the odds, persevering through adversity, and finding success in a male-dominated world. Listen anywhere you listen to podcasts.

BMX racer Drew Mechielsen joins #OTP to talk Olympics, career highs and lows, and the pressures of being the best female rider in the country.

Drew has been riding since she was just three years old as she liked to do everything her brother did. After taking a step back from the sport, she got back into it when she was 13 and that was when she set her sights on the Olympics.

Drew is the best female rider in Canada and just the second female to compete in the Olympics in the event since its debut in 2008. But getting to the games wasn’t easy, and today she shares the toll the pandemic took on racing, wanting to quit before she qualified, and why she’s switched her focus from winning to having a strong race.

Episode topics:

Making her Olympic debut in Tokyo Being just the 2nd Canadian woman to compete in the BMX event at the Games Wanting to quit the sport The mental struggles she’s faced including self-belief Being Canada’s best female racer

Quote: “We’re kind of just climbing. We’re pushing the boundaries and showing what we’re capable of. So yes there are more boys but we’re still a force to be reckon with.” – Drew Mechielsen

Drew with Gary the Unicorn from CBC Kids – a Kids Canadian Broadcast

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