Throwback to Chick Flick

In 2013 Chick Flick BMX was released, it was the first full-length girl’s BMX video featuring Jessica Ausec, Angie Marino, Nina Buitrago, Camila Harambour, Natalie Wade and some special guests. We’ve had some increased searches for Chick Flick BMX recently since Unclicked Podcast had Morgan Wade on their show, so it was only fitting to put this up as a throwback!

“Chick Flick is the brain child of female BMX rider, Natalie Wade (wife of BMX professional Morgan Wade). After noticing an increase in female participation she realized that it was time to produce a full feature movie. Chick Flick is the first all-female BMX film and features five lady riders (Natalie Wade, Nina Buitrago, Camila Harambour, Jessica Ausec and Angie Marino) from around the world, all with different riding styles. Check back frequently for updates from the ladies as they film for the project!”

Below is the trailer but if you want to watch the full version, you can find it here

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